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 A Way to Possibly Loosen Used Particles which Might Build Up Toward the Rear of the Human Brain, Hopefully to Help Maintain or Improve/Restore Brain Function in that Region (2018 May 21)

Re: Previous two articles on this page

If one lays their body on its back on a durable stationary surface, with the upper part raised up on the body's elbows, extended behind the back reaching down to the floor, say, and tosses their head backward continuously for over one hundred times, with an abrupt halt at the most rearward points of the head's travel... that will help stir up the used particles which may tend to collect near the rear of the brain where the brain's sleep center is said to be located.

Performing head "Twists" as described in the previous article written on this page on the subject of "Head Shaking / Manual Brain Stimulation" with the body on it's back as described in the above paragraph will also help loosen used particles which may collect toward the rear of the brain, which may also help the individual doing so sleep better.   

Manual Brain Stimulation Technique Plus Efficacy Support Data (2012 DEC 03, modified 2018 May 21)

Re: Previous Article on this Page

Strong Recommendation:  Prior to using this technique very robustly, the subject should have already fortified their blood vessels' linings via adding vitamin C and the mineral Copper nutritional supplements to their diet for six months or so, as experts state that these two substances fortify the strength of the body's circulatory system linings. We do this, because we don't want to hurt ourselves by damaging blood vessels in our brains while we are attempting to improve our bodies' conditions via our use of the following technique.

The seeming best body position for these exercises at this moment is either on all fours with head hanging down, or standing with hands on shins with the head hanging down. Why? Because greater brain to skull variance, plus brain shape distortion, up to a reasonable amount, can be obtained when the head is hanging downward rather than being held up, because the muscles are more naturally relaxed in this position, because there is less of an need to use the neck muscles to hold the head still when it is hanging downward.

Manual Brain Stimulation Technique's Specific Exercises:

  • The Twist is accomplished via vigorously twisting the head rapidly about its axis to the left and to the right, starting out doing the exercise for thirty seconds, working to upwards of two minutes stints. The Twist is best for stimulating the sides (temporal) top (parietal) and rear (occipital) lobes' surfaces (cortexes) of the brain (cerebrum) due to these regions' shape distortions during the involved motions' transitions from one direction to the other. Also, during the twist centrifugal force is generated laterally outward, which expels loose material laterally outward from more centrally oriented points in the brain, even if ever so slightly; which serves to move spent material out of the more central points of the brain as more sets of repetitions are performed.

  • The Bop is accomplished by quickly bopping (nodding) the head forward, then snapping it backward, in a yes nodding motion, working up to a hundred or so repetitions. The Bop is best for stimulating the fore region (frontal lobes) of the cerebrum, as the forebrain distorts its shape the most when it is driven nearer to the interior of the front of the skull via the rest of the brain's mass' pushing into it from the rear during the forward to backward direction transition (snap) of motion... direction reversal during this exercise.

    The Bop
    is very useful for breaking up tension headaches located in the front of the brain when it is started gently enough to not hurt too much and its vigorousness is increased, as circulation is restored to the region, as more sets are performed to break up the associated causal congestion.

  • The Swing is accomplished via vigorously swinging the head in a tic-toc, pendulum like motion, starting out with a few cycles and working up to a hundred or so cycles. The Swing is the most effective of the three exercises at stimulating the central region of the brain, where a great amount of the body's glandular activity is supposed to occur, because it A) works the brain's two hemispheres against one another and B) Induces an impact between the brain's two hemispheres from the leading one getting squeezed between the internal side of the skull, while the trailing hemisphere careens into it from the trailing side of the head, via motion direction alterations.

In this technique, the brain could be viewed as a lump of dough and the above actions are what one can do to it to kneed that dough, to make it continue to produce the best ideas for them when they cook (think, ponder, muse, consider, or compute).

An Observation which Supports the Assertion that the above Technique of Manual Brain Stimulation is Effective (2012 DEC 02): Two people were infected with a pathogen vectored through tainted food during the same meal about a month ago. Shortly prior to four weeks post event, one person got a lot sicker than the other and the sicker person was taken by the more well person to the hospital. The sicker person is presently receiving professional care for the infection involved, while the more well person, who received no professional medical services for this issue, is recuperating at home, not feeling very badly at all, though they experienced some horrendous head feelings throughout the episode which they handled via the above technique.

Three other pertinent factors regarding the infection episode are that: feferrerere

  1. Both people were using MNMS (Metered Nutritional Mineral Supplementation) regularly for at least four years prior to the event,

  2. The person that is not so bad now, who even happens to be 11 years older than the sicker person, had also been using a formidable vitamin and herb regimen, including taking at least two whole grams of vitamin C per day in one half gram doses to maximize their body's natural adversarial (immune) system's power to fend off pathogenic attacks, in order to maintain their body's biological functionality for quite some time and

  3. The person who's in the hospital now didn't take any vitamin or herb supplements to fortify their natural adversarial system's strength.

Inquiry: Is it the violent impact which is experienced during some contact sports responsible for Alzheimer's disease, or rather a more continuous attempt to hold the head too still in an attempt to over compensate for the previous experience of violent activity, which permits the buildup of material in the brain, which impedes the brain's electrical activity that it requires to function as a thought action / physical action translator that loses the operator's connection, their linkage to the physical environment? I would be greatly obliged if you would be so kind as to let me in on the answer to this question, if you can, but if not, I hope that the answer that you find is the one you want. 

Head Shaking to Accomplish Direct Manual Brain Stimulation as a Dementia Prevention Protocol (2012 OCT 22)

Physically shaking your head may help you stave off dementia by loosening up and helping to dislodge spent material from around brain cells, so that that matter can be easily removed via your brain's normal physical maintenance processes.

You can take, or leave the ideas I am presenting here. I want to tell them to you though, because I don't feel like I am hording any answers that might help other people, while I have the opportunity to.

Consider this. Did you ever notice that musical people stay mentally in tune longer, the ones who don't succumb to self destructive activities anyway, than many other people? I say that this is because they shake and bob their heads to the beat of their music more than most people and that is what serves to keep their heads from clogging up with used biological material.

This public article, which I just looked up on the Web, will probably be removed after this post is up for too very long, because of this one's angle [information about an easily attainable (low cost) DIY biological solution], but there's a verification for the cause of my reasoning for you.

You don't have to believe what I am saying here right away. You can try head shaking out for your self to see whether, or not, you feel more awake, alert and regain a little bit better access to your memory stores. An important point of DIY body maintenance, however, is to keep paying attention to what is going on with it, so you can do what you need to do in time, in order to maximize your improvement while minimizing any loss of gain you may attain and so you don't damage your body by either over doing some action or neglecting to do another too very much.

I was up to sleeping about 14 hours a day and not waking up very energetically until I tried this, which I started about five days ago now. The change is pretty dramatic to me. I don't have to nap during the day now and this morning I got up at 04:00 to start my day and wound up going to bed at 19:00 and getting back up at 23:00, at which point I got up and started working on a computer, which I wanted to repair since January. I got as far as I could with that for the moment. Then I started to type this post. Now it's 04:00 again and I am not tired, so I will get to continue to tell of the ins and outs of, "Head Shaking," that I am aware of to get you as much up to speed about the subject as I can at this time, to do what I can to make the activity as beneficial and safe as possible as soon as possible.

