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Medical Section
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--What's New in the Bio Electric Health Web Site--

In an ascending order, this page pretty much delineates the evolutionary developments of the Bioelectric Health Web site. It could be considered BioelectricHealth.org's blog page.
Last Edited on & at: 2020-05-29 14:43 EUST


 Children of the
Medical Section:

Hospital Hostages
Organ Sacrificing?
Pica / Pica / Pica
Abusive Substances
Card / Board / Chart
Night Sweats--GOOD!

Children of MHO/SHEEN Therapy: Introduction to MHO MHO Treatment Notes Sleep Mode Hygiene Mode Education Mode Exercise Mode Nutrition Mode BE Experiments

2023 OCT 30: Notice that "Personal Responsibility" should be taken for awareness of actual contents of products that are procured for personal health gain has been posted at as Note #8 on the SHEEN--Sleep: https://www.bailerdot.org/sleep.htm Page.

2022 JULY 27: I should keep more track of what is going on with the appearance of this Website. I am sorry for not having done so. I hope that you can read around the odd character supplantations that may appear on some pages. Thank you for reading this apologetic update. TYA.

2021 SEPT 09:
I updated the Good Morning ET Breakfast ASPECT page, because as not eating breakfast early in the morning, I believe changed the way my body worked, by possibly getting it to use up some material that it wouldn't have otherwise, it started needing nutrition earlier, so I started eating--feeding it--at a normal breafast time again. And I made a note there about how if one works to improve a condition successfully, they change things and therefore should optimize their so invovled activities, IMO.

2021 APRIL 19: Sorry about not posting. The data found at this Website, I believe, is still valid, except for one point about waiting to eat until noon. That idea changed for me to eat when hungry, though eat good food. Have been studying and working on other projects. I hope that your asimilation of and use of the data you find here helps you stabilize and improve your physical body's functionality for you. Thank you for your valued attention to this note. Thank you again. Very truly yours, Philip

2020 MAY 29: There's a "New Entry" at the MOUNTAIN acronym on the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page to keep any Bioelectric Health actions from getting used as any kind of a mandatory activity.

2019 APRIL 08: Due to the need to have a stint (expandable tube) placed in my body's heart to unblock an artery therein to keep my my body alive, I've stricken the literature involving the use of more than equal Recommended Daily Amounts of Calcium that appear on that page. 

2019 MAR 24: The term, "Order," has supplanted the term, "Organization" in the *YUOMOUi Curve* (A graphic representation of Scientology's "Tone Scale") in the *YUOMOUi COW* Graphic, which are the insides of the STAR CELL Graphic, all on the SYNC Page, because *order* is more fundamental than *organization*, because a single person can work via their own individual order, which  is not necessarily organized with any other person's or persons' order/s. 

2018 MAY 21: I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for my writing this year. I probably offended just about everybody that was taking me seriously that unfortunately wound up reading my recent posts. For that I am truly sorry. I believe I've removed all of the offensive material from the pages that I posted it on--the SYNC Page, the Philip's Tips Page and the MOFIA Page, which I removed the material I had posted there to help calm that pages viewers down some. Thank you greatly for affording me the time to make this attempt to clean up and straighten out what I am saying to you. Thank you again. Philip B. Obsharsky

2018 MAR 23: YUOMOUiCOW--STAR CELL's Four Interaction Axes COG--has been installed at the base of the SYNC Page.

2018 JAN 22: The first drafts of both Top End Crunch Help--TECH--for Runaway Belly Buttons and Manual Brain Sleep Center Stimulation and Debris Dislodgement Exercises have been posted.

2017 NOV 23 (Thanksgiving):  The LADDER/ FRAP

GLASS COG presentation page has been upgraded and reposted on the SYNC page.

