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Introduction to the Minerals Held Orally (MHO) Bio-Electric Supplementation Treatment (BEST)

If a person builds up their biophysical unit's (physical body's) supply of  bioelectric material the minerals that get used to produce bioelectric phenomena in the body and does the actions that are needed to run that biophysical unit fully bioelectrically charged again, provided there are no other impedimentary malfunctions... as time continues, they will find their body performing more and more the way that it did when it was functioning more optimally for them, within lofty, though reasonable expectations and then, in some cases, without much difficulty, possibly even exceed that level of function. This subject is what this page is about.


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The Answer In Its Simplest Form


People who would like to get their bodies working a lot better for a lot longer period of time than people generally believe is possible should, very seriously consider continuously holding Chelated Multi Minerals (Health Food Minerals) orally for extended periods of time, especially while they're sleeping, so that their bodies' bioelectric content rises to the level that their bodies need their bioelectric substance to be at, in order for those bodies to run better than those people ever thought was possible; more of the way that they did before they lost that necessary amount of bioelectric substance; more of like the way those bodies ran in their teens, age wise, provided they were functioning well then, that is. Chelated Multi Minerals are what the bioelectric material is and they are all obtainable in supplemental form. (I neither supply them, myself, nor do I speak for any commercial suppliers of them, per se.)


The term, Chelated, means that there is a molecule that is attached to an atom of metal, in this case the atoms of minerals, that enables that, so formed, molecular combination to become attached to organic molecules. An, "Organic Molecule," is a molecule that has carbon atom/s as a part of its chemical composition. Many of the molecules that make up the living physical bodies fit this definition of, "Organic."


Please allow me to inform you at this time that you have already gone passed the main idea this Web page.It might be good for you to go back to the beginning of, The Answer In Its Simplest Form: and read that part over again. The important part is the part concerning, "...continuously holding Chelated Multi Minerals orally for extended periods of time, especially while you are sleeping," because that is the activity that is different regarding people's physical health's improvement and that is the activity that will give them a better chance of making an improvement in the condition of their physical health along with all of the other activities that they are doing in the way of trying to get better. After you get that point firmly established I believe that you should return here to get more information about why it would behoove you to continuously hold Chelated Multi Minerals orally for extended periods of time, especially while you are sleeping in order to improve your health.'I sincerely hope that you actually do acquire the Chelated Multi Minerals and return to this site to find out more about how electricity is related to life, in order for you to help yourself gain better health than people have generally been led to believe that they could possess in the past. (Top)


Chelated Multi Minerals Are Nutritional Supplements


That means that they are purely food. Chelated Multi Minerals are not drugs, except when they are taken in very large doses for each particular mineral. For of Potassium that amount is considered to be over 99 milligrams per day. Drugs are designed to make as dramatic an effect on a condition as possible in as short a period of time as is possible in order to make them marketable. The difference in the results that you can gain from merely taking drugs and the results that you can gain from running your body with an adequately supply of bioelectric substance, by continuously holding Chelated Multi Minerals orally for extended periods of time, especially while you are sleeping, while you are following your doctor's orders can be a life saving matter and a reason why they drip Potassium from an intravenous pouch into some people's veins that have heart problems. The purpose of that procedure is to get the heart's electrical signals running correctly again, so that the heart's muscles all contract when they should, which doesn't happen without enough of the right bioelectric substance available, which is Potassium in this case.


Having a body that is fully charged up and functioning electromechanically well is vital for the perpetuation of life processes in that body independent of the amount of other allegedly medicinal agents a person is using to correct and/or compensate for the particular malfunctions of their bio-system (living body). Just think of what is done with people with no coordinated electrical activity occurring in their bodies at all. They are not alive. Seeing how we now accept the idea that medical drugs are sometimes required to ameliorate the bad effects of an existing chronic medical condition/s, please also seriously consider the possibility that that condition, or those conditions, may have manifested, because of the reduction and consequential lack of bioelectric substance in the body, needed by the bioelectric system to function correctly. Theoretically, if one were to charge their bioelectric system back up, so that it ran well again, so that it could be used to control their body's other systems, functions and processes better, the condition or conditions that they might possibly be taking medications for right now might be corrected over time and if their body were actually running well again, their doctor might be persuaded to take them off some of the medications that they are presently on. That could also help them improve their economic condition, thus enable them to continue their activities in an improved economic state. (Top)


How to Hold Minerals Orally


The best way that I've found to hold Chelated Multi Mineral supplements in my mouth is to tuck them up under my upper lip with some of the supplements on either side of the ligament that holds the top lip to the jaw.


