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Nutrition Mode Section
My Mineral Menu
My Other Supplements
E-T Breakfast
A collection of articles, essays and charts that help increase awareness of information regarding electricity and relating that to four discrete orders of knowledge, those being: Technologic, Humanitarian, Economic & Religious
Conjugation of DRIGS
DRIP of the DROP
Electrocentric Theory
"Rotation Now!"
Lamda Chi Tao
Herb & Rock OUT
The Money "Tetram"
Grades of  Games
Criminality Spectrum
Phil's Tips Posts
Bioelectric Poetry

Medical Section
Hospital Hostages
Organ Sacrificing?
Pica / Pica / Pica
Abusive Substances
Card / Board / Chart
Night Sweats--GOOD!

Bio-Electric Experiments
Body Voltage
Charged Air Report
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Bioelectric Mnacronyms
Music of the Spheres
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  1. Pages of parts of (Some pages of may appear in more than one part of the Web site. In that case their most extensive description appears in the opening most part of the Table of Objects.)
  1. Sections of pages of parts of's Table of Objects

  1. Main Pages as they Appear Across the Top of the Site These pages contain the most immediately important information pertaining to Bioelectric Health, information that would be considered to be news to people unfamiliar with the phenomenon.
    1. Bioelectric Health Home The opening page of Bio Electric Health Technology. This stands as the opening page of It should get better as I get the chance to organize the site better.
    2. "The Site Map Page" is this page. All of the objects located here shall, soon I hope, possess short descriptions of themselves and cumulatively entail all of the information that is available here at
    3. What's New This is's blog page. It is a manually generated log of material that gets posted at this Web site.
    4. Electro-Dystrophy This page relates information regarding a target syndrome to work at resolving in order to obtain bioelectric health. This page is more of an overture regarding the phenomena involved than any kind of definitive treatment of the subject.
    1. What Electro-Dystrophy Is The introduction of the phenomena and a brief description how it relates to the condition of the physical body.

    2. Orienting Material This is a very short, but salient fact unveiling section regarding the relationship between electricity and the interaction of the particles inside the physical body.

    3. The Possible Causes of Electro-Dystrophy This seven item list covers every possible cause for this undesirable phenomena that can exist, to my reasoning. (If you can tell me of any other/s, you may notify me of it/them via email to me, or I invite you to post your cause/s on this Web's Bioelectric Discussion Board. I will incorporate your contribution to this Knowledge Base and give you credit for presenting it, if your assertion/s, in my consideration pass/es the logic test. Thank you.)

    4. The Results of Electro-Dystrophic Conditions in Bodies The consequences of and an allusion to some of the mechanics involved of permitting electro-dystrophic conditions to continue, unabated in a physical body.

    5. What Can be Done about Electro-Dystrophy This is an invitation to go to the Introduction to Minerals Held Orally (MHO) page for further study.

    6. Glossary of Technical Terms Used on this Page This section explains some of the ideas that the author has about electricity and how that phenomenon may relate to the function of the physical body.

    1. What Has Occurred This page is the author's interpretation of the some of the more pertinent events that combined to compel him to derive and present information regarding what bioelectric health is. Sections of this page are:
      1. Nerves Used to Monitor Impaired Biophysical Function This page section contains reasoning and some evidence related to how the condition of the body's cells, other than its nerve cells can be responsible for receiving undesirable messages via those nerves and the assertion that there exists the possibility that this condition, rather than actual poor nerve condition could be what is responsible for the use of nerve control drugs by many people. 

      2. News Flash in The Prehistoric Times Gazette A short story of how the author ran into the beneficial attributes of doing the Minerals Held Orally (MHO) bioelectrically replenishing treatment via applying past acquired knowledge to regain his own deteriorating health.

      3. Parkinson's Disease's Symptom's Eradication Testimony of the author's experience with the effectiveness of holding minerals orally at resolving this Medical issue. Plus the introduction of reasoning explaining why the here-at located information is not more widely known. 