2017 SEPT 07:  The LADDER/ FRAP

GLASS COG and their presentation are in a more complete state and available on the the SYNC page, as is a new posting, a kind of challenge to the MIS people, which I suppose completes my personal reason for posting all of my COGs in the first place, which is to show people that just because someone is credentialed, doesn't mean that they are on your side as their client, let alone able to help you even if they were trying to, because the MIS is simply not geared that way, IMO.

2017 SEPT 07:  The "Foolishness to Wisdom LADDER," COG has been installed on the SYNC page.

2017 AUG 26:  The, "AmSYNCia," COG has been installed on the SYNC page.

2017 AUG 03:  SYNC￿(THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET 4.0)2 and SYNCIA have been installed on their own page here.

2017 JULY 17:  SYNC￿(THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET 4.0)2￿has been upgraded slightly.

2017 JUNE 15:  SYNC￿(THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET 4.0)2￿has been posted on the MOFIA page.

2017 JUNE 13:  THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET 3.0 to THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET 4.0 upgrade version has been posted here.

2017 FEB 28:  Though they're not specifically synchronized to the MOFIA page's flow pattern, three important publications have been added to it. They are "POWER WATTAGE," the "STAR CELL 2.O Upgrade," and the "MOFIA GOD FATHER￿cronym".

2016 DEC 22:  The MOFIA BAT CAT is somewhat here. Salubrious Occasion!

2016 SEPT 21:  The "Still Chirping from the Answer Mine" presentation Webcast (plays on Explorer or Chrome), which was generated on 2016 SEPT 11 and originally transmitted through SoundCloud.com's WHOW account is now posted here @ this Web site.

Introduced in this cast... the CORE (Circuited Opposing Running Elements; the Baseballegory's batter and base runners)￿the healthy version of the Baseballegory's POD (Pillared Ostriches, Doughnutted). Also, introduced in this cast is "An-De-Gel-Villian" incorporeal Modes Negotiating Activity (MNA; this initialization was only mused upon over this cast as a correlation to biology's "DNA" and not yet actually introduced in the monologue.) Then, the translation of the TABLOIDER's power heirarchies, through the TABLOIDERgram, to the TABLOIDERgramagory, on down to the Baseballegory field's surface. What's going on at this moment regarding ECT (The mental system's Electro-Convulsive Treatment) is also taken up in this cast. Sorry, I got a bit loud about this issue.

2016 SEPT 21:  The "BLATHER (Business Log Aiming Toward Helping Everyone Recover)" presentation podcast (plays on Explorer or Chrome), which was generated on 2016 JULY 05 and originally transmitted through SoundCloud.com's DantB account and moved to SoundCloud.com's WHOW account is now posted here @ this Web site.

2016 SEPT 21:  The "WHOW Double Bubble Nuvo Taro" presentation podcast (plays on Explorer or Chrome), which was generated on 2016 JULY 03 and originally transmitted through SoundCloud.com's DantB account and moved to SoundCloud.com's WHOW account is now posted here @ this Web site.

The Double Bubble is the internal and external surfaces of a hypothetical shell of human perception, which is defined through an integration of Rene Descartes' "Cartesian Coordinate System," the STARCELL's frame of reference, and the idea that if you place a sphere (the inner surface of a hypothetical shell of perception) at Rene Descartes' axes' infinite distances, that radius won't reach the corners of the cubic space involved. Then if you trace a sphere (the outer bubble) that is defined by a radius that reaches those corners that distance will be almost one and a three quarters times the previously defined infinite radius. The area in between those two spheres, those bubbles which are guaged by the relationship between the face distance and the corner distance of a cube to it's central point aer what could serve as this so modeled shell of perception, which events can be imagined beyond, both because they are too far away, or too small to view from that somehow agreed upon frame of reference.     

