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Explained here is the most effective way to maximize, optimize and maintain one's own biological electric power.

Bioelectric, electro-physiologic power is made, propagated via the manipulation of particular configurations of ions--separate, discrete electrical quantities. 

Electricity is a necessary, integral part of the linkage that connects Energy (stuff, phenomena that works to occupy more space; expands) and Matter (phenomena that works to occupy less space; contracts). Relative to one another. Ions come in two basic forms, or types. One type of Ion possesses the property of having the inclination, bias to travel toward a greater quantity of space when it is released from constricting forces. The other type of Ion possesses the inclination to travel toward a greater quantity of gravity when released from forces that would tend to keep it from doing so, relative to the inclination of each, the other Ion. These two types of Ions could be named "Goes," and "Stays," respectively.

"Goes" and "Stays" have a mutual attraction for one another. The term for Ions' mutual attraction is electric "Charge." Electric charge shows up as static electricity when the two different types of ions come close enough together to manifest this property of electricity--charge.

Ions connect "Energy" to "Matter." Bioelectric power acts as the harness and hitch in a horse and cart model of energy, electricity and matter. The more ions, the more electricity, the more formidable the harness and hitch are, the larger the horse (Energy) can be used to pull the cart--the matter.

Minerals are the physical means by which Ions are packaged for us to use with our bodies. Minerals presence in our commercial food supply is no where near what it has been in the past. Therefore normal diets today are mineral deficient compared to the foods of decades ago. However, Minerals are now available in the form of Over the Counter Nutritional Mineral Supplements. OTC Mineral Supplements can be used to replace missing bioelectric nutrients--minerals. To optimally assimilate OTC minerals, one can carburet (meter; deliver slowly and steadily) them into the body. A great way to accomplish "Mineral Carburetion" is to use an activity called "Minerals Held Orally," or MHO. "MHO" helps one gain Minerals, thus Ions, thus Go/Stay, thus "Bioelectric Power" most effectively. There are ins and outs that one should know about MHO, just as there are factors that one should be aware of regarding maximizing and using any form of Power. These factors are presented and delved into more thoroughly at this Web site.Please Read, Use and Benefit via this presently free Information posted here. I hope that if you are sick presently, you get to use MHO to get well again soon and that you get to use the associated information to stay well too. Thank you for completing this overview. Welcome to BioelectricHealth.org.

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Electricity and Physical Life are Inseparable - Electricity is manufactured in a physical body via an advantageous orientation of its ions (electrically charged particles). Minerals are the body's primary ionic ingredient.  There exists a most practical activity that, when performed, helps a body assimilate solid nutritional mineral supplements better than any other way yet devised. If this action is performed with nutritional mineral supplements, the body that it is used on will gain a maximal supply of nutritional minerals, thus ions, thus it should gain the electric power that it needs to function optimally.


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  1. More Overview  (top)

    Most of this site is about a
    most practical activity

    More of this site discusses different ways to optimize the functional capacity of a completely bioelectrically charged physical body.

    Another part of this site is devoted to the discussion of how health looks in the big picture.

    There are no monetary charges at this Web site.

    Now you can go to the What's New Page to find out the most recent, thus developed information, or the Intro to MHO (Minerals Held Orally) Page find out how to benefit from the information that is posted here to help yourself and others gain better health. Also, there is a short history of how the author came across this data posted on the What Has Actually Occurred Page.

  2. Bio Electric Health Technology  Web site's Information's Configuration  (top)

    1. The primary purpose of this Web site is to dispense information regarding the discovery that: if nutritional mineral supplements are suspended in the mouth, a carburetion system is formed that staggers the arrival of these vital nutrients to the uptake ports lining the digestive tract of the body. This system keeps them from overloading the body's nutritional intake system. Thus they actually get assimilated, ergo more possibly used to accomplish what they are needed for. This increases the possibility that the body can function much better than it would without the use of this fortificational activity. This aspect of this Web site is developed further on the Introduction to MHO (Minerals Held Orally) page.

    2. Electricity is way that energy and matter are attached to one another. Electricity is the connecting link between the two forms of everything, A) that which pulls together into one location and B) that which spreads out in all directions, gravitation and radiation, respectively.

    3. Electricity is managed in the physical body, possibly via the manipulation of the photonic content of the ions of that body. The effectiveness of the physical body's complement of ions is primarily governed by the presence of atoms of the correct minerals that that body's systems and organs required to complete those systems' and organs' interrelated electrical tasks which, among other vital activities, yield an operational physical body for that body's owner... you, yourself--the consciousness that is in charge of the external actions that that body performs--for example.

    4. To function best, a physical body would require the most minerals that it could safely use.

    5. This Web site exists to help explain how to get an optimal complement of minerals situated safely in a body in order to help that body to function optimally.

    6. There are many different types of multi mineral supplements available now. I've found that using a collection of different mineral supplements works best for me.

    7. This Web site is quite a hodgepodge of eclectic, though bioelectrically relevant information. The results of the activities discussed here are beneficial, to the extreme, for helping to improve a person's bio-physical functionality by helping them improve the condition of their bioelectric system.

  3. Examples of Information Found Here  (top)

    Just swallowing tablets or capsules of supplemental minerals, overdoses their presence at the assimilation sites in the digestive tract, overloads their receptors and consequently wastes most of the mineral supplements that people try to take into their bodies.

    Continuously holding supplemental minerals in one's mouth (up under the lip, on the outside of the teeth) is the surest way I have found to enable a physical body (my own in this case) to have what it needs to work correctly, in the way of electrical material, at all times.  

  4. How to Best Proceed  (top)

    If you would like to get going on this immediately, please go to the Introduction to MHO (Minerals Held Orally) page to begin discovering how to improve your bioelectric health there, or if you are more interested in how this information came to be, please visit the What Has Occurred page to find that out there.

    Since through general use, the syllabic phonemes, EMS, HMO, OMH, PMS, and SSI can be assumed to be acronyms (words whose initials represent the defining words of a so delineated concept), it has become expeditious to hijack them to Bioelectrichealth.com's Mnemonic Acronym Chart to nestle the phenomena therein explained among real world concepts in your mind, this site's information procurer, for your benefit. The page that the Mnemonic Acronym Chart--the Acronyms, Glossary and Explanations page--also serves as a very good crypt sheet for the obtainment of an overview of Bioelectric Health Technology as that is situated in the milieu of general activity. 

    Use the Site Map page to view descriptions and use links to access the information that is here.

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    If you are interested in improving your bioelectric health, please continue to return to this site, so that you can find out more regarding your Bioelectric Health as the Website is developed.

    Thank you for wanting to find out how to gain bioelectric health. 

    Thank you again.

      Best regards,


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