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 Electro Dystrophy
Electro-Dystrophy [an inadequacy of, or defect in the process of the assimilation of ions (electrically charged particles) that are used to produce vital electric phenomena in a physical body] is the natural cause of anionia (sickness contributed to via the absence of ions), which is a vulnerability that lethal pathogens may exploit, any of whose activity if left un-halted, kills the so infected organism.

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  1. What Electro Dystrophy* Is

    Electro Dystrophy* is either, or both, a combination of: an inadequacy in, or a defect in the processes involved with the assimilation of substances that are used to propagate electric phenomena throughout the physical body.

    The degree of undesirability of effects that are induced via the presence of electro-dystrophic phenomena in a physical body is directly proportional to the development of anionia*, a condition in which any number of ions* greater than zero, that are supposed to be located in specific positions in the physical body in order for that body's bioelectric component to function properly are absent from those positions.

    is the natural result of the presence of
    Electro Dystrophy* in a body. Anionia's* presence permits the degeneration of tissues and processes that that physical body needs to continue to function, so as anionia* enters the physical body, that body's functionality decreases. (Top)

    Electro Dystrophy*, itself, is the cause of no other undesirable phenomena in the physical body other than anionia*.

    To the degree that anionia* exists in a physical body, the vulnerability of that body to pathogenic attack is increased as the weaknesses induced by anionia* in that body's bioelectric component decreases the ability of that body's defenses to respond to attacks against its tissues.


  2. Orienting Material

    The center piece of the information located at this Web site is that the mechanical results, due to the mutual attraction that manifests via the electrostatic pull between oppositely electrically charged particles possessing other similar quantum characteristics, here being protons and electrons, lies between two types of particles whose weights happen to be 1836 times lesser, or greater than one another; the protons being the heavier and thus the much less mobile of the two types of particles. Their weigh difference is like that between a drinking mug  and a small automobile. Bio-functionally speaking, how this relationship is used is that the motion of the more mobile units, the electrons, is stabilized via the positioning of the less mobile of the counter parts, the protons. What is carried around in the drinking mugs, the electrons, are quantities of energy known as photons*. [4]

    How the positioning of protons in biophysical organisms is accomplished and how that positioning is used to effect biophysical functionality is an extensive subject. Thank the causes that effect the desired phenomena that the relevant subject matter's complete understanding is not a requirement for one's exploitation of the benefits that are made available via the manufacture of this biophysically conducive phenomenon, for if its complete comprehension were required, many fewer of us than are presently breathing could be so engaged, including myself. However, seeing that the acquisition and use of bioelectrically relevant information towards the obtainment of health is highly personally advantageous... to that end the material on this and the other pages of this site is offered to readers, for their benefit. (Top)

  3. The Possible Causes of Electro-Dystrophy

    1. An inadequate ionic (pertinent mineral) supply, which can be generated in the following ways:

      1. An actual subnormal nutritional supply rate of ionic substances, or

      2. The effects of malfunction/s in the assimilatory processes, which contribute to the suppression of the replenishment rate of pertinent materials, such as the presence of conditions that are caused by phenomena such as those illnesses that would inhibit digestion, or the correct locating and positioning of the pertinent material, atoms of minerals required to induce and shape the needed electric fields correctly, to occur.

    2. Any cause of a pertinent material, mineralogical ions, loss rate that in any way exceeds that material's normal replenishment rate, devoid of an adequate compensatory replenishment rate increase. The excessively rapid material loss rate involved could be caused by:

      1. Excessive perspiration,

      2. Excessive digestive waste material (fluid or solid) elimination,

      3. Excessive blood loss, or

      4. Any combination of any, or all of the above three forms of pertinent material loss that contribute to a loss rate that exceeds the existing supply rate of supply of pertinent substances to that physical body, whatever that supply rate may be, devoid of compensation.

    3. Any amount of the combination of any and all of the above named phenomena that results in a greater elimination than replenishment rate of mineralogical ions in the physical body, such that the constituents of the physical body concerned can no-longer perform the actions that are needed to be accomplished in order to maintain the functionality/operability of that physical body. (Top)

  4. The Results of Electro-Dystrophic Conditions in Bodies

    Electro-dystrophy is a major contributing factor to the reason that people are not physically as well, or live as long as they could, here at the advent of the 21'st century.