      4. How Bioelectric Phenomena Relates to Physical Malfunction and What the Author Did to Solve His Own Situation Regarding this Relationship

      5. The Relation Between Exercise and MHO As a body's electric component is re-established it becomes necessary to coordinate the activity that returns to it. Exercise assists in the re-establishment of that coordination. The author's exercise experience is delineated in chart form on this page.

      6. Improved Motor Signal Strength, thus Improved Muscular Activity via the A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET

      7. Close

      8. Appendix Footnotes of items on the page.

    2. Introduction to MHO (Minerals Held Orally) Good basic pieces of information that could help someone that is trying to achieve bioelectric health.
    1. Author A brief description of the author's education and intent for publishing
    2. The Answer In Its Simplest Form This section is the first place that you come across a detailed explanation of the most timely pertinent information regarding bioelectric health that is posted at this Web site.
    3. Chelated Multi Minerals Are Nutritional Supplements IMO, Chelated Minerals are among the most advanced foods on Earth, but they are definitely not drugs. This section introduces the reader to the relationship between Chelated Minerals, Drugs and Money.
    4. How to Hold Minerals Orally
    5. Some Pertinent Notes
    6. Colloidal Minerals
    7. Tooth Fortification Via an Easily Accessed Mineral Experiment
    8. Why You Want to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Body's Absorption of the Chelated Multi Minerals that You Make Available to It
    9. Why Ions are so Misunderstood
    10. A Strong Recommendation
    11. Close
    1. Acronyms & Glossary
    2. Links And Bibliography
    3. Philip's Tips Posts Bioelectric Health's messages that I post here are more about real time occurrences, but could be very helpful for you to know.
    4. Disclaimer As I am unaware of how one could recognize that they knew everything and lacked an awareness of no amount of information whatsoever, this statement exists. Please be so advised.
    5. E-mail To Bioelectric Health's author.
  2. Parent Pages is's Home Page.
    1. MHO/SHEEN Therapy This part's pages entail features of the Minerals Held Orally treatment, backed up by a balancing of the Sleep, Hygiene, Education, Exercise and Nutrition modalities.
    2. TABLOIDER (Top, Anterior, Bottom, Left, Outer, Inner, Dorsal, Electricity, Right) The model/paradigm/mockup is a box. It is can be viewed as a framework that configures all phenomena to electrical phenomena.
    3. Medical Section This section's pages all contain information that is not normally publicly discussed regarding health & sickness.
    4. BE Experiments Physical tests that one can use to find out directly, for oneself about how how their own physical body and condition is effected by and oriented to various electric phenomena.
  1. MHO/SHEEN Therapy Part, the description description of which appears in the Parent Pages Section.
  1. Introduction to MHO (Minerals Held Orally) Good basic pieces of information that could help someone that is trying to achieve bioelectric health.
  1. Author A brief description of the author's education and intent for publishing
  2. The Answer In Its Simplest Form If you were to call what was to be found here a secret, this section is the first place that you would come across a detailed explanation of it.
  3. Chelated Multi Minerals Are Nutritional Supplements
  4. How to Hold Minerals Orally
  5. Some Pertinent Notes
  6. Colloidal Minerals
  7. Tooth Fortification Via an Easily Accessed Mineral Experiment
  8. Why You Want to Maximize the Efficiency of Your Body's Absorption of the Chelated Multi Minerals that You Make Available to It
  9. Why Ions are so Misunderstood
  10. A Strong Recommendation
  11. Close
  1. MHO Notes
    1. A Synopsis of the Mechanics of Natural Mineral Assimilation
    2. The Best Way that I Have Found to Use Mineral Supplements
    3. How To Make and Use, "Tooth Mortar," to Repair Cavities in Your Teeth
    4. How To Make a Comfortable, Effective Tooth Mortar Formula Retaining Devise
    5. The Advantage of Vitamin D Fortification of Mineral Supplements
    6. My Personal View of Proper Dosages
    7. Nervous System Repair Via Overdosing Multi Minerals
    8. My Present Mainstay Multi Mineral Supplement
    9. Other Mineral Supplements that I Have Used
    10. What Doesn't Work
    11. Closing Note
  2. Sleep Modality
  3. Hygiene Modality
  1. Oral Hygiene A short but enlightening elucidation of some very pertinent points about OH and some sound, less expensive ways to solve some issues concerned.
  2. Foot Hygiene Studying this section could possibly help someone fill in the missing pieces to foot infection issues.
  3. Deep Hygiene How the MHO/SHEEN can be used to help get the internal physical system clean again is introduced in this section.
  4. Dirty Water = Thoroughly Cleansed Skin = Shrinking, Tightening Skin This section contains an interesting observation about the mechanics of  the MHO/SHEEN applied to the phenomenon of skin tightness, thus introduces a fresh perspective on the factors involved for consideration.
  1. Education Modality
  2. Exercise Modality
  3. Nutrition Modality