Ways to shake your head: The easiest way is the, "No." I started out with a fifty count. Be advised that although my physical body is sixty years used and not really very in shape at the moment, I am pretty physically active when awake and have been keeping up my neck stretches somewhat regularly. Plus I have been metering nutritional mineral substances and ingesting ground up (chewed up) chicken bones on a regular basis for the past dozen years. The disks and vertebrae of my neck are quite durable is what I am saying, so I didn't expect any damage to occur in them, myself, from doing the actions that I am describing here.

When I started out shaking my head back and forth, doing the NO, my brain hurt a little, mostly my frontal and parietal lobes during the activity. Afterwards, they didn't. My brain hurt only at the times that it was stressed the most, during the end of a swing and transition to swinging it in the other direction. That's when it's shape is being distorted the most. I thought of taking an aspirin (some kind of birch tree bark extract) for this pain on occasion, but never actually did so during the past week of activity, because the pain wasn't great enough to get me to walk all the way over to where my aspirins are to take 100 mg dose from where I was when I was shaking my head.

After doing this, the NO, for a couple of days, my neck muscles hurt a little bit. They hurt until about the fourth day. Now at about the fifth day, they don't hurt.

My policy for head shaking has been to do it vigorously enough to hurt only mildly. I started out with a fifty count. I would count to myself while shaking my head. I was close to synchronizing with the number of times it shook, but not exactly. That isn't necessary. The exact amount isn't crucial. You want to shake it enough, but you don't want wear anything out trying to improve matters.

After I did this for a couple of days and feeling a bit more alive via my efforts, I got to thinking that I might be stimulating the apparatus in the center of my brain to heightened activity, which is the mind I am of at this time, still. Toward that end I wondered how, if it were the mid brains components which helped get all of the other activities of the body going, would I best get those marbles rolling, as it were. What I came up with is a combination motion. It's the basic No, back and forth, plus a shoulder rock, where if it were performed alone, would serve to rock your head like a metronome needle. With the combination of these two repetitive motions one can do more than just twist the brain around the axis, which is centered at the mid brains components. Thus, you can effect their activity more than if you merely twisted your brain around them.

Head shaking is a good way to wake your brain up and since your brain is much of what your physical body's cells use to command them, you start to wake up all of your body's cells via waking up your brain. I am awake to this world because my body's cells are awake, because I woke up my brain by shaking it up. That's why my physical body is awake now for me to use it to post this to you. It is exactly 05:00 of the same day at this moment. If you have noticed I haven't been the prolific writing machine of other periods of the manufacture of this Web site, as of late. I think things will change more toward productivity now.

Side note: Just because there might be less going on around you than there used to be, because your Human Organic Shoulder Top HOST network's HOST computer operators' Ambulatory Support Peripherals ASPs have slowed down on them, that's no good reason for you to slow down your ASP too. Is it? Your body's slowness is not a good reason for you to slow down accomplishing actions, if you can help it.

Cautions: If I knew my bones were weak, I wouldn't start out shaking my head very vigorously. I would work up to it. I would do many, many very gentle shakes, before I got really going. I'd figure that if I could still figure out how to shake my head, I might probably achieve some form of gain eventually and I'd figure that it isn't very good to damage one part of my anatomy to get another part working better, especially if that other part is an important one, such as a part of the neck spinal system.

If you use the other tips on this page, you should have your bones in adequately enough working order to gain the benefits of head shaking with no undesired results soon enough. Please avoid damaging your body via attempting to improve its condition too violently.

If you have questions about this, or other matters discussed at this Web site, here's my contact information. Feel free to get in touch. It would be good to know what you had on your mind, or get to help you out. 

Thank you for reading this tip. I hope that it helps you out a lot. Thank you again.

BEST regards,


Addendum (2012 ROC 25): Head shaking helps shake grogginess loose. A minute or three of head shaking, via one minute stints, is keeping me from wanting to take a nap today.

Head Shaking is also helping my thyroid gland function better, to where I haven't needed to wear neck magnets these past few days. Before, if I didn't wear magnets on my neck, I would feel bad--queasy, dizzy and tired, but right now I feel pretty alright, which is a lot better than before.

Here's another odd benefit of head shaking I've noticed. My liver seems to be producing an adequate amount of bile again. Bile, helps break down fat and enters the intestines via the gall bladder. I haven't noticed evidence of much bile since 2003. Maybe shaking my head stimulates the pituitary, or penal gland into doing something that gets the liver working better.

Good luck with this if you try it, but don't over do it. You don't want to shake things too loose up there.



Don't Let the Computer Chair Get You!

Edited further from: Greetings from Philip
Date: 15 Jul 2005
Time: 10:37:54 -0400


"The rocking chair got him," is a cliche' that describes how some ex-tough guys have met their downfalls. The inquiry "Do people that get old stop biking, or do people that stop biking get old?" questions the practical causes of aging. The phenomenon of the degeneration of living bone matter via the influence of zero gravitation on it over months of time has been verified consistently in NASA's Astronauts.

The above paragraphed three data can be threaded together via an impressive array of scientific experimentation that was performed by Robert O. Becker, M.D., and discussed by he and Gary Selden on pages 120 to 135 of their book, "THE BODY ELECTRIC--Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life." The thread that Dr. Becker has discovered is that ...bones are composed of crystals that induce the flow of electrons when pressure is varied on them. Basically, zero pressure variation equals zero electron flow. Robert O. Becker's experiments demonstrate that electronic phenomena are a property bones use to grow correctly. Actually when adult size is reached, the word, grow may be a less applicable term to describe the activity of the alterations of the dimensions of bones in their attempt to maintain their best possible structural support of the body than the word--transform.

It is important to note that it is the variation of pressure on bones that produces the required electron flow in them to help control their transformation correctly.

When you stand up on them, you place the weight of your body on your legs. This makes electricity flow in their bones. If you merely continue to stand there, motionless, the electron flow stops, because the pressure is constant again. However when you shift your weight about on your feet, you vary the pressure on the bones of your legs hips and lower spinal column. This variance of pressure induces the electron flow that helps correctly transform the configuration of those support units--your bones.

Q) What is one large contributing factor to hip, knee, lower back and other mysterious leg bone pains?

A) The lack of the variation of the amounts of pressure required to produce the necessary electron flows in the bones in question to correctly optimize their configuration (the way they fit together).

The way to exercise bones is to continually vary the stress (pressure) on them, not merely place weight on them and leave it there, or leave them completely unstressed. From comparing the upper arm bone (humerus) dimensions to upper leg bone (femur) dimensions it seems that larger stress alterations contribute to larger bone dimensions, at least to some extent.

I removed my computer chair and have not sat down in front of my computer screen in a month and a half and am so happy I could jump up into the air ... and it will not hurt when I land any more, because standing on my legs again has served to remove the pains that were emanating from the bones in them when I did so previously.

