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Medical Section
Charts & Tables


These visual depictions are designed to help convey ideas regarding the relationship of electricity to other phenomena in existence.

The completed efforts are arranged in ascending order, so that the newer ones can be viewed more quickly.



Children of TABLOIDER:

Conjugation of DRIGS
DRIP of the DROP
Electrocentric Theory
"Rotation Now!"
Lamda Chi Tao
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"G.L.A.S.S." (Gaming Level Alignment Scale Strategy) Chart Poster

This is a strategy tool. The "G.L.A.S.S." came from figuring out where the DRIP is supposed to go.

The gaming level here is a picture of four ounces of water in an 8 ounce glass, so this is a picture of a half full and half empty drinking glass. 

Correct actions add contents. Incorrect actions remove them, so "Cheers!" but no more cheers can be had than are poured into the G.L.A.S.S.

The poster's title is curved to give it the appearance of the outside of a football. Ergo, from this Website's sky you've received this football, which contains a glass, whose content level you control, which in turn controls the level of the gaming (labeled on the outside of the glass) where you are. Life's playing field is the entire volume of the G.L.A.S.S.

Observation: Generally glasses can contain more liquid when their open ends are higher than their closed ends.




Introduces the Batter as a team, itself, composed of Polymaths (individuals that can assimilate and use information rapidly enough to exhibit competence in numerous action configurations), who take the place at all of the other teams' positions when those positions' teams are up to bat. The Batter Team also bats in its turn to round out one inning of play in the ten team Baseballegory Interactive Game (BIG) program of the so involved Humanoid Organic Shoulder Top (HOST) computer operators.



The Executocracy has been switched with the Theocracy. The Executocracy is now the Catcher. The Theocracy is now the Pitcher.

Here's the logic involved in the change of positions in the Humanity category. One aspect of this paradigm is that if you print this picture out and mount that page on a wall, the Catcher, the Executocracy, the de facto (in fact; real; actual) Government, will appear at the picture's Zenith (top), while the Center Fielder--the Anarchracy [the body of people whose power manifests as the other eight hierarchies' (positions') power becomes diminished]--at the picture's Nadir (bottom). Ergo, the position which occupies the space between, the Pitcher, has become the Theocracy and the Executocracy has been moved away from the Anarchracy, up behind home plate. It was supposed that had the Executocracy remained so close to the Anarchracy, enough trouble would have been generated between the two to render the entire field unusable, hence the move. 

Isn't one of the Theocracy's practical purposes after all to mediates between those that benefit from order and those that benefit from the chaos that prevents that particular order from suppressing, oppressing, or repressing them? This is an observational inquiry, not a matter of taking sides. Isn't that phenomena which harms a power which is harming a person, or group of people a de facto ally to those that are harmed by that power. The suppressed, oppressed and repressed need not be the instigators of that harmful power's demise in order to benefit from it--that demise. We may not like some things, but just not liking something alone has no effect on that thing, so not liking a particular phenomena alone doesn't change that phenomena for the better. And so it is with the Anarchracy, the Center Fielder. The best and possibly the only way to decrease the Center Fielder's size is to increase the size of the other positions via whatever means possible. To show the Center Fielder hostility is to give them a cause to defend their self and they will do nothing but formulate a counter force to the one posed against them. If antagonized, rather than to just exist as an unprofitable entity, they will turn into an anti-profitable entity as in the case of when mere civil unrest turns into out and out war due to an alleged presiding entity's seemingly intentional torturings of them, from their perspective. 

The BASEBALLEGORY paradigm can be used to help figure out how to interact with others better, by getting all of the people out where their working relationships can be pictured. A way that this can help is that a person can use the BASEBALLEGORY to make sure that they have all of their positions, not just their bases, covered in their plans to interact with others and thereby gain that much more of a chance to have matters turn out happily. (TOP)

Further, God/s can be looked at as theocrat's executives, where the theocracy could be viewed as the hierarchy of management of God/s and other supernatural entities. Thus the Theocracy fits well beneath the Executocracy.