The following are child pages of the Nutrition Modality page rather than page sections on it.

  1. My Mineral Menu Full list of the mineral supplements that the author has used, plus notes on most of them.
  2. My Other Supplements Full list of vitamins and supplements that the author has used with notes on most of them.
  3. ET Breakfast This is presently a short report of a program that the author used to rapidly drop body weight for a short duration of time (less than one month).  
  1. TABLOIDER This is a model that helps orient all other information to that of electricity.
  1. Conjugation of DRIGS
  2. Tetraheteromodocracy
  3. Modern Miracle Men
  4. Opening BET
  5. Electrocentric Theory
  7. Herb & Rock OUT
  8. The Money "Tetram"
  9. Grades of Games This is a scale of whrelationships between sentient entities.
  10. Criminality Spectrum
  11. Bioelectric Poetry This page contains poems related to Bioelectric Health.
  1. Medical Section This section's pages all contain information that is not normally publicly discussed regarding health & sickness.
  1. Night Sweats:Good! Bio Electric Particle Depletion, Devoid of Adequate Replenishment: BAD!
    With proper compensation, perspiration is a means of ridding the body of toxins. Information about the removal of toxins in the physical body is contained in L. Ron Hubbard's ground breaking book "Clear Body-Clear Mind." There are some points about phenomena that I ran into via my personal experience of perspiring while sleeping, not accomplishing the phenomenon of perspiration as it is discussed in CBCM that seem important to me. Those points are discussed on this page.
  2. Electrodystrophy is a condition that can can render a physical body more vulnerable to pathogenic assault than that body would be in if the issues involved were resolved.
  3. Pica / Pica / Pica This is an introduction to the mechanics of addiction and contains allusions as to how one might go about unraveling its seemingly unwieldy grasp.
  4. Organ Sacrificing? This section might help its reader decide what is important better.
  5. Psychiatrogenicosis Psychiatry: good, Psychiatrogenicosistry: bad... what is said is may not be what actually is.
  6. Abusive Substances This is a new idea, to me, regarding who's abusing whom in the world of substance consumption.
  7. Card / Board / Chart This is a fifteen year plan that kind of developed itself. I want to eliminate as much of the CANDIES MACHINE as I can in the area that I have anything to do with by the year 2014. That's 15 years after I first figured out that doing the ATM-MHO/SHEEN had helped me find my mind, which I had lost track of pretty thoroughly towards the end of 1975. 
  1. Bioelectric Experiments The description appears in the Parent Pages Section.
  1. Body Voltage We measure our body's temperature, pulse and blood pressure. Why don't we measure our electricity to tell us more of what is going on? This experiment is a report of how the author measures the body's voltage via the use of pretty easily procured equipment. The author has observed a relationship between body voltage and state of health. Are you interested?  
  2. Charged Air Report Presently, an unfinished report of experimentation concerning the psychological effects of breathing of ionized air. Its significance resides in the observation that dramatically opposing effects are experienced by the subject when the polarity of charge of the air in relation to the ground potential of the mass effecting the subject is reversed. Much conjecture is offered at this time. Much of it probably irrelevant, possibly thought provoking though and possibly gaining significance some day. Who knows? 

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