I just took an old wooden box, turned it on its side and placed it on my computer stand, so that the new surface is about even with the base of my ribcage in the standing position and set my screen and keyboard upon that. The interior of the box houses a small encyclopedia. I glued a two by two inch block of wood to the edge of where the keyboard sets for a hand heel rest. The hand heel rest eliminates the constant tension on my forearm muscles, tendons and ligaments from the act of holding up my hands while keying, which if not terminated would lead to carpal tunnel syndrome, I have noticed, because of the constriction of the circulatory components of the so effected areas.

Today my friend remarked that people think better standing up, because they are less relaxed in that position, thus more alert. Circulation is also increased in the standing position. Standing up could possibly be a mechanical way to obtain a caffeine like effect. In case you would like to eliminate a coffee ritual from your itinerary, stand up computing might help keep you out of the comatose state (I noticed that it lasted six months when I was getting off of it.) while you wean from the caffeine.

I was thinking about it today and believe that I now have and interesting hypothesis about the relationship of bone mass distribution relative to sitting versus standing work positions. I have come to believe that people that place more stress on their pelvic regions than their lower extremities might be making themselves vulnerable to the sacrifice of lower extremity bone mass for the resultant increased bone mass of their pelvic bones.

If there is some optimal flesh to bone ratio in the body limiting a person's total bone mass and more electricity flow were placed in the pelvic region due to the higher stress there in comparison to the relieved pressure of the lower extremities through sitting, as opposed to standing all day, greater amounts of electron flow would be produced in the pelvic bones compared to the lower extremity bones. This, in theory, could be responsible for increasing the mass of the pelvic bones.

What I've also discovered for myself about skeletal structure is that its dimensions are not as immutable as we are accustomed to thinking it is. I have noticed that its shape is pretty readily transformed under the correct conditions ... the main condition being its adequate nutritional supplementation. Ground up chicken bone is what I have found to be the best bone and cartilage supplement in existence. This is because of its ready availability and the bones ease of pulverization via boiling in the process of the cooking of soup. The main rule to consuming chicken bones is: do not usually consume any particle over the size of a bee-bee. I have though, not much larger, but from so doing, to increase the insurance that the integrity of my intestine walls would not be violated I immediately took a large swig of vinegar to soften the calcified structure of the possibly offensive bone fragment more effectively than it would have been if it were just subjected to the normal digestion process while it was still in my stomach and experienced no ill effects for my hasty careless ingestion of the fragment, thank goodness.

To demonstrate the mutability of bone dimensions, let me tell you a quick story. I presently have a wrist watch on a Velcro fastened wrist band. When I place it on my wrist, my hand is relaxed, but from lifting my hands up to tap the typing pad keys, my wrist expands and pressure is placed on the band. From this pressure the lateral size of my radius and ulna bones where the wrist watch band wraps around them has decreased, so that if you run your finger across that area, there is a slight furrow in the each of bones were the wrist watch band applies pressure to them the most. Its not much, maybe 3/16" inches deep at the most, but the difference between the sizes of my left and right wrists is easily noticeable when you know what you're looking for. I am not suggesting that one constrict their pelvic region to obtain lower dimensions at that location. By this proof, I am merely confirming the phenomenon of the mutability of skeletal structure in order to give evidence for the purpose of increasing the hope factor.

I hypothesize that by working in the standing position more than the seated position, more of the body's available bone mass will shift to the bones of the lower extremities, thus lowering its availability to the pelvic region. It's just a theory, but considering all of the other benefits from stand up computing, I highly recommend trading the computer desk/chair set up for a countertop arrangement, at least on a temporary basis, to test the degree of the benefit obtainable via standing.

I've experienced many pains come and go from doing this this activity of stand up computing and have found that, in the case of skeletal structure, pain seems to be the announcement of dysfunctional structural configuration. If pressure on the bones is what produces the correct control of the transformation, where pain is emanating from, the proper amount of pressure to apply and back off from would be that amount of pressure that starts to produce some amount of tolerable pain. If you don't stress the parts too much, you will know that you are not damaging anything and over time the continual application of this exercise of the variation of pressure nets you the result of obtaining a more proper alignment of atoms in the bone structures involved, thus obtaining for you, the stander, a less painful, stronger and more motile skeleton.

Another helpful point to understand about the proper maintenance of one's skeleton is that bone pain is not always bad. "Pain," is the message that corrective action should be initiated. Using the observations noted in this post and this Web site continuously over some extended period of time (months), you will possibly initiate those corrective actions in the transformation of the dimensions your body's skeleton so as to increase its functionality dramatically. As the structure is more correctly configured at a molecular level, the pain signal drops as dependable, painlessly alligned skeletal structure replaces the less appropriate configurations of the bones' structure at a submicroscopic level.

I believe that by using the principals of the modes of Sleep, Hygiene, Education, Exercise and Nutrition (SHEEN) therapy (please visit ), along with the information contained in this post, the functionality of your skeleton should improve quite surprisingly well.

The physical symptom that I was experiencing most when I decided to take away my computer chair was the experience of extensive charlie-horses in my calves and cramps in the arches of my feet. I don't know if that was due to poor electron flow also, but those issues are both totally gone now. The time span involved has been approximately one month and a half later. I hope that you can find many ways to use this information to improve your own biophysical functionality and help others that you care for improve theirs also.

There are the reasons for escaping the clutches of the computer chair and what to do to stay free.

Thank you for your attention to this post. Thank you again.



Tips for Hips TOC

From: Greetings from Philip
Date: 15 Jul 2005
Time: 10:41:36 -0400


Helpful pages: "Introduction to Minerals Held Orally," and MHO/SHEEN Therapy Notes,"

To help your hips become more functional you can do the following.

1) Stand more and sit less. Alteration of pressure is what helps bones metabolize correctly (re: Don't Let the Computer Chair Get You). No pressure means no metabolization. "Bones are living tissue," says Robert O. Becker, M.D., and Gary Selden in their book, The Body Electric: Electromagnetism and the Foundation of Life (Originally Published: New York: William Morrow, 1985). As long as you and they are alive, they can change and do. Either they get better or worse, depending how you treat them.

2) For obtaining and maintaining skeletal motility, stretches can't be beat. In one word, "Contortionism," is the goal to work towards. ... Max Flex, at your service please. When you move into extended positions, move your body's trunk into the required position first and then follow that motion with the flow of the required appendage motion to complete the position. This will keep you from throwing your body into and, "Bouncing," out of the extension. You want to avoid throwing your body into position, because by so doing your body will somatically resist the maximum extent of the position via its own automatic muscle action. This condition bad for two reasons. It places unnecessary stress on your tendons--the connective tissue between your muscles and your bones. It also actually keeps the therapeutic stress from being applied to ligaments--the the tissue that connects bone to other bone--that they require to elongate, which is what you are trying to do to them via stretching. By stretching you are trying to stretch your tendons longer, so that your bones fit together looser, so that they move more extensively, easily and painlessly.

