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Disclaimer: Via reading alone, no-one is forced to believe phenomena, and I am doing nothing more than writing for others via the posting of information here in order to try to get others to understand how the phenomenon known as electricity is used in their physical bodies. Ergo, I can't see that I am forcing anyone to believe what is being written at this Website. I believe that the reader should be the one that initiates the action regarding what they* decide to do with the information that is posted here, because it is you that will experience the effects of what you do with that information.

I believe that it is you, the reader, who is the one that is responsible for what happens to you, because of what you decide, yourself, to do with the information that you gain by reading Bio Electric Health information.

Ours should prove to be a harmonious relationship, I believe, because the laws of electricity, like the laws regarding other physical phenomena are pretty well set and I am pretty sure that my interpretation of those laws, as they pertain to the structure and function of the human body, will be helpful to those who wish to use that understanding to improve the bioelectric portion of their health. If you read what I say, you should be better prepared to help yourself out, bioelectrically.

There seems to be no reason to hide this information from minors.  They could probably help their elders out with it if it were to be explained well enough for them to understand. This information is primarily being composed for people of a less recent vintage, though, on the hopes that those individuals' assimilation of it will help stabilize its position in the continuum of human existence

I feel that it is in my best interest to say that I am making only claims as to my own beliefs in reference to the causal analysis and resolution strategies that that analysis evokes... of the phenomena incorporated into the body of literature that is being made available here, which is what I consider to be true about what I did with my knowledge in order to solve my problems regarding my flagging bioelectric health.

In no way is it my intent to remove from any person their own right to believe just as they please about their own condition or the conditions of others and about what it requires to alter those conditions, or even that they necessarily have the responsibility of altering those conditions for the better or for the worse. I believe that it is incorrect for anyone to prevent anyone else from improving their own condition if that improvement causes no degradation in anyone else's physical condition.

I feel that, regarding their own health, people should be viewed by the law as being their body's owner and that they should have no less responsibility than that.

I am accepting no responsibility for the derivation of anyone else's state of health via what they decide to do or not do about it, because of their contact with this Website.

All of that said, I hope that your assimilation of this information is of as immense a benefit to you as discovering it has been to me.

Addendum (2010's October's 19'th): In my attempts to rewrite the material appearing here, I have noticed that some of my postings may be viewed as being offensive to one or other groups of people. I apologize for my seeming thoughtlessness of regarding the feelings of others. Hopefully I will get to redact any difficult statements, so the Web site's material can be studied free of biases that I induce, myself, against the material, through inconsiderate writing. In my own defense, this Website is a rough cut introduction to the subject, written by a student who has only more recently taken up the subject of writing, their self.

Though some accusatory statements are how I actually feel, I realize now that I should convey my possibly less popular ideas in a more palatable way and shall endeavor to do so in the future, while working to upgrade any of the presently offensive material to a more widely acceptable state that is reintroduced to my attention.

Of course I would appreciate anyone whosoever chooses, to comment to me on any subject whatsoever, including any of the statements I have made at this Web site, because this would help me to make a better show of Bioelectric Health and myself.

Thank you very much for your valued attention to this disclaimer and addendum.

Hoping to hear from you.

Thank you again.

Best regards,


* Gestaltic Singular case: Any of the terms: they, them, those, these, we, & us when they refer to a singular entity that contains numerous parts; The termgestaltic singular�takes into account the single unit as a complete entity and its feature that is known as the sum of that whole single unit's componential parts each as one unit, the total of which being two units that, when combined form a case that can be referred to by using the neologism (new term) Gestaltic Singular.
Last Edited on & at: 2010-11-09 22:59 EUST
2002-2007�Philip B. Obsharsky. All rights reserved. This material may be copied, or transmitted as long as any source information that is included with it, it meaning any part of the composition of this material that is transmitted or copied for any reason, is retained with it and this copyright statement is retained as a part of it and no financial compensation is sought or derived for such action.