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TABLOIDER is an acronym that is a box, which is a metaphor for a containment device. The acronym is anchored via the terms: Top, Anterior (here meaning front), Bottom, Left, Outside, Inside, Dorsal (here meaning back) Earth & Right.

is a development of the acronym, "NEWS (North East West & South)." Where NEWS is literally oriented to the geo-magnetic characteristics of Earth, TABLOIDER is oriented more to that which those attributes are oriented to, namely astronomical stuff (phenomena).  e.g. In a literal model, the "Top" corner (vertex) of the TABLOIDER is the North Star (Polaris) and the TABLOIDER's, the cube's, center is Earth, the planet.

TABLOIDER is literally a cubically configured container. Figuratively, TABLOIDER is the NEWS oriented from ideological perspectives, those points of view being Technology, Humanity, Economy and Religion.  


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TABLOIDER's 4 Dimensions' Connection with Earth's Activities

TABLOIDER is the four dimensional intersection around which Earth's sentient activity is wound.


Correlation with NEWS' Geo-magnetic Dimensions

Ideological Axes

Associated Dimensions

 Conceptual Alignment

North Theologic  (Religion) Top Bottom  Salvation vs. Retribution
East Econonomic  (Money)

Inside Outside

Selling vs. Purchasing
West Technologic  (Science) Dorsal (Back)�/ Anterior (Front) Stability vs. Progress
South Sociologic  (Humanities) Right / Left  Independence vs. Cooperation

A good reason for aligning the NEWS/TABLOIDER transition thusly is that TABLOIDER's Religion axes allign's with NEWS' North direction. The reason this is good is because the North land mass on Earth is lower in temperature than its Southern land mass on the average. Because of this people perspire their minerals out less in the North. Thus, on the average, they have more minerals in their bodies. Thus, they have more ions. Thus, they have more bio-electric power. Thus their HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computers have less hardware malfunctions. Thus, the religion (the body of ideas that people have about what controls everything) can be more rationally and extensively considered. To get a firmer grasp of this idea, please consider which latitudes most of the continuous warring is going on around the planet. It's mostly not going on in the frigid zone, is it.

Then after that the West is where most of the modern technology is coming from.

Then after that, the South is where most of the people are going now to stay warmer and decrease their winter fuel consumption, which starts out as a smart idea and will continue to be as intelligent as those people can hang on to their minerals. With the information posted at this Web site they will be able to to that, easily, I hope.

That leaves the East. Why does it wind up at Economy? That's a good question. The easy answer is that it is the only direction/axis left. Then too if you orient a baseball diamond with Home Plate in the North, third base (Economy axis in the DRIP), is where Economy would wind up. Three out of four isn't bad and I am not so sure the fourth base orientation doesn't hold up with what is going on now.

What I am saying is that with more people here on Earth, we have a more complex game to work with and to master the game in its more elaborate state... it helps to use easily understood ideas that accurately represent the observed stuff (phenomena) to keep up with what is going on and that is what studying the TABLOIDER and its associated tools can help with.   

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