3) Feed your bones right. What is the best food for bones? Bones themselves! I don't know about steak bones, or fish bones because the former is too difficult to process and the latter is a rarity in my present diet. However, chicken bones happen to be an 'A' Number One food for bones. They are highly available and easily processed into ingestible form via cooking. The main rule is to keep from consuming bone particles larger than B-B size. If you by accident should ingest a large splinter, and the possibly problematic particle has reached your stomach, immediately ingest a good gulp or two of vinegar. That acid might possibly serve to dissolve the calcium before any still sharp edges on it get to do any damage to your intestine walls on its way through your digestive tract.

4) About two weeks ago, I had to wire a new tie loop onto my Velcro banded watch because the plastic one broke. I accomplished this with bare 12 gauge copper wire. Since I did that the reach on my stretches has increased significantly and my bones have felt much better. I have been doing a number of other potentially therapeutic actions simultaneously, so I can't really vouch for the effectiveness of a copper on the wrist per se, but it sure hasn't hurt. "Copper is good for connective tissue," is a plagiarism of what, Joel D. Wallach, BS, DVM, ND and Ma Lan, MD, MS, say about it in their book, "Let's Play Doctor," (Bonita, CA: Double Happiness Publishing Co., 1997).

5) Here's one that should get you and another out to dance a whole lot more, or at least do it right where you are. From just standing there bopping to the music to swirling around and dipping, to say nothing of twirling, throwing around in the air and flipping is all pressure varying motion, thus structurally therapeutic. If you aren't used to it, start out at bopping a lot for a while, so you upgrade your support structure a bit before you start to stress it more, so that you patch rather than create biophysical issues for yourself.

I hope that this information has helped you figure out how to go better from this point.

Best regards,


Using "Wealth" to obtain "Health" is "Wise," but the less wealth you use at it, the better.


You Better VET (Verify Elicited Testimony), If You Want to BET
(Bio Electrically Treat)

From: Greetings from Philip
Date: 15 Jul 2005
Time: 10:48:37 -0400


Prerequisits:, and

To help yourself derive more of the whole truth about any answer that you presently have, you might try more thoroughly questioning your answers merits from the perspectives of each of the four basemen of the four different DR?GS [where "?" = "Individual," "America (or other personal geopolitical region beginning with 'A')," "Earth," or "Universe"].

To figure out the more valid truth, when you encounter strange answers, because they do not seem to fit with your other answers, you could work at determining which faction of the tetraheteromodocracy the constituent that you have obtained that answer from is from and then determine the value of that answer to that constituent. An answer that is good for the constituent of one faction, at any one time, is not necessarily good for the constituent of another faction at that time, exactly. Inspect timber conservation, for example. It is good for the first baseman, because it will help keep him from having to work harder trying to keep the batter (problematic, to them, phenomena) off of their base, but it is not so good for the third baseman, because they can not make any money move and thus possibly the guy playing second, because they can not score any.

Each of the bases can be tetramically , for an example) quadrisected along the following lines: tetraheteromodocracy / tetraheteromodism // good / bad. The -crats' [incumbents'] cause can have either a good or bad effect and the belief of the -ists in that cause can be either good or bad in reference to a hypothetical, objectively oriented average good / bad reference point.

What you are aiming at is the big/good idea. That is your answer. Then you proceed along that line until the time that you encounter any anomalistic phenomenon that negates the effectiveness of your DRIGS. Before the quality of your DRIGS descends too far, you should pass the dice, so you can step away to re-evaluate the situation. Re-evaluation involves culling your DRIGS for relevant data, locating the specific anomalistic phenomena that is preventing your DRIGS from perpetuating itself along with the rest of the DR?GS and VET the answers that you have that seem to be responsible for that phenomena from the perspectives of each of the 16 bases of the DR?GS. Doing this will help you find clues to where the glitch is coming from. Now, with this new data, you are better prepared to build your new solution to how to keep your DRIGS going more of the way that you that you would like it to go.

Figuring out and using the Music of the Spheres Table could help you learn the tune that you are marching to better. If you did know it better you could chime in with it more and by so doing you might be able to wind up listening to more of what you would like to hear and less of what you do not.

As you VET your sources all the more, Your BET's payoff, you will insure.

Thank you for your attention to this comment. Thank you again.



Three Educational Tables and the use of Acronomy as an Educational Aid TOC

From: Greetings from Philip
Date: 15 Jul 2005
Time: 10:43:30 -0400


There are three educational tables. They are: A) The "Mnemonic Acronym Chart:" B) The "Card / Board / Chart:" and C) The "Music of the Spheres Table:"

Working on the bioelectric health acronyms should net, for your edification, tantamount data to reading great amounts of information on the subjects involved. The acronymistic way should require much less of your time to absorb that information also.

The effort here is more designed to help someone figure out how to patch their own biophysical functionality issues than it is to make them go through big books to acquire the relevant information; hence the extensive use of mnemonic (memory assisting) acronyms. Mnemonic acronyms serve to help people link concepts together to anchor them in their mind more resolutely. Perusing bioelectric health's mnemonic acronyms a bit should help you assemble the concepts of the whole, "Bio-Electric Therapy (BET)," puzzle to see it better. I stretched a little on the, "BET," acronym. I had to alter my wording a bit to come up with that acronym, because I hadn't started mnemonically acronymising until I got involved with posting this Website some. The way that I think of it, mnemonic acronymization is my pearl formed around the sand grain of fragmented word formations that have no attachment to any ideas in my mind that I have run across in the course of required mental health system reading. The only idea that many of those word jumbles represent is the one that the author is trying to economize page space on. I have had to look up some of them over and over again and I still don't remember them more than a week at a time, because I can't give my mind enough of a reason to hold on to the connection of an otherwise useless bit of A-B-C matter. Mnemonic acronymy is an attempted memory issue patch. I hope that it helps you access BET ideas easier so that you have more attention to spend on putting them together for yourself.

"Mnemonic Acronymy (MA)," (there I go again) is an, "Attempted Memory Issue Patch (AMIP)," is all I am saying. See? How many people are going to remember, "AMIP," more than five seconds? Not too many. That's because there's no intrinsic meaning in it. It's just a bunch of letters. You have to make your mind work hard to do something with it. My mind is working hard enough already, thank you. No-one should forget "MA," though, right? Especially on, "Mother's Day (M-D)." You should remember that one because it possesses a pre-impressed syllabic relevance due to its association with the A-B-C term for doctor, but what I am trying to make a point of is that if you want to help someone, then try to make it easier for them, not more difficult. That way they can get to their real issues better. To accomplish that I use MA. I hope that you don't mind.

Thank you.



Advisement for MOLES [Metabolization Optimization Locations
Establisher's Safety]

From: Greetings from Philip
Date: 15 Jul 2005
Time: 10:53:20 -0400



Recommended Prerequisites: "Rotation Movement,", Definitions regarding the acronym "MOLE:", Tetraheteromodocracy:

Due to the fact that the particulars of Operation MOLE HOLE (OMH) will be developing in a broadly accessible location, there exists the possibility of instilling enthusiasm in the potential MOLE population. This is good. A greater presence of desirable attitude should help improve the social milieu's health and weal as rapidly as possible. It will give to the MOLES that are fortunate enough to have control of pertinent resources a softer medium to network through.