I am sure that some day someone will manufacture Chelated Multi Minerals in shapes that don't have edges, are flat, oval and the correct size, but until then, we just need to break them into the right sizes and gnaw or lick the sharp edges round a bit, so that they don't irritate our gums. Start out with small chips, is the best that I can tell you. The initial minor gum irritation is just something that you either get used to, until your gums toughen up a little, at which point it doesn't bother you any more, or you figure out another way to get around the problem of distributing the assimilation of your mineral supplements over time, because that is what needs to happen to have the physical body accept them the way that its digestive tract presently works.


The mineral formulas entailed at this site don't have much flavor. Since many people have grown accustomed to having very tasty food to eat, they do not consider consuming a substance if their palate is not taken into consideration in its manufacture. If you do not think that the minerals that you are using taste like what you would like them to, you can get breath freshener drops and coat the tablets with them, so that when you tuck them up under your lip, they will taste like after dinner mints.


Some people either can't, or just don't want to hold tablets behind their lips, because it isn't comfortable for them, or they don't want to have to explain to anyone that detects them doing so, just why they are walking around with rocks in their mouth. I can't blame them for that. However, there is another way for all of those people to get their bodies bioelectrically charged back up without orally holding minerals throughout the day. This can be accomplished by steadily loading the bodies of those individuals with a powdered Chelated Multi Mineral formula mixed in the liquids and foods that those individuals consume through the course of the day. By getting standard formulas of Chelated Multi Minerals in powdered form or powdering them yourself and concocting your own home made truly electric liquid or food out of, "Whatever," you are used to drinking and eating through the day, you can accomplish the goal of continuously supplying your body with bioelectric material, while you are awake, anyway. The people who would prefer liquid to solid Mineral assimilation need to figure out how much liquid they would like to consume throughout the day and mix their daily supply of powdered Chelated Multi Minerals into that liquid ration and try to consume it as steadily as possible throughout their awake period, in order to maximumize the efficiency of their assimilation of the Chelated Multi Minerals that they are trying to get their bodies to use.


I haven't ever located any totally bulk powdered Chelated Multi Minerals, but powdered Chelated Multi Minerals are available over the counter in capsule form. Capsules are good, because capsules serve to keep the amounts of the individual ingredients that comprise the formulas in tact and the individual quantities of formula metered. With capsules, you can pull the two halves of the shell apart and empty their contents into a pint of liquid. If you were planning to consume two quarts of liquid through the day, that would meet your recommended daily amount of that particular Chelated Multi Mineral supplement if its daily supply was contained by four capsules. You could eat the shells to benefit from the mineral dust that is left in them.


Test the suspend-ability of the powdered minerals that you obtain by Stirring a capful into a pint of water and letting it set, so that you can see how long it takes to settle out, so you can tell if and how often you need to stir up what you are drinking that you put the minerals into, so that you actually do drink them and don't just wash them out of the bottom of the container that you had them stored in after you allegedly drank them.


If you can hold tablets in your mouth, that is better, because the tablet form is less expensive and the supply rate is more constant than when you're drinking the Minerals on and off and you can't drink in your sleep, either. With tablets you can sleep and eat at the same time. If you tuck some Chelated Multi Minerals up under your lip along with some Vitamin D, to co-act with the Calcium, your teeth will become remineralized, too. You can achieve that effect by putting Vitamin D into the formula that you are mixing to drink and you swish that liquid between your teeth as you drink it.


Holding solid chunks of Minerals in your mouth and having tiny pieces of them break off a little bit at a time and mixing into your saliva to steadily assimilate them through the course of your sleep is an excellent way to take advantage of your sleep time. Now you can get to experience two enjoyable pastimes at the same time, eating and sleeping. How can you beat that? Sleep is the best time to hold a Vitamin D tablet up under your lip also, because that is when the Minerals last the longest, because you are not moving your mouth very much while you are sleeping, and your saliva flow drops down during that less active period. Not much is occurring at that time to break up the Minerals and carry them into your body. That is why it is best to use your Vitamin D enhanced mineral supplement then. That way the time that you are remineralizing your teeth lasts the longest. You only need to add the Vitamin D separately if it is not included in the Mineral formula that you are using in order to give the formula that you are using the ability to remineralize your teeth, besides supplying the rest of your body with the bioelectric material that it requires to function. (Top)