Finally, not meaning to be vulgar, or offend anyone here, but if you connect the metaphor of sheepherding to the Theocracy and the metaphor of mushroom farming to the Executocracy, you might see how the difference between spiritual well being and physical health plays out, or gets played out on the field. When the mushrooms are harvested, the harvesters, the mushroom farmers make money. Maybe that is why people are discouraged from finding out medical information for themselves. Is that a possibility? That is a distinct possibility. That is a distinct possibility that the average person should be aware of and act accordingly, which would be to learn more about how physical bodies work, so that they know what is going on with their own, in order to keep it working as well as it should for them.

That's a good idea, no? You get ideas like that by studying the BASEBALLEGORY. Good luck.









POP Mental Outlook Meter Face

This entry is about sentient interaction. If one is too suspicious of others, one won't be able to accomplish much good for their self and others. Alternately, if one were to be too careless in regard to their security, they could open their self up for victimization. It may be true that they lock up Paranoids, but they also burry Pollyannoids.

What then are the workable factors involved with the variables of Optimanoia--optimal (best) + -noia (mind; mental attitude; mental outlook)--and more practically speaking, what can one do about them to help their self out?  

An optimal outlook, proper mental attitude, appropriate mind set, or just plain savvy is key to knowing how to think, act, own and trade phenomena with others optimally and the amount of available attention plus the rapidity of it's application on the analysis of any situation plays a major role in a person's maintenance of balance of ideation (notions, concepts, intuitions) proclivities, inclinations, tendencies, communications and actions. This balance helps keep what other's think of these attributes equally between the 'Ps' of the meter that others have on one. Thus one appears to be behaving as acceptably as possible according to other people's perspective. The amount of attention that one has at any one time can be a very potent asset towards the obtainment of this balance others can see in one. On a physical level one's power level of available attention can be most beneficially impacted via their diligent use of the ATM-MHO/SHEEN BET



Eye of the Storm Flag

The Eye of the Storm Flag depicts the Basegallegory's Pitcher's Mound as the Eye of the Storm. It also depicts a condition wherein the Catcher's [The Baseballegory's Executocrats; we wound up saying that the Executocrats, the GODs (Guiders of Optimal Development), whether single or many, were superior in power (ability) to that of those who represented/interpreted them--the Theocracy, which was finally positioned on the Pitcher's Mound in the Baseballegory power orientation diagrams] power can be said to be threatened by the player occupying rye grass of Center Field (the Baseballegory's Anarcracy) to effectively challenge Home Plate's power in a more normally accepted orientation of the Power Alignment Diagram (PAD), which is displayed a little bit above this one.











RELIEOAEDBET--Electricity to Existence Orientation Tool

Letters Arrows Anchor Axes of Human Study Scientology
Dynamic #





Self vs. Another


Yang (growth) to
Chi (bioelectricity)






Chi to
Yin (limitation)






Yin to Yang






Assets vs. Liabilities


Yang to Chi






Chi to Yin






Yin to Yang






Organisms vs. Environment


Yang to Chi






Chi to Yin






Yin to Yang






Spirits vs. God


Yang to Chi






Chi to Yin






Yin to Yang


Yang: The expression of power as the cause of growth, expansion, radiation.
Yin: The expression of power as the cause of limitation, compression, gravitation.
Chi: The expression of power as the cause of balance, moderation, continuance.
Power: That which can; That which enables action.

These Yin, Yang and Chi designations are factors of a relationship between the Dynamics that have appeared in the construction of TEBDEAOEILER and not presented as an attribute of L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology's Dynamics of Existence analysis tool.

The order of Scientology's Dynamics of Existence was maintained in the TEBDEAOEILER model.

Side Note: L. Ron Hubbard said something to the effect that Scientology isn't necessarily a correct system. However, it is a workable system.

His goal, I believe in making the Dynamics model, was to use it to couch the activity of Dianetics.

TEBDEAOEILER is a way to couch concepts regarding the phenomena of Electricity in concepts regarding Existence via orienting them via the employment of LRH's concepts regarding his Dynamics of Existence model.