Enthusiasm in itself is great, but to remain safe, what follows are a few advisements to guide MOLE activity. They are being issued with the hopes of helping MOLES stay out of trouble throughout their networking efforts.

Gaining a perspective of the insectivore, not rodent, mole might help to demonstrate to a potential MOLE what they might be required to deal with throughout their MOLE-ING (In Nice Groups) activities. To accomplish this, you could run *Mole* with *Animal* in a search engine and see what relevant sites have to yield.

Combining a reconnoitering of the aforementioned sources with personal experience, the following advisements regarding MOLER activities are now formed:

A) Burrow low to avoid the creation of, "Surface Damage." Surface damage draws an undesirable form of attention towards MOLES. Undesirable types of attention could curtail MOLES' proliferation, thus inhibit the speed of the proliferation of their beneficial effect about Earth.

B) MOLES occupy no location on the endangered species list. In this somewhat pre-enlightened era they are, at times actually regarded as pests, thus can be open to attack as such by established life forms with relative impunity to their cause on the parts of any constituent of the tetraheteromodocracy's incumbent regime. For this reason, it would behoove any potential MOLE to become familiar with the possible use of the shovel and sundry specifically anti-mole devises presently in existence toward the opposition of their efforts. You will discover the particulars of the use of such devises in a Web search containing the aforementioned keywords.

C) Select bugs over worms as a dietary source. Worms assist Agronomists' efforts much more than insects by aerating the soil, which is a result that they share with moles. Worms should be passed by to obtain nourishment via the consumption of the more horticulturally antagonistic food group--insects. By so feeding, MOLES might elevate their status in the minds of their scientific hosts, thus gain a greater toleration of their presence among the crops of said individuals.

Hopefully, by using A, B, and C here, MOLES will suffer the least for their well intended efforts

Thank you for reading this comment. Thank you again.

Best regards,



TABLOIDER Analysis of the Current DRIGS / DRAGS / DREGS Relationship TOC

From: Greetings from Philip
Date: 15 Jul 2005
Time: 10:32:48 -0400


Suggested Prerequisites:, and

It could take anywhere from between four to four hundred years for Minerals Held Orally (MHO) to catch on and be used by all of those capable of doing so and that seems to me to be a precise optimistic prediction at this juncture.

Actually, I really can not say how the tetraheteromodocracy of the DREGS will treat MHO. Maybe MHO will never be widely accepted in the DREGS. I need a bigger crystal ball to figure that one out, but from what I am surmising about the phenomenon of, "Lateral Gene Transfer (the introduction of DNA code into the gene pool via viruses)," Homo Sapiens could actually be rendered less intelligent than many of the other life forms presently existing on Earth. That would probably not occur though, because a total lack of intelligence would not serve the goals of the members of the tetraheteromodocracy's incumbent regime well. Still, it is possible.

MHO serves the DRIGS but that does not mean that it serves the DREGS, or even the DRAGS, necessarily. The latter allegiances are merely an option that the powers (-crats) of those games will work to obtain where they are able to.

That is the way that it is. It does not seem wise to prevent MHO from being used though, for the simple reason that holding minerals orally enables life which is what the DRIGS, DRAGS and DREGS are all composed of.

Best regards,


Using "Wealth" to obtain "Health" is "Wise."


Working on My Knee Joint

From: Philip
Date: 23 May 2006
Time: 11:19:27 -0700


Due to what I figure to be a lack of circulation, my left knee's functional quality seems to have deteriorated over the past two years. It is presently 2006's May and a couple of years ago my body ran into some problems with pathogens which gave it problems. Some of the symptoms (some organically labeled) involved were pop knee, (water logged leg) edema, mud eye, loss of balance, raccoon eye (darkness around the eye on the face), weakness, muscle loss, tiredness, loss of stamina, malaise, loss of muscle on thighs and calves, abdominal cramps, slosh brain (You get a sloshing sound from your brain when you shake your head back and forth rapidly from left to right.), rap brain (You get a knocking sound coming from your brain when you shake your head rapidly back and forth from left to right.), jaundice, and others.

About two weeks ago I decided to do deep knee bends to strengthen my thighs so that I could peddle my bicycle with a load of about ten gallons of paint on a trailer attached to the back of it to the household hazardous waste site in Utica NY, which is about 21 miles away. When I began the deep knee bends, I could only squeeze out fifty of them. Also, my left knee was crunching like it had gravel inside of it. My right knee was alright though, even though it is popped out now and displaces to the outside, laterally speaking, when I bend it completely, as does my left.

Since I have been doing the deep knee bends, I have been able to raise their count to 100 in the morning and 50 before I go to bed. I also do this to raise the circulation in my legs to counter a feeling that my legs are vibrating when I sleep. I think that that feeling is due to poor nerve nutrition due to poor circulation which induces a possibly sub optimally functioning nutrient assimilation and distribution system and sub optimally functioning waste removal system. Possibly the breakdown is in the liver among other organs.

My legs have been getting stronger by doing these deep knee bends. Proof of this observation lies in the evidence of my being able to pick up on to my shoulder and turn around relatively easily, a pretty large log that back in December I could not get up on to my shoulder, no matter how hard I tried, because I simply was not strong enough.

Also what I am doing to help my knee's condition improve is to cook and consume chicken soup. I chew up all of the chicken bones that go into the soup and ingest them on the reasoning that that action supplies my bones with the material that they need to rebuild themselves. The soup lasts me about three days, one meal per day. At each of those meals I grind up and consume about one third of the all of the bones that started out in the soup. This way, their supply is distributed over the widest period of time, so that their supply, for reconstruction purposes, can continue for as long a period of time as possible.

I also usually do body stretches in the morning which I feel helps joints, tendons and ligaments function properly by forcing them to operate as they are supposed to.

Presently (two weeks into this program) my knee is only cracking and popping about 1/4 times as much as it did when I started doing the deep knee bends.

Here is another interesting note about this repair activity. Upon getting up in the morning, I have been experiencing an ache like pain emanating from the upper left region of my pelvis just an inch to the left of the center of my back for about a week now, lasting until doing stretches knocks it out, usually accompanied by a popping sound coming from that hip joint. My theory is that my knee's demand for new material has subjected this region to a depletion of its mineral content, the alteration of which is impelling a pain message's emanation from that location. Further, I predict that as I continue these activities, this region also will become supplied with the nutrients that it needs to function as it should and as it does, the pain message that I have been experiencing coming from it will subside until it no longer exists. I say this because I have experienced like phenomena many times before, since 1999 when I first began using exercise with what I know about minerals and electricity to help my physical body's condition improve.

Though I expect that I should experience a steady improvement in my knee's and pelvis' conditions as I proceed with this present regimen, I continually pay attention to what I am perceiving of what is happing so that I can change the activity in order to obtain the best result that I can.