Some Pertinent Notes


1) Please do NOT try to tuck any Multi Mineral formulas that are combined with a Multi Vitamin formula up under your lip. You will figure out why I said that pretty quickly, if you do. I can glug a slug of straight vinegar, which clears out an electrically pressurized head, due to an overload of potassium, by the way, but the B Vitamins, which are in all of the Multi Vitamin/Mineral formulas, taste worse than vinegar even. I don't believe that anyone would ever want to hold that substance in their mouths for more time than it takes to taste it and get it out of their mouth... ever.


2) Un-buffered Vitamin C runs a close second on the worse tasting list and because it is an acid, it will flat out burn a hole in your lip if you leave it there long enough. That's why it is always recommended to only take unbuffered Vitamin C after you have eaten something solid. The solid is to absorb the acid, so that it doesn't lay on your stomach lining in a concentrated form and damage it, and lastly,


3) You can overdose on Vitamin D if you are taking a normal amount of it and also starting to get a tan, because until your skin darkens the sun turns some ingredients that are in your skin oil to Vitamin D and your body reabsorbs it. A symptom of Vitamin D overdose is dry eyelids, so if you are wondering about it, you can be sure, if it seems like your eyelids are getting dragged across your eyes when you blink them. The answer for that is to discontinue taking any more Vitamin D for about a week. That will allow your body's stored Vitamin D content to drop back down to a normal level again. Then, if you are still getting sun, you could cut your ration of Vitamin D in half, until you get as dark as you are going to get. Then you can raise your supplementation of Vitamin D back up to the normal amount, because once your skin's pigments stop changing, your body no longer gets Vitamin D from your skin, because your skin's reaction to the sun no longer produces Vitamin D past the point of its being tan, according to Earl Mindell in his book "Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible fro the 21st Century."


4) The steadier that you offer your body its supply of minerals, the greater the amount of time that your body's bioelectric system can run at peak performance levels. This means that all of the functions that are going on inside of your body that need the force that they get via their use of the bioelectric material that is made available for those functions' accomplishment via minerals, from whatever source, be it natural or synthetic, are able to be accomplished without having to be delayed until the required bioelectric material arrives, so what needs to happen in the body does indeed happen when it should, freeing the body, as a composite of activity, to be more readily available for use. In effect, a body that is running with maxim amounts of bioelectric material in it continually, may eventually become, with proper rest, hygiene and fed an adequate amount of organic nutrition too, for a necessary recuperation period, a maximally efficient body, once again. What I am telling you about here, then, is where your, "Get Up and Go," went and how to start to successfully apprehend it.


5) In case your wondering if you run the risk of electrocuting yourself by overdosing on bioelectric material in the form of Chelated Multi Minerals, or turning into an electric eel and shocking people when you shake their hands, or hearing radio or TV stations without a standard receiver, or starting to glow at night, or experience any other odd electrical or magnetic effect heretofore not mentioned that you would not want to, let me say that I personally have experienced no undesirable electrical or magnetic phenomena since beginning this activity almost three years ago, except for when I was getting the messages through my newly charged up nerves that I finally interpreted correctly as my body's parts telling me that I had better do something about the sorry state of affairs that I had gotten my body into, because I wasn't exercising it, because I didn't have the energy to do so any more just prior to reloading it with bioelectric material, which was pretty much resolved by exercising the used up molecular formations out of it, so that that action made room in there for new useable molecular formations to be made and used. At this point, after having begun steadily feeding my body Chelated Multi Minerals almost three years ago, I have experienced a myriad of beneficial effects from feeding my body Chelated Multi Minerals on, as close to, a 24/7 nutrition cycle as possible. (Top)