RELIEOAEDBET is TEBDEAOEILER backwards. The significance is displayed through a correlation of colors between the color Yellow, representing "Life," in L. Ron Hubbard's Dianetics logo and Green for "Growth," again corresponding to the way that LRH uses that color in the Dianetics logo.

I am not saying that these ideas in picture form are "The Way that it Is," or anything like that. These pictures just help me figure out relationships for myself. If they help you, use them. If they don't, please disregard them completely, by all means.

Why attach yourself to that which encumbers for no good reason?

No reason.

Try to stay light,
To keep yourself alright.

To fight all day And all night,
With your self is not right.

Here though... from drawing up these animations, TEBDEAOEILER and RELIEOAEDBET and considering a sample of the phenomena involved, I am thinking that life--the enjoyment of existence--contains impedimental properties with respect to growth--the struggle for existence. Growth is a struggle. Life is enjoyment.

*M. Persig writes of two different ways of viewing the Universe in is book, "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance." One way is from the Romantic Viewpoint and the other is viewing phenomena from the Classic Viewpoint. The romantic way is to view the outward look of phenomena, taking into consideration more how one's impression of those phenomena meet one's senses. The other way, the classic view is to take into consideration just how that phenomena comes into existence, how it works, devoid of subjective consideration, how it is unto itself as a singular composition, as opposed to a more dualistic entity as I think that duality (A vs. 1) would be more represented in M. Persig's romantic view. E.G. Chrome, Paint and Hollywood might be romantic features in the considerations of phenomena, whereas nuts, bolts and the Science Lab may be more Classic features of one's ideation according to the way that I get M. Persig's ideas out of ZAMM.



The TEBDEAOEILER (teb-dE-au-E-i-ler) model can be most concisely introduced as one spike that pins the third rail of Bioelectric Health Technology between the Dianetics & Scientology incorporeal component--mind, soul, spirit--healing technologies' railroad track rails and organic healing technology of the corporeal component--the physical body. 

To apprehend the idea here, the human head can be explored as a Human Organic Shoulder Top (HOST) computer, plus peripherals such as ocular, audio, olfactory, taste and tactile scanners with a mobile supporting unit to ascertain and orient knowledge of the phenomena required to support this paragraph's opening statement, because, IMHO, "Dianetics---The Modern Science of Mental Health," is L. Ron Hubbard's antivirus program for HOST computers and his "Self Analysis," work book is this same supreme troubleshooting programmer's HOST computer's defragmenting tool and Bioelectric Health's ATM-MHO/SHEEN BET, among other chores, can be used very highly effectively as a HOST computer's electrical power charging activity, literally, physically, in scientific, quantitative terms.

The "Classic*" TEBDEAOEILER model is how the framework of the "Romantic*" TABLOIDER model can be used to represent L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology's eight "Dynamics of Existence" in a cubic array centralizing Electricity, in the model represented by the letter 'E.' Keep in mind, the work at the Bioelectric Health Web site is an attempt to relate the importance of the knowledge of Electricity to the conditions that we, as humans, experience in life; life probably best being represented acronymically as the "Learning Institute For Existence (LIFE)." 

The TEBDEAOEILER model is not Scientology. The TEBDEAOEILER model is the result of an attempt to use Scientology to ascertain the relationship between Existence and Electricity.

Where Dianetics and Self Analysis can be used to improve the condition of a HOST computer files, Bioelectric Health's ATM-MHO/SHEEN BET can be used to improve and maintain that HOST's hardware's (electro-neurological) functional capacity.

I hope that those few paragraphs clearly define the discrete areas of activity of both endeavors, Dianetics and Bioelectric Health.

As Scientology was developed to stabilize the impact of Dianetics, TABLOIDER and its ensuing carnations, presently culminating at the TEBDEAOEILER model have been developed to stabilize Bioelectric Health's impact.

TEBDEAOEILER is not just another mix of the TABLOIDER, TILEBOARD, ITOLDREBA, RADIOBELT, and RITALOBED models. TEBDEAOEILER is an attempt to relevantly wrap L. Ron Hubbard's Scientology's Dynamics of Existence around the concepts that we have regarding the phenomenon we call Electricity.