I hope that along with giving you some facts to go on, this post helps you get the idea that, provided you do it correctly, you can take more responsibility over what your body's physical condition is, thus more successfully work to improve that condition by taking advantage of the greater availability of information that present day technology now affords us.

Thank you for your attention. Take care of yourself. Thank you again.

Best regards,

Philip B. Obsharsky 


Re: Working On My Knee Joint

From: Philip
Date: 04 Aug 2006
Time: 15:25:13 -0700



My knee is much improved. It is fine now, actually. It's no-longer grinding when I stress it while moving it any more. What I did to help it, specifically, was to do deep knee bends, about a hundred of them, around every other day since my previous post. But also, as I've stated that I do in another location on this site, I've eaten about two chickens worth of chicken bones in that month's interim too. I've found that eating ground up chicken bones helps the condition of all of my bones and joints tremendously, especially the ones in my lower back as I theorize that supplies the materials that they need, the best. Joel Wallach, a great nutritionist, and the founder of promotes the ingestion of chicken bones in at least one of his great books on nutritional, mainly mineral, supplementation.

Of course holding supplemental minerals orally in order to carburet them into my body in order to obtain their maximal assimilation is the primary basis, on a physical plane, for the benefits that I have derived by exercising, IMHO.

Finally to help my bones fit and work better together, so that moving around is in no way a pain, I do karate stretches. The stretches that I do are listed in the chart on the Exercise page

Take care and best of luck with your efforts towards improved health.

Thank you for reading this post. Thank you again.

Kind regards,



Update: Working on My Knee Joint

From: Philip
Date: 17 Nov 2006
Time: 04:32:55 -0800


It worked great--the deep knee bends, bicycling and eating chicken bones. My knee is okay now. It pops a little when I start doing DKBs if I do not do any for a few days, but other than that it works just fine, no pain and no surgery!

I made the recycler run with about 8 gallons of paint and an old CRT Monitor on a bicycle trailer, back in September. It was a 42 mile bicycling day expedition and I did not think about my knee one bit at any time while I was on it.

I remember hearing back in the 1970s that it was bad for ones knees to squat all the way down when doing deep knee bends, but for me that command now seems misplaced. I have found that working my body's joints maximally helps, rather than harms them. What bones really need is good nutrition and excellent nutrition for them, IMHO, is what they are made of--bones, themselves. I have found that for myself, chicken bones are the best substance to ingest to specifically obtain good bone health, because chicken bones are soft enough to grind up to ingestible sizes (no larger than a few millimeters across) when cooked in soup and they are readily available. Why throw away this prime source of nutrition?

There exists the problem of getting too large a splinter of chicken bone stuck in one's throat if one chews them up to grind them down to size, so I am not recommending for you to chew up chicken bones to grind them up. The reason that I do not recommend chewing up chicken bones to grind them up is because people many times eat with others and they talk when they eat. If a conversation gets heated and a person that is chewing up chicken bones gets drawn into the dialogue, they may try to skip grinding and merely swallow the fragments while those pieces are long and sharp. That act might result in the problem of getting a chicken bone splinter lodged in their throat, which might require a trip to the ER, or possibly worse. Who wants that to happen? So please, at all times take necessary precautions to avoid the possibility of inadvertently swallowing splinters of chicken bones while ingesting them; okay?

Here is a tip that may help someone who thinks that they may have swallowed a questionably sized splinter of chicken bone and they are afraid that it might become lodged in and harm their intestines. They could take a tablespoon of vinegar to soften the splinter while it is still in their stomach. They could dilute the vinegar it if they like, but the hydrochloric acid, which is what vinegar is, works to break down the rigidity of the bone. When a splinter can bend easily it will not poke a hole in anything including the intestine wall as easily as it would if it was permitted to remain hard and sharp on its way through the digestive tract.

I hope that you use this data to improve your physical body's condition, because I have found that trying to get healthy helped me find out more directly what is truly going on about my body's condition. Studying has equipped me with more valid information. Ergo, I have become more able to take personal responsibility for my physical body's function and that has served me much better than I would have been taken care of had I relinquished any more responsibility for my physical body's condition than I have, IMHO.

Thank you for reading this post. Thank you again.




Instructions for Manual Tooth Remineralization


A.    Why Manual Tooth Remineralization?


1.        Because the body's automatic tooth remineralization system is functioning inadequately enough to permit the loss of the teeth's enamel coating, rendering the teeth vulnerable to decay. 

2.        Augmenting the teeth's automatic salivary remineralization process via manual tooth remineralization helps one retain one's teeth's surface's integrity, because, via manual tooth remineralization, one successfully replenishes one's teeth's surface's more durable components.


B.        How to Prepare Teeth for Manual Tooth Remineralization

1.        Gently brush one's teeth well, trying to get at where the enamel is the thinnest. A different way to brush is to hold a sip of Mouth Wash or Hydrogen Peroxide diluted by one half in one's mouth and brush with that. (Caution: Hydrogen Peroxide should not be used for extended periods of time (more than two weeks), due to its corrosive effect on oral and throat surface cells' epithelium cells.) When finished brushing, gargle, swish and spit. As water rinse is avoided, washing away the remains of ingredients which can have an ongoing bactericidal effect will not occur, thus bactericidal action will endure. 

2.        One can purchase tooth cleaning aids, which are designed to reach in between the teeth. Using these tools effectively can help manually applied minerals bond better to surfaces in those locations.  

3.        If one has cavities, using mouth wash could be painful. However it will rid one's cavities of the bacteria that should not be in them. Thus, if mouthwash is used, as one's teeth's surfaces seal up one will help avoid sealing in any bacteria, thus avoid sealing infection inside of one's teeth. One's body's immune system must be working well to rid one's body of interior tooth infection, but natural disinfection can occur provided the immune system is functioning properly.

C.        Slow Manual Tooth Remineralization via Vitamin D Fortified Milk Swishing 

1.        Calcium does not work without Vitamin D. If one has "Got Milk" that is Vitamin D Fortified milk, though, hold each sip it around your teeth for about 20 seconds. If your teeth are sensitive, allow the milk to warm up to room temperature first.  Doing this will minimize the pain factor.

2.        If one swishes one's milk in between one's teeth, one's teeth will loose their sensitivity and regain their durability and their cavities will eventually fill in.

3.        Continue this activity until one's desired results are achieved and whenever symptoms reoccur thereafter.


D.        Rapid Manual Tooth Remineralization via Direct Nutritional Supplement Application

1.        Procure, in solid form a Multi-Macro-Mineral supplement, or at least Calcium from a Drug, or Health Food Store. Macro here means: that which one requires in large amounts, as opposed to micro or trace, which if used here would mean: small amounts.

2.        Procure, in solid form a Vitamin D supplement. (It is now common for Calcium containing mineral supplements to contain Vitamin D.) 

3.        Gnaw into paste form appropriate portions of the solid form Mineral supplement along with the solid form Vitamin D supplement.