2016 JUNE 24:  You're correct. We haven't been posting for some time now. We've been studying and doing support activity toward the end that the Web Hosting Service rent for this site has been paid today for another two years. Yay! A lot of the support work we have been engaged with has to do with public relations, the resolution of which has been for us to develop Facebook pages to most adequately represent our perspectives on the present situations to give others the wherewithall to resolve their own possibly analogus interactional profiles. The pages we are developing are Philip B. Obsharsky, the FRAPPIST MONKS, the Peripheral Intelligence Agency,  the American Mushroom Party and the Herkimer County Advocacy Committee, Inc

2015 NOV 22:  The 2014 Conceptogram to FRAP


gram Upgrade has been added to the TABLOIDER Art page.

2015 NOV 04:  The mnacronyms [silent 'm'; mnemonic (that which assists the memory) + acronyms]--GOD, GOD, DOG and FRAP

HELL have been posted on the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2015 NOV 03:  "The FRAP

PIA' s 2014 TABLOIDER Conceptogram," previously only a hard copy publication, along with a short introduction, has been posted on the TABLOIDER ART (Augmentative Reality Technology) page.
The mnacronyms [silent 'm'; mnemonic (that which assists the memory) + acronyms]--BRAIN  and FRAP


MIND, plus a concise explanation of why and how they relate to each other and the handling endeavors of bio-psychiatry and meta-psychiatry have been posted on the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2015 OCT 05:  J. K. Rowling's, "Harry Potter--The Sorcerer's Stone," Hogwart's four houses were categorically aligned at Row 31 of the DREGS Chart.

2015 SEP 23:  The FRAP

SCIENTOLOGY acronym's architecture has been upgraded (IMHO) to the FRAP

SCIENTOLOGY 3.1 version on the More Mnacronyms page.  

2015 AUG 21: "THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET 3.0 legal size," has been posted in a 14 inch format here, because an 11 inch format can't contain all of the information needed to explain the GAME adequately without shrinking the font too far. FRAP

TRIAD now represents the GAME's lower three graphics--TABLOIDER, Baseballegory and GLASS; where a triad is a musical construction in which three different notes are sounded simultaneously to form one distinctive effect. In the TRIAD the TABLOIDER represents production, the GLASS represents inventory and the Baseballegory, which floats on the surface of the level of inventory in the GLASS, represents the gaming relationship between the command lines, the hierarchies of our present civilization, whose interplay governs the distribution of the GLASS's contents, the inventory of TABLOIDER's product, among the TRIAD's individual players, who are all of the live people of Earth at any given moment. THEiR relates to TABLOIDER's four axes of human endeavor plus the intellects involved which act along each and all of those four axes of human endeavor.

2015 JULY 20: "THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET 2.1," which is hopefully the final edit of this HOST application is now PDFed here.

2015 JULY 17: "THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET 2.0," which is a little smoother than the original version, is PDFed here.

2015 JULY 14: "THEiR WIZARDS' GAME BOX SET," which attempts to point a decade of more human time in a positive direction is located in this Portable Document File. Adobe Acrobat Reader opens this file and can be downloaded from here. Happy Bastille Day George & Mary Ann Ebert & very nice company! I hope that your Albany expedition is going all your way!

2015 APR 20: The poem, "Shaking Head Out Work," has been added to the Bioelectrich Health POETRY page

2015 FEB 28: We are quite happy, for numerous reasons, to get to post that coincidental with the Citizen's Commission on Human Rights 46'th annual awards ceremony going on right now in Los Angeles, CA, we are getting to post freshly formulated acronyms for both DIANETICS and SCIENTOLOGY here on this Web site's More Mnacronyms page.

2014 AUG 27:  "The Reason that the Baseballegory's Backstop is a Shinto Torii," has been posted on The Baseballegory page.  Plus, though the whole idea involved could stand a good deal of refinement, which we don't want to expend resources at doing right now, the  ECONOTRONICS/ELECTRONOMICS page's table's headings have finally been corrected, so that the ideas involved￿correlating economic and electronic technological relationships￿should make somewhat more sense than they have.