Colloidal Minerals


There is a product that they call, Colloidal Minerals, that are actually, Chelated Multi Minerals pre-manufactured in liquid form. These Colloidal Multi Minerals are dug from beds of sedimentary rock that are made up of naturally occurring Chelated Multi Minerals. The manufacturers of naturally occurring Coloidalized Chelated Multi Minerals pulverize this rock, filter it, and mix that very fine powder with a liquid that they sell, usually by the quart bottle. They grind the rock in order to make the particles of Minerals extremely small, on the reasoning that the smaller the particles, the more assimilable they are. Colloidal Minerals are a bit more expensive than tablets or capsules of Chelated Multi Minerals, and if you would like to use the Colloids, you should check the quantities that are in the Colloidal Mineral formulas that you are considering purchasing for their overall potency, taking into consideration those formula's contents of the amounts of the specific Minerals that you are particularly interested in assimilating, because the body uses different bioelectric materials to accomplish different actions that it needs to and if the Minerals that you are looking for are not in the formula in an adequate amount, then their associated function will remain unassisted by your attempts to use that particular formula to improve the particular problem that you are trying to solve to the degree that that particular material is lacking in that particular composition of Minerals. By the Colloidal method you are supposed to take about an ounce of liquid a day, so I would still dilute the formula, so that I could spread out my consumption of bioelectric material as far as I could over the course of the day, so that I am neither saturating the system at some times nor leaving it wanting for Minerals at others, because over saturation simply wastes the material that you have purchased and wanting minerals is what hunger is, which is a phenomena that is responsible for many radical, though less than optimal solutions to the problem of what is supposed to be given to a body in order to make it run correctly. (Top)


Tooth Fortification Via an Easily Accessed Mineral Experiment


In case you are trying to evaluate the information that you are viewing here before you decide to actually continuously hold Chelated Multi Minerals orally for extended periods of time, especially while you are sleeping you could try the following experiment when you get sensitive teeth in order to experience the effectiveness of remineralization via the use of an everyday food. If you have sensitive teeth you can desensitize them by swishing Vitamin D fortified milk in between them once a day, every day. It only takes about six ounces of milk once a day. You can get away with doing this without anyone noticing that you are doing it. To do this you don't swallow the milk right down. You take a sip, hold it in your mouth and gently swish it in between your teeth. If your teeth are very sensitive, cold milk could be a little painful when it comes in contact with the thin enamel on them, so let it warm up for a little while before you use it. What you use has to be Vitamin D Fortified Milk, or this procedure won't serve to remineralize your teeth. If it is fortified with Vitamin D, An announcement to that effect will be written on the container that it is sold in. If you swish each sip in between your teeth for a few seconds before swallowing it, your teeth will desensitize astonishingly quickly and over time will become very durable, provided that your teeth are pretty clean, so that the calcium, with the aid from the Vitamin D, can actually bond with the surface of the teeth and not just pack on to the material that is already on them. See if that works for you.


I told you that information, so that if you discover that swishing milk does improve the condition of your teeth better than your dentist or the sellers of desensitizing toothpaste ever told you that it would, then maybe you will gain a little more confidence about doing some of the other actions that I am recommending for you to do on this Web page, so that you can benefit by feeding your body the bioelectric material that it needs to function correctly, in a way that your body can best assimilate that bioelectric material, so that you can get the most that you can out of your personal health care efforts.


One last tip about teeth is that if you want the simplest solution to not having any gum problems with them; when you brush your teeth, do not rinse your mouth out with water. Instead of rinsing and flossing and gargling and all of that; to keep bacteria (the cause of gum irritation) in check simply swish the tooth paste foam in between your teeth. Swish the toothpaste foam in between your teeth and then spit out all of the foam that you can and leave it at that. Do not rinse the remaining foam that is in between your teeth out, because rinsing takes the bactericide that is in your toothpaste out of your mouth. You could buy mouthwash and accomplish the same action if you leave it in between your teeth, but why bother? That takes extra time and costs extra money.


You can try that simple experiment too. Don't rinse, just swish the toothpaste foam in between your teeth and spit out what you can. That will help a good deal to help keep your gums from being overrun with bacteria, whose waste matter is acidic and thus the cause of dental carries (cavities) according to Marshal, Howard B., D.D.S., in his book: How to Save Your Teeth: The Preventative Approach. I am certain that you will see that what I am saying about teeth is so, if you try it. Then because you do, I hope that you'll want to come back to find out more about how to go about improving more of your bioelectric health. (Top)


A last note about, "Paste Swishing," is that I believe that if you decide to incorporate this activity over an extended period of time to solve the oral bacteria problem efficiently, please consider using a, "Fluoride Free," tooth paste, because Earl Mindell says, in his book: What You Should Know About Trace Minerals, that there have been studies that show that: people that don't drink fluoridated water wind up with stronger bones than ones that do drink Fluoridated water. You don't want to ingest too much Fluoride is the message that I am getting from reading that information and building up too much Fluoride might possibly happen over time if you do not rinse the paste out of your mouth that contains it, because you will then eventually swallow it and we all know that we aren't supposed to do that because somebody told us that when we were just starting to brush. The whole story about why we have Fluoride pumped into our water in the first place, when we aren't supposed to swallow toothpaste, because it is in there is quite an interesting topic in itself that Earl Mindell explains well in his aforementioned work. I mentioned why to not consume fluoride here, because it could induce a posterior effect.  (Top)   


