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Electricity as the Focal Point of the Balance of Bio-Physical Life

Matter contracts via gravity. Energy expands via radiation. A physical (material) body's energetic and material components are tied together via electricity.

More matter than energy yields stability of form. More energy than matter yields motion. Electricity is the connecting element between the two, matter and energy.

Biologically speaking, the activity of living organisms entails the balancing of efforts at deriving material formulation and inducing and controlling energetic activity. This phenomena takes place about a point of equilibrium. That point of equilibrium is defined by the electricity, the electrical (electronic; electromagnetic) phenomena, which contains that effort.

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The diameter of an electron is considered to be zero and a water film can be suspended in zero gravity for hours upon hours, because there is no gravity to pull the asymmetrically weighted ions out of their optimally attractive orientation. Couldn't that be accepted as evidence that would substantiate the assertion that quantities of energy and matter are balanced around the electron with electricity, which holds these two components of physical phenomena together and not gravity alone, which only effects directly the material portion of the physical component of existence and not the energetic portion of the physical component?

If electricity did not connect energy with matter, or act as the link between radiationally and gravitationally affected phenomena, gravity could not effect energy and radiation could not effect matter, thus physical life, as we know it,  would not be possible.  

When and where we have found physical life to exist (as far as I know):

    Space is thought of as a volume. A volume is the totality of the concept of space. "Location," is a point. "Distance," is a line. "Area," is a plane. "Volume," is space�length, width and height, which because biological life is bound by electricity to the location known as, "Now," also contains the, "Point" or location at which it occurs.


    Time is considered to be the location at which the phenomena occurs. "Now," is the temporal location that all biological phenomena is alive at.


    Space is not considered to be a location but where physical life lives, is the volume that that phenomena is encapsulated by.


    Time is not considered to be a volume but the location in the action around the existential equator that physical life is living.


    Radiation is a force that directs motion from a location to a volume.


    Gravitation is a force that directs motion from a volume to a location.


    Electricity is a force that impels the motion toward an equilibrium of action, relating the phenomena of the location with the phenomena of the volume by coordinating the photon's forces of radiation and graviton's forces of gravitation with each other through the application of electrodynamic and electrostatic forces of the electron, which effects the result, which is what we are able to perceive through our bodies' senses,  because our bodies are composed of the materials of the physical medium that they are a part of and though they are very much more elaborately ordered, function on exactly the same principles as all of the other materials that they are surrounded by.


    What I am saying is that though it is true that our bodies are composed of atoms that have solid nuclei we only move the nuclei's position and possibly alter the way that they are facing by working with the electrical forces that surround them. This is what changes physical bodies in ways that we would like to have occur or in ways that we would not like to have occur, depending on whether we manipulate the factors that control the electrical phenomena of our physical bodies correctly or not.


    What we have been dealing with all along, short of tampering with the nuclei of atoms by various means for various purposes, is the manipulation of electrical, gravitational and radiational forces with the aid of a unit that is, itself, composed of a coordinated collection of electrical, gravitational and radiant forces. 


    If gravitation is a force that induces a contraction of the action of the phenomena that it effects and radiation is a force that induces the expansion of the action of the phenomena that it effects, then electricity could be thought of as a force that induces an adherence to the motions of the particles of the action devoid of the thrusts of extrinsic forces acting upon them. Electricity is the means by which the relativity between time and space, or the past and the future, which are each, singularly, time and space devoid of any of the other, is established. The future is space without time and the past is time devoid of space. You can say that the present is a volume that has a duration or vise versa. Outside it is pure space and inside it is pure time, which are ascribed as the future and the past.


That would make the universe a shell, like an electron shell, possessing an overall energy state and frequency, surrounding, "Gravity," or pure time, which would be a pure solid, in which there was no possibility of motion. That would be what they call a black hole. I have read in TIME Magazine that some say that the whole cycle of the universe is over 100 trillion years, but reading that merely brings up the question of how many cycles it has been through and more pertinently; is it truly simultaneous, in that: is everything in it going on at the same moment, or are different parts of it actually taking place at different points along an imaginary time line it total existence, as in the locations of different railroad cars of a train along a railroad track, with physical life merely being one of those cars; the ties being different durations equivalent in time. This model is not all that simple in that it would probably work out that different accelerations of bodies (cars) would quantify, "When," those bodies (cars) existed comparatively to the other bodies, correlating to where along the train any particular car, including the, "Physical Life Car," was located, relatively.  And to take that model to its ultimate juncture, the question would be, "Can that train track be run on a Merry-Go-Round that held the life car at the correct degree angle around the curve to balance the acceleratory and deceleratory components to an equilibrium so that the train was standing still?" That model needs inspection, what I am suggesting is that each car, goes through every stage of development, from the starting bang to the deep freeze of total solidity, which is pure time with no action and back around again, with the big bang being the point of ultimate acceleration of the universe; that point being experienced by us on the, "Living Horse," as being back around the bend known as the past, but really, because of its continual acceleration at the speed of light, not being effected by time, is not, to this day, to itself even one second old.


I am saying that if you were a photon, born at the beginning of the universe, traveling at the speed of light, you would not believe that the universe existed for longer than a time that would make a second look like an eon for however far you got at the point in time that is simultaneous to the point in time that we are at here on Earth that some scientists believe is 11 billion years from the beginning of the universe. That would make the photon Time's crow; wouldn't it.


Back to simpler relationships; if gravity is the force that impedes motion and radiation is the force that impels motion, then electricity is the force that balances those two forces and renders each inert with the other. Ergo, while gravity induces contraction and radiation induces expansion, electricity is what induces inertia.


There are three main physical forces that could be thought of as three, "I's," standing for, "Impulse," "Inertia," and "Impediment," that are used by the last, "I," the, "Individual," or the force of resolve as to what to do with that triplet of force."


From the oriental perspective the whole picture could be captioned with Four, "Y's;" those being: the Yin, the Yang, the Yen and the You; where,  "Yin," is the force of contraction, "Yang," is the force of expansion, "Yen," is the force of suspension and, the "You," is the force of decision regarding the use of the other three.


To be continued...

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