2014 AUG 12:  The poem, "ITS HOST's WISH￿About Robin Williams," has been posted on the POETRY page.

2014 JUNE 05:  Here is the link to the new, FRAP

PDF version of "THE TRUTH," publication, which includes a minor title change and some possibly updated material. In between experimenting and writing, I don't recall right off whether this publication has been updated much or not. However, "THE TRUTH II," an account of a significant advancement in the phenomena involved with the material that has been presented in, " FRAP


TRUTH ," publication appearing in the previous entry here, should be appearing on this page shortly.

2014 JAN 28: The article in, " FRAP


TRUTH ," publication, which is about how people, themselves can manually, physically dislodge and pump debris and used materials from their human brains via shaking their heads, has been more appropriately renamed for the sake of elevating the article's credibility, so that it can be taken as seriously as it should be, to actually be used to impede the rise of dementia in the population.

We lightened and optimized the "Phily's Update at the 2013-14 POINT," FRAP

PDF file.

2014 JAN 18: "Phily's Update at the 2013-14 POINT," has arrived right here in FRAP

PDF format, which Adobe Reader opens. "Phily's Update at the 2013-14 POINT," FRAP

is the E-Version of its Material Publication, which appeared locally over the Holidays. (The PDF file opens right from its link here. Please allow some download time, as I think I might have over-killed its quality a little, consequently the file's close to 2 MB. I will work on that though.) I think that the update is absolutely jam packed with timely, highly pertinent information. But you decide for yourself whether or not its contents are useful to you. Please let me know what you think.

2013 SEPT 13: The article, "Brain Shaking = Neurological Hygiene = Neurological Functionality Maintenance," has been posted on, "THE (Technology, Humanity, Economy) TRUTH (Totally Real Understanding that Hurts/Helps)," publication page.

2013 JULY 08: The First Decade Anniversary Issue TABLOIDER (2012 June 24) has been upgraded.

2013 JULY 08: The "The Relationship of Iontophoresis (static cling in liquids) to the Condition of Teeth," page, which is an observation of existing phenomena, which requests explanation and has been posted for six years now, in a pretty incomprehensible state, has been extensively edited for the purpose of the obtainment of a better understanding.  

2013 APRIL 11: SUICIDE/SUICIDE page has been installed.

2013 FEB 28: The associative mnacronyms of FRAP

HARP and VOMIT have been added to the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2012 DEC 03: A short article--Manual Brain Stimulation Technique Plus Efficacy Support Data--has been posted on Philip's Tips page.

2012 OCT 26: The One Decade Anniversary Issue of www.bioelectrichealth.org in the form of The First Decade Anniversary Issue TABLOIDER (2012 June 24) has been posted. Plus the Head Shaking to Accomplish Direct Brain Stimulation as a Dementia Prevention Protocol has gained an addendum.

2012 OCT 22: Even though the outsides of America's heads are graying, the insides should at least keep running as well as they ever did. Toward the end of keeping HOST computer hardware running as well as ever for longer, here is Head Shaking to Accomplish Direct Brain Stimulation as a Dementia Prevention Protocol.

2012's April's 06'th: The acronym, ROMA, has been added to the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2012's April's 01'st: To establish www.bioelectrichealth.org firmly, as a scientific, rather than a religious endeavor, its new heading has been worked out to be "T.H.E. (Technology, Humanity & Economy)
B.E.S.T. (Biological Electricity Support Technology) C.U.R.E. (Connected Understanding Regarding Electromagnetism) Web Site--Where the knowledge, Of an easy to apply fortificational protocol, Whose use can help one gain a decade of better physical life, Meets the node,"
and posted on all of its parent pages. Plus, "
CURE" has been added and cursorily explained on the Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2012's March's 15'th: The MARINES acronym has been added to the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.            

2012's March's 05'th: The FHZ and FRAP

GLASS acronyms have been defined and three new acronyms--A.R.M.Y., F:L,A,M. & U.S.A.F.--have been added to the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page. 