Why You Want to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Body�s Absorption of the Chelated Multi Minerals that You Make Available to It


As a car or computer needs all of their cables and other hardware, which are composed of individual atoms, to be correctly configured in order to work correctly, so your body needs to have its individual atoms correctly located and oriented with respect to one another, in order for you to use it to do what you want, but before the material can be correctly aligned, that material has to be, at least, present. Continuously holding Chelated Multi Minerals orally for extended periods of time, especially while you are asleep, or spreading the consumption of diluted Colloidal Chelated Multi Minerals over as long an administration period as is possible, are simply the best ways that I know of to get what the body needs into it, in the way of material whose atoms have specific electrical properties, that the body uses to move other particles that it needs to move correctly for you, so that the correct orientation of material does indeed occur that makes your body an operable item for you to use to accomplish living via your use of it.


There is a great improvement in a body's physical performance when it is run at the absolute peak of its bioelectric materials content level. This content level works pretty much like a glass does for holding a liquid. Like a glass holding water, a body will only hold only so much bioelectric material at any one time and when offered more than that amount through the body's digestive tract, anyway, for the most part, within reasonable measures, in the case of Macro (ones that you need more of a gram of in your body) Chelated Multi Mineral supplements, it simply allows the unneeded amounts to pass, as inert material, out of it, because those materials are not appended to any organic substances that the body requires for other reasons. I have fed my body at least double doses of Chelated Multi Minerals for the past three months with no ill effects. I am not recommending that people go over the recommended dosages, but I wonder if I would have gotten my body working so well if I hadn't exceeded the recommended dosages holding minerals orally for the first few months that I decided to try it.

(Note added 2005's February's 16'th: From what I've read in Joel Wallach's work on the subject, much more Calcium than the Recommended Daily Amount can be taken and I do take about two to three grams of this substance daily much of the time, but the other minerals I keep pretty much down to the RDA's on, because I feel that my body is not lacking in quantities of any of them, any more.)  I am noting, by the strikethrough, that going beyond the RDA seems to be unadvisable at this time, which is 2019's April. I am saying this now because a stint, which is an expandable hollow tube, was installed in one of my heart's arteries to open it back up in 2014's November at Basset Health Care in Cooperstown, NY by Dr. Zachary Huston's obviously very competent and equally nice medical team, because that artery became blocked with calcium and thus almost stop my heart's functions, thus my use of it and further use of my physical body. Please consult my Disclaimer Page (Top)



Why are Ions so Misunderstood?


The term, Ion, is one of those words that you think that you know, but really don't understand, because no-body else that uses it probably has the correct idea about it either, because it was not optimally defined when they named the phenomenon back there in Greece a long time ago. Ions make each other slow as much as they make each other go. To say that ions only, "Go," is the primary misinterpretation of the phenomena, so the word ion which means, "Go," in Greek is only half correct. This oversight may have the effect of making many people believe that they do not and cannot know exactly what electricity is. That they really don't know just exactly what it is, is what they say right off the mark in all of the books about it that I have ever read about it. No-one that has talked to me about it has ever admitted to knowing what causes the attraction that is known as, Electric Charge. The general consensus is that: no-one has to figure that out, in order to do what is done with it, in order to have it make occur what is wanted when they are teaching the subject to you.


When they define the term, Ion, to mean: an electrically imbalanced particle and say that an electrical charge is: the attraction of an electron to a proton, and they call an electron: negative and a proton: positive; they yet say that they do not have to define what they are talking about with regard to pure space and pure time, consequently they merely define, Charge, according to other particle/wave phenomena occurring at the present moment, in order to use that knowledge to coordinate the actions of various materials to achieve effects that they want to have occur. In this case, what occurs on an educational plane is that the teachers do not connect, Everything, or matter, 'All Ways' that that matter can go, meaning energy, Everywhere, which is space, Forever, which is time; all of this relative to the phenomena of Electricity, in the minds of their students, in order to give them the picture that they can plug their computations regarding electrical phenomena into. Thus, the students don't get to see the whole picture of how electricity fits into and how it is situated in Everything, Everywhere, All Ways and Forever, but that doesn't mean that one can not know how Electricity relates to Everything, All Ways, Everywhere, Forever, if one really wants to try to figure that out. It merely means that the ones that know the answer aren't telling it to us. I am probably just opening the next door to a whole new array of questions whose answers might just make my particular version of Everything All Ways Everywhere Forever look like just one little piece in a much larger jigsaw puzzle yet.