A metallic upgrade of the pulpier metaphor, "TABLOIDER"
(Click picture for animation)



Dao (Tao) Power Glass


  1. Fold this configuration of the DRIP into an octahedron. An octahedron is like two pyramids sharing the same base with their peaks pointing in exactly opposite directions from each other.
  2. Work to place and hold as much power as possible in the four green surfaced irregular tetrahedrons--the Green hedrons (three dimensional objects) of the four interwoven triangular (double tetrahedral three dimensionally) hourglasses of the object.

The dichotomies used here may, or may not be the ones that you would select. E.G. "Assets and Liabilities," representing the Economic powerglass could be changed to "Generosity and Selfishness." Likewise, other dichotomies could be substituted for the ones appearing here to better apply to the themes that you select, yourself to base your concept of power, or Strength vs. Weakness, Good/Bad, Right/Wrong, etcetera, etcetera, on.

Personally, lately I've been weighing the attributes of Illuminationism vs. Obscurantism--the spread of knowledge vs. its dissemination's curtailment--as a basis of predicting power per capita levels for different people, groups and the human race in general, because it seems like the more relevant truth (applicable knowledge) a person knows, the more they can do. The more a person can do, the more they can manage. The more they can manage, the more power they have. Ergo, to me, the policy of Illuminationism generates greater power over Obscurantism because it places more relevant truth in the people's HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computers.

Where does that logic lead? To the concept of Illuminationism vs. Obscurantism as religious doctrines; its the way that it is, because some alleged authority says it is that way because that is the way that works out best for them vs. it is that way, because that is the way that it is from a truly objective, perfectly balanced, fair standpoint.

By obscurant tactics, people can be made to think that not knowing may be beneficial to their cause, but when the outcomes are analyzed it is found that if the people had known more, their fates would have been better. Smokers ends many times have come, because they didn't find out how to stop smoking while they were still breathing. What they didn't know couldn't help them. Where the one that doesn't know doesn't succeed, the one that does, does succeed to continue to negotiate the ever changing situation in LIFE, to me, "The Learning Institute For Existence."

Good luck with your course through it.



Earth's DRIP



TABLOIDER Hovering Over Snow Field




"House of TABLOIDER"

The House of TABLOIDE(arth)R is a Hypothetical Constellation

The North Star may be either the Top, or Bottom extra terrestrial entity of the configuration, which, along with its other seven celestial components form eight vertices of a cube of space that centers the Planet Earth within it.

This particular view is a perspective of Planet Earth through a triangle possibly formed by TABLOIDER's Inside, Dorsal and Right extra terrestrial entities.

This picture is of a pretty large region of space. If you are reading this caption now, it's like your nose is about six times as far away from Planet Earth as the North Star is from Planet Earth in the picture, which, according to information written on page 414 of Volume 22 of the 1988 edition of, "Compton's Encyclopedia," is 680 Light Years away. Thus, in scale, relatively speaking, your nose is about 4000 Light Years away from Planet Earth, where you are standing relative to this picture of TABLOIDER right at this moment. 

This view brings the Rolling Stones song, "Two Thousand Light Years from Home" to mind and when it does and I think about it, the space doesn't look all that large any more, at least at the point that I am thinking that my nose is that far away, when I consider how large a human head is, anyway. Surreal, huh.

I think that it's like that with actuality, thought and the brain. We might construct electromagnetic fields that we place very tiny pictures in, in our brains. Like we can fit the whole universe in between our ears and have enough room left over for nearly as many more as we would like to fit in there, as long as we have enough power to support the propagation of a strong enough field, that is.



TABLOIDER's Reciprocal Tetrahedral Relationship


2007-2022--Fair Use Law--Philip B. Obsharsky. All rights reserved. This material may be copied, or transmitted as long as any source information that is included with it, it meaning any part of the composition of this material that is transmitted or copied for any reason, is retained with it and this copyright statement is retained as a part of it and no financial compensation is sought or derived for such action.