    Due to the lack of awareness of, and consequential lack of the application of relevant information regarding the nature of electro-dystrophy and the means of obtaining its eradication, it has become considered undesirable but normal that an abnormally high percentage of people attempt to operate their physical bodies while those bodies are in electro-dystrophic states.

    The result of attempting to operate a physical body while that body is experiencing electro-dystrophic difficulties ranges from mildly sub-optimal physical function to a total termination of all of that body's biophysical functions that support the intentions of that body's owner. Death is the latter condition's common name. 

    On the biotechnical level, the main issue regarding the presence of electro-dystrophic phenomena is that its unchecked continuation precipitates a condition in which the physical body is forced to function without enough ions to power the electrical component of its physical processes adequately. This condition could be called anionia*. The lack of the presence of ions, anionia, in the physical body, where those ions are required to attain specific biophysical goals, whose existence in turn is a requirement for the perpetuation of the functional/operational state of the organism, meaning the whole bio-physical entity could further precipitate conditions lead to the demise of the entire bio-physical entity. Where the entire bio-physical entity means that physical body and all of the energies that that physical body uses to live. Where the term all of the energies means all of the photons and their frequencies of periodic motion present in and around that bio-physical entity that are used by that entity to power the particles of that physical body properly. (Top)

  5. What Can be Done about Electro-Dystrophy

    Attempting to resolve the issue of electro-dystrophy is the primary focus of this Web Site. If you would like to find out more, please direct your attention to the Introduction to Minerals Held Orally (MHO) page so that you might find out about what to do about it. There you will be honestly informed about what I am aware of regarding the phenomena involved, at this time (circa 2003).

  6. * Glossary of Technical Terms Used on this Page

    Anionia (neologism) noun The condition of an absence of ions that are supposed to be oriented in specific positions in the physical body in order for its bioelectric component to function properly; Sickness contributed to via the absence of ions.

    degeneration  A continually worsening condition. [2]

    dystrophy  A continually worsening malfunction of any, thus possibly all parts of the process of the nutrification of a living entity. [2]

    electricity  noun  That which has to do with the co-attractive force between so endowed elementary particles, which are arbitrarily designated as being either electrically positive or negative, whose so assigned characteristic states whether the phenomenon being so designated is either more protonically or is more electronically oriented, in comparison, respectively; the phenomenon that binds radiational phenomena to gravitational phenomena; the phenomenon that moderates how energy and matter relate to one another; it could be merely the result of the interaction of radiation vs. gravity, the power that produces expansion vs. the power that produces contraction. [It is being suggested here that Gravity may be viewed as a causal element (power) here to help balance the equation, not as an assertion of factual information.] [2]

    electro  noun  That which has to do with electricity. [2]

    electro-dystrophy  noun  An inadequacy of, or defect in the process of the assimilation of substances that are used to produce vital electric phenomena in whose absence the degeneration of processes and tissues of the physical body proceeds. [2]

    electronically  adverb  That which has to do with the characteristics of electrons. [2]

    ion noun An electrically charged particle; an atom, proton, or electron that is not electrically neutral but rather carries an electric charge which is an attraction for unlike charged particles and a repulsion to like charged particles; where the charges are labeled arbitrarily as being either positive or negative, protons carrying the positive charge sign and electrons carrying the negative charge sign.

    nutrition  Delivering to a living entity the materials that that entity needs to function.

    photon noun A discrete quantity energy is packaged as for its storage in and transmission between particles via the space-time continuum. [2]

    protonically  adverb  That which has to do with the characteristics of protons. [2]

    static  The force of attraction between negatrons and protons. [2]  (Top)

    [2] Custom definitions that are designed to help the reader jump the gap between what is generally known about electricity through its industrial use and how that same phenomenon is incorporated in the production of bio-function in the human physical body.

    [4] The comparison is more metaphoric than literal as, according to Martinus Veltman in his book, Facts and Mysteries in Particle Physics, World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., 2003, on page 40 points out, "...the proton is about 1800 times heavier than the electron... ," and on page 13 states, "For all we know electrons and quarks are elementary particles, which means that in no experiment has there anything like a structure of these particles been seen. They appear point-like, unlike the proton, neutron, nucleus and atom that have sizes that can be measured."*


    * With Out Using Permission Specifically (WOUPS) (Top)
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