A little about my idea on it is that electricity is the attraction between matter and energy balancing from a point of equilibrium of action between them that we can call Here and Now. Future and past are both phenomenons relative to the existence of the bottle of physical phenomena that is perceivable through the electrical phenomena that biophysical functionality (life as it is normally perceived) is oriented about (around). Logically, the concept of future aligns with space and the concept of past aligns with the seeming immutability of solidity which serves to make time look like what is solid, but is really only the past, or what has already occurred of biophysical existence. Because there can be no physical phenomena in the future, because that would violate the definition of the future which is, "Where no event has yet occurred," the future, at least theoretically speaking, should contain nothing but space. If there were particles in this area called, "The Future," then some causative agent or another would have had to have induced their existence at that time and that action would have negated the so defining term"The Future" at least with respect to the associated causative entities' own existences. It is true that entities exist in other entities' pasts, and others' futures. When and where life is, perception can be derived. In the electrically connected physical universe exists the field of action that occurs where both solids and spaces (pasts and futures) coexist simultaneously to form all of the permutations of phenomena that we perceive through our physical bodies' senses, via electrical means. When we touch a table or a chair, it is our electrons effects that contact their electrons effects and electrons are considered to be neither solid nor spatial.


(Please let me know if you find material in literary form that presents evidence that would tend to exclude the validity of these ideas, seemingly far fetched as they are. What I am saying is not necessarily correct. It is just what makes sense to me. However, I am always willing to alter my ideation if I am given a good reason to.)


A greater attempt than what is here shall be made to explain electricity and our relation to it and, "The Universe," on the Electrocentric Equilibrium Theory page (ensuing issues of TABLOIDER).


The totality of life is composed of much more than electricity, but electricity and the activities of electrons are the phenomena that biophysical life is centered around. People might stand a much better chance of solving their physical issues if they had a better grasp of this notion. (Top)


A Recommendation


I hope that you return to this site for a visit every so often to find out more about the phenomenon of bioelectricity and how it relates to your health and the universe, because I feel that I have much more information to relay to you and will given the opportunity to sort it out and do so. Some of the data that needs to be written up will be information that you need to have in order to keep up with the changes that you may possibly experience while the condition of your body is improving, because getting healthy works like getting injured, except in reverse, which can seem problematic at times in that the changes that are happening to your body's parts place some stress on your nerves when those parts go through the alterations that they need to go through in order for them to return to their more functional configurations. (Top)


If at this point you have committed yourself to continuously holding Chelated Multi Minerals orally, for extended periods of time, especially while you are sleeping, in order for you to improve your body's bioelectric substance's content level, or have decided to mix powdered Chelated Multi Minerals, or to dilute Colloidal Chelated Multi Minerals, so that you can disburse your assimilation of bioelectric material across a longer span of time, so that you can deliver the supply more effectively, so that your body has what it needs to improve in function, because of its improved linkage of its matter to its energy, you should return to this Web site to find out more about what may be really going on regarding your body's bioelectrical condition and how that is related to the operation of the other systems of your body, so that you can find out more of what you might need to know for you to become a more fully informed individual with regard to bioelectric health, so that you might improve your chances of retaining your possession of a more healthy body longer. (Top)



The knowledge that is collected on this Web page has coalesced via a person that has gained their stock of instruction and supervision from the following sources: a typical American Elementary and High School education, Munitions Training in the USAF, a Technological Study Program whose curriculum was Analogue Electronics, some of L. Ron Hubbard's Spiritual Healing Technology training, a semester of College and the amount of free study and bioelectric experimentation that was necessary to derive the information whose application has produced a phenomenal improvement in his body's physical condition. This, so acquired information is being distributed via the Web without charge by the author in order to help optimize people's health as rapidly as possible.



The MHO Notes page has more information on the optimization of the assimilation of mineral supplements.  (Top)


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