2012's January's 25'th: The "Why Assume (you're not a mushroom?)" poem is now available in sound, if you click the picture of the mouth, which is a picture of my mouth, which was taken to show how a tooth with a damaged nerve in it pulls less minerals to it's surface and thus it's enamel is weaker. You can see how the brown tooth, the damaged one is worn down a little more than the white one, the in tact one. For more answers about this please consult the "Reverse Iontophoresis" page.

2012's January's 12'th: ROME and ROUM have been sighted and somewhat approached at the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page. 

2011's Christmas Eve: It The, "G.L.A.S.S. (Gaming Level Alignment Scale Strategy)," chart has been posted on the TABLOIDER Art page.

2011's November's 17'th: It should be widely know that physical bodies with poor kidney function process potassium poorly. Ergo, people who have kidney problems should not use multi-mineral formulas that possess potassium.

2011's September's 29'th: The poem, "Growing Advice," appearing on the Bioelectric Health POETRY page has been redacted and renamed to "HWS (Who Is)."

2011's September's 03'rd: The SUICIDE mnacronym entry on the Bioelectrichealth Mnacronyms' page has been improved.

2011's September's 01'st: "The Dregs 'Music of the Spheres' Phenomena Correlation Table" name has been changed to "The DRIP's 'Interaction of the Axes' Phenomena Correlation Table" and the associated table has been moved to the DRIP page and sorted out somewhat more.

2011's August's 30'th: The "POUF" mnacronym's anchor terms, "Perpetuation Of Unawareness Foundation," have been supplanted with the terms, "Perpetrators' Obscuring Unawareness Foundation."

2011's August's 21'st: The poem, "Growing Advice," has been added to the Bioelectric Health POETRY page and the poem, "Some HOST Computer Mushroomexploit.EXE Trojan Virus Remover Code," has been reposted there also.

2011's August's 19'th: A timely note regarding "Anarchracy―Center Field in the Baseballegory" has been posted on the Baseballegory page.

2011's July's 06'th: The POD mnacronym has been re-installed at the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2011's July's 04'th: The "SAIAIS (pronounced 'sAy yAis')" mnacronym has been installed at the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2011's April's 28'th: The acronym, "BAR (Brain Activity Reducer/Reduction)," has been posted on the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2011's April's 22'nd: An "Electronomy" jingle has been posted on the Bioelectric Health POETRY page.

2011's April's 19'th: The "SUICIDE (Stress Undoing Individuals' Cause--Intensely Deficient Electricity)" mnacronym has been edited and the terms, "Electronomics, Electronom," and "Buyode," have been added to the now "―ECONOTRONICS/ELECTRONOMICS―A Correlation Between Economics & Electronics" page.

2011's April's 17'th: The "SUICIDE (Stress Undoing Individuals' Cause--Intensely Deficient Electricity)" mnacronym has been posted on the Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2011's April's 14'th: An introduction to "ECONOTRONICS-A Correlation of Economic and Electronic Phenomena" page has been installed. (Please notify me of any glaring flaws you believe to exist in the grammar, or ideation, on this page, to help me produce the best, most concise material.)

2011's February's 23'rd: A "Peripheral Intelligence Agency" page has been installed.

2011's President's Day: The mnacronyms: P.I.A. (Peripheral Intelligence Agency), MNMS (Metered Nutritional Mineral Supplementation), FRAPPISM (Fortificational, Reparative, Adversarial & Prophylactic―Personal Individual Support Medicinals), GUB (Get Up Blight, or Getter Upper of Blight) and GUBBING (Getting Up Blight Being Initially Nice Gestures) have been posted at the "More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms" page. The BEST (Bio-Electric Support Technology) mnacronym has been rewritten (redacted).