4.        With one's fingers, take and rub the so formed paste onto one's problem areas, wedging the powder in between the teeth there to actually get the substances onto the problem surfaces.

5.        Let the material set there continuously, especially while sleeping.

6.        Continue this activity until one's desired results are achieved and whenever symptoms reoccur thereafter.


E.        Results

Over eight years ago now, my dentist told me that he was going to take out all of my teeth. He said that just after he pulled the second molar that I had pulled out of my mouth, because I could not afford to have a root canal performed on it. He said that because most of my teeth were in very bad condition. Now though, all of my remaining 26 teeth are large, very sharp, fit well and tightly into my jaws. Because of manually remineralizing my teeth, I can presently grind up turkey drumstick bones with them. They are no longer sensitive to chilled or heated substances and I haven't had to return to any dentists for any more professional tooth care.

I did return once to have an X-ray taken of where the last tooth was extracted about a year after the procedure was performed to see if the jawbone was growing back in where the tooth used to be and the return growth was noticeable. That fact I suppose was helped along by the MHO/SHEEN


I Am Not Trusting Any More Sweet Smelling Rocks

----- Original Message -----
Further Edited Version of an Email of: Philip B. Obsharsky
Sent: Friday, June 22, 2007 10:48 PM
Subject: I Am Not Trusting Any More Sweet Smelling Rocks


Four times now, at least, I've purchased nutritional mineral supplement products and their use has made me experience symptoms of neuralgia from my knees down and feelings of tenseness and anxiety (nervousness) when there was no other logical reason for these feelings. When I stopped using these supplements all of the here named symptoms have dispersed completely within two days.
There is one distinguishing feature that all of these products share. They all have the hint of a sweet, perfumey, druggy scent to them. I easily notice it if I sniff the open jars just after opening them, but then again I have been using Zinc for over twenty years, so my olfactory senses are in pretty good shape, for a human's, anyway.
What are the odds of four different products, from at least three different manufacturers/distributors becoming inadvertently contaminated with substances that all produce the very same symptoms? Not very high at all and I am not going to inject any conjecture here as to what I think is going on, but if you've started using mineral supplements and have noticed the same phenomena, you too might check how the supplements smell that you might suspect of producing these effects in you.
Now this announcement is specifically about minerals alone, not vitamins. Nutritional Minerals don't have any scent, except for the possibility that sulfur has an odor (rotten eggs), but this is not a sweet smelling one. The only substances that have an odor then must be added to these products, in my consideration.
Pretty needless to say, I stop taking what I consider to be these contaminated substances once I figure that they are so contaminated as that action halts the cause of the symptoms that are named above.
I felt that I should send out this message, because I have been telling people about the wonderful results of MHO (Minerals Held Orally) to form a mechanical time release system, which most accurately replicates the schedule that minerals arrive at the digestive tract's uptake ports, had those minerals been contained in bulk food, which these days they are not, so contained I mean, due to the effects of acid rain killing mineral chelating [a process by which a mineral is rendered bio-available (usable as nutrition to a living organism)] micro-organisms, used soil's state of mineral depletion and food processing, whose subject matter's broader treatment is presented at
I hope that you pass this nutritional mineral supplement product user's announcement along to all of the possible nutritional mineral supplement user's that you may know.
Thank you for reading this announcement. Thank you again.

Addendum (2009's June's 28'th): A friend advised me to check for substances that are common to all of the products and consider that the phenomena could be an allergic reaction to that/those substance/s. 

I'll work on that, but still there is one product that I have in mind that used to taste very good and produce excellent results when held orally. After about a year of announcing pertinent information on that product, it started tasting horrible and holding it in my  mouth turned my teeth black. When I questioned the company's products' representative on this issue, they said that it must be a different supply of the substance that the company was then using. I remember that the representative kept saying "...this product isn't meant to be held orally," to me in the phone conversation I had with them.

When I stated that it is just logic that dictates that if one form a natural time release system via orally holding the minerals... that would increase the efficiency of their assimilation by the physical body and that that activity didn't seem as though it should, and hadn't produced any adverse effect in my body until the product that I was talking about turned my teeth and tongue black, all they repeated was, "This product is not ment to be held orally." That is all that they said about it and they didn't say any more about the phenomena of holding minerals orally.

Presently I am wondering where the Nutritional Supplement Company in question actually stands on the whole issue of health. I know that Minerals Held Orally (MHO) is a very good way to assimilate mineral supplements, so what I am mulling over is the idea, 'Could MHO be so good a health activity that it's natural increased sale and use would induce a drop in sales of many of the company's other nutritional products such that the total sales of that company would drop; thus that company intentionally laced that particular mineral supplement with a substance that turns teeth and tongues black and tastes horrible; this action specifically targeting the MHOing of this product, on the grounds that MHOing actually produces health and thus eliminates the need for an extensive portion of the present nutritional supplement market, which is more profitable, because it is less effective?

If that were the case I would say that that company business sense outweighed it's loyalty to its customers.

If you can concur with the possibility that the above reasoning is valid... isn't that a revealing observation of how for profit alleged health care providers' proclivities (tendencies; leanings) can be actually configured (oriented) more towards profit than actual health care?   

What conclusion from this line of reasoning then can be drawn other than that it would behoove one to find out, their selves, the facts of what actually comprises health and how to best proceed to attain it, if they want to remain healthy without spending a good deal of money in so doing? Also, if the reasoning is valid... isn't that a testament as to the effectiveness of MHO as a health (bio-functionality improvement) producing activity? I am not telling you this. I am asking you to think about it, yourself, and decide what makes sense for you, "You" meaning you, personally, not what others say is good for you, but what you can see as being good for you and then proceed according to your own considerations in regards to the issue of your health, because who is the ultimate effect of your decisions, but you, no matter who you delegate the activities that concern you to when the opportunity to control any aspect of your life is requested of you?

Thank you for reading this PS. I hope it helps you. Thank you again.



Wake Up Call

The Yeast's Eye* of the target of the goal of spreading knowledge of Bioelectric Health Technology is the demise of Subversive Type Alchemy** not the American Government, nor the Economic System, and definitely not the right to believe in a concept of an anthropomorphic rendition of a Supreme Entity.


Here is an invitation to wake up, America, because according to Abraham Lincoln you are supposed to be the "The World's Last Great Hope." For this reason, please don't let Subversive Type Alchemy win.

Increasing bioelectric power is a very effective activity. Via it, people can greatly improve their ability to physically perform, their stamina and their physical durability.

The dangerous factor of this powerful technology is that: if many people of one particular group cooperatively used Bioelectric Health Technology to improve their group's condition as a whole, that group might be able to gain a major advantage over people that aren't so assisted and exploit their vulnerabilities unfairly.

One of the reasons that this Website has been posted is to help individuals and groups in the DREGS obtain and use the knowledge of Bioelectric Health Technology to affect a major improvement in the states of physical health and mental weal all about Earth. Another reason been to prevent the hording of the technology by any one particular group of people for the purpose of the prevention of unfair advantage between individuals.

Bioelectrichealth should be used as a beneficial chip (valuable asset) in a friendly DREGS.

Presently I am noticing that Russia is taking off a little as the United States somewhat flags. The US seems to be caught in flatfooted in the foggy doldrums while it is getting crept up upon. Will it be overtaken in the standard of living category? I say that it will if it neglects to learn and do what it should regarding this new road to improved health and weal.

How does this post relate to you, the reader? That all depends on you? 6A-anly--American, African Asian, Arctican, Antarctican--no matter what religion, no matter who you know, or don't know, no matter how much, or little you possess, you personally have a physical body and that component's state is a function of how harmoniously it is operated in accordance with the laws of physics as those rules of mechanics work at this location in the 4Es--Energy, Everything, Everywhere, Eternity. Then you go around from there to what you decide to do with it in this part of the 4Es, which in turn effects its state at a time on the other side of that action from now.

Physical health and mental weal aren't everything, but they are definitely not nothing either by any means and they are both factors in the result that could be summed up in the term "Your Life," so, as a courtesy to yourself and your friends, it be good for you to do what you can to insure your physical body's optimal performance, because doing that will be doing what you can to help yourself until a time that you may be called upon to help your friends in the DREGS out

Thank you for reading this post. Best of luck with all of your endeavors. TYA.



*Term devised by a Taurus (astral sign represented by a bull) that is grossly un-enamored with the act of the consumption of the beverage alcohol, BEER [Biological Entities' (yeasts') Excreted Refreshment]. I shouldn't hate yeast, but "What does anyone have against bulls?" is a question that I have. Personally I think that due to the invisibility factor, due to their infinitesimal size, yeast are nearly infinitely less wieldy than male bovines (bulls) and that is the problem. Yeast, the true enemy is unseen and thus can be used by ill intentioned individuals to gain and exploit an unfair advantage over unknowledgeable, unsuspecting souls.
**The creation, development and deployment of harmful biotechnical phenomena, such as poison and disease, and likewise with other phenomena, which induce biotechnically intolerable living conditions, such as heat, cold, drought, flood, or nutrition shortage, whether the acts involved are overt, covert, proxied, merely tacitly sanctioned, or crimes of omission, whether the acts involved or lacks thereof have the nature of malfeasance (doing a wrong act), or misfeasance (doing a correct act incorrectly).


Post Opposing Suicidal Ideation

 Suicide is not a good idea because:  

  1. Suicide is an action, which can only be completed once by the potential perpetrator/victim and
  1. Completed suicide is an action whose potential perpetrator/victim can neither undo, nor repeat.

If the completion of suicide obtains a bad result for the perpetrator/victim, they cannot undo its results. Matters for the perpetrator/victim then will only be as good as that last result, which is by this sentence hypothesized to be bad.

Even if the completion of suicide obtains a good result for the perpetrator/victim, that result cannot be re-obtained. Matters ca not get any better from that point onward for the perpetrator/victim, because they can no-longer suicide to further magnify that possible "Good Result," which they had previously obtained. Thus, this result also turns "Bad."  

Here is a cause for hope though that stems from personal experience:  

Something that has truly helped me, personally, is "MHO (Minerals Held Orally)."

It seems only natural to me that MHO can help others that have experienced the issue of Suicidal Ideation too. Here is why. Because the world turns, one may find their self on the bottom at times. There is more pressure on the bottom. Pressure crushes. Crushing is the compressing distortion of a material unit's shape. MHO helps via optimally raising electrical power levels. Electricity ties energy to matter. Whence matter pulls/pushes inward, away from space, energy pulls/pushes outward, toward space. As the same amount of matter of the physical body is tied to more energy via raising that body's electricity via MHO, its cells are more thoroughly enabled to push/pull outward. Those cells then more ably resist the distortional effects of pressure. When those cells' shapes do not distort via the effects of pressure, they send relief, rather than pain messages to the brain. The psychological result of this activity in me has been relief due to, to me, the attenuation of the electro-physiologic cause of suicidal ideation, which can be acronymized as, "MADNESS," standing for "Mineral Attrition Disorders Necessitating Electro-physiologic Supplementation Somehow." I believe that via MHO, others too can relieve their own MADNESS. Thus, I believe a population's use of MHO could greatly reduce, if not totally eradicate Suicidal Ideation among that population's members.



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Following is the LADDER/GLASS COG. Why is it here? Because this page is what we are working on right now and it has something to do with what I am presenting via the SYNC COGs. By figuring out the LADDER/GLASS COG, one will get what is going on with Scientology more and thus might be able to benefit thereby.

AMSYNCIAN--American Mensan STAR YORK NEW CELL Intelligence Agency Nation--Maps

This map has been drawn to help some of the Americans who do not live in New York State or the surrounding vicinity not feel left out of the SYNC Education Plan. Now you can also work  at finding out about what Scientology is and what L. Ron Hubbard's information may be able to help you with. From studying it for some time now, Scientology seems to me to be built from the ideas represented on this map. If you would like to you can see what particular item is inlayed where you live and work at familiarizing yourself with the particular attributes of that idea, the definition of that term, what it means to you and how that particular term might have something to do with what you are, or have, or intend to experience in your life here on the surface of Earth, in America at least the contiguous portion thereof, for now anyway, because this is as fast as I can go at working this project out. I hope that you try it out and have fun with getting something that will help you out out of playing with the ideas that you come up with dealing with the SYNC.

Now I can't really swear to the cartographical accuracy of the overlays on these maps, but I think that they're pretty close, the honeycomb map better defines the areas between the circles of the previous version. The maps manufacture has been inspired by the idea that trying to take in too many ideas at one time can possibly overwhelm a person. That's why the US has been divided into regions were the local individuals involved can concentrate on defining and studying how their AMSYNCIAN sub-cellular term applies to the activities they are involved with. Then once the individuals have their ideas connected to their localities term anchored well in their minds, they can then work at how those ideas apply to the terms of the AMSYNCIAN localities surrounding their own AMSYNCIAN sub cell.  



"YUOMOUiCOW (pronounced E-U-O-mO-oo'-E-kaw)--The STAR CELL's Four Interaction Axes" 


  1. STAR CELL's YUOMOUi (pronounced E-U-O-mO-oo'-E) Axis extends between STAR CELL's Cause and Effect poles, both down from whY (reason's cause) to Meaning (reason's Effect) and then back up to iNTELLECT [the perciever plus perciever's awareness of the perceiver's perception of the so obtained experience] 

  2. STAR CELL's Consciousness Axis extends between STAR CELL's Knowledge and Reality poles

  3. STAR CELL's Ownership Axis extends between STAR CELL's Control and Communication poles

  4. STAR CELL's Will Axis extends between STAR CELL's Responsibility and Affinity poles


2007-2022--Fair Use Law--Philip B. Obsharsky. All rights reserved. This material may be copied, or transmitted as long as any source information that is included with it, it meaning any part of the composition of this material that is transmitted or copied for any reason, is retained with it and this copyright statement is retained as a part of it and no financial compensation is sought or derived for such action.