2011's January's 27'th:  THE (Technology's, Humanity's & Economy's) FRAPPIST Fortification, Repair, Adversary & Prophylactic―Personal, Individual Support Technology's/Technologist's) MONKS (Men Offering Needed Knowledge, Safely)" mnacronyms, along with the complete construct: "THE FRAPPIST MONKS" have been posted at the, "More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms" page.

THE FRAPPIST MONKS' "NEWS (North, East, West & South; Geologically oriented acronym representing what's happening) to TABLOIDER (Top, Anterior, Bottom, Left, Outer, Inner, Dorsal, Earth & Right; Ideologically oriented acronym representing what's happening)," HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computer transition header beta has been written onto a new version of "The Answer Mine" Introduction, which has now been posted at the "Bioelectric Health Promotional Material" page.

2010's Thanksgiving: "The Answer Mine" Hyper-Text Book in a two page back to back one piece of paper bulletin format meant for hard copying, has been posted at the "Bioelectric Health Promotional Material" page.

2010's October's 19'th: An "Offensive Material Addendum" has been attached to "The Disclaimer" page

2010's October's 18'th: This Website was decimated for about six months in what I thought was a good will act. I was led to believe that too rapid an improvement in the state of the general population's health would lead to systemic chaos with catastrophic, unconventional results, so I gutted it of most of its useful information. I now believe that I had been SNOW blinded to the truth that I now believe in the matter, which is that: as average human intelligence goes, so goes humanity's fate, not "As people are kept in the dark and speciously informed (oxymoron), the system will work better." The Website is back to keep money controllers from thinking that they can make enough SNOW with it to bury people that are perishing from the lack of bioelectric health information, such as individuals who are dying of throat cancer.

IMHO, presently some of the mineral supplement formula makers seem to be delving into making less potent multi mineral formulas, which is possibly SNOW making activity. I.E. What number of chronic funding streams can be maintained if minerals' fortificational powers can be discredited, to induce their use's abandonment, to the detriment of the target population?   

 "SNOW (Subliminal Negative Obscuration Work)" has been added to the "More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms" page.

2009's July's 30'th: "AMOEBA (Augmentive Magnetism Optimizing Electro Biologic Activity)" has been added to the Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2009's July's 30'th: The section, "Instructions for and Benefits of Making a Magnetic Bandana," has been added to the Magnetic Bio-Function Enhancement page.

2009's July's 20'th: The "Baseballegory 5.0" poster has been installed on the Baseballegory page.

Circa (around) the 233'rd Anniversary of America's Inception of Self Rule: The L/S￿MFT mnacronym has been added to the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2009's May's 24'th: Installed the WORLD (Whole Ordered Reality Layers Domain) model Cybernetics (government) Analysis Tool (CAT) page, to help people get the idea that matters where they are, are what they can do the most about and that to get talked into abandoning their present positions might not be as great a decision as they suppose it is, with the purpose of helping them take care of their affairs as well as possible, to help maintain an optimal outcome.

2009's May's 24'th: The Baseballegory Page has just opened in the TABLOIDER section with a pair of posters that relate much of the core phenomena involved. Further development of this page is expected to take place directly.

2009's May's 13'th: Posted this Web site's, finally arrived Copyright Registration Certificate.

2009's May's 12'th: The mnacronym "WORLD" has been posted and defined at the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

"The reduction of 'Entropy' in living cells" has been introduced at the Biomagnetic Health page as an explanation of the extensive health benefits obtained by using powerful magnets to resolve a host of health problems also entailed at that page.

2009's April's 14'th: There's been a change in the Baseballegory Paradigm's positions... The Theocracy has been switched with the Executocracy. The Theocracy is now pitching, while the Executocracy has been moved to home plate. Some of the reasoning behind the modification is explained on the TABLOIDER Art page at the "Updated Baseballegory Poster." The associated New Batting Order Chart and New Batting Order Card are posted at the Promotion page.

2009's March's 15'th: The 2009 Season's Baseballegory Team Batting Order legend, which is a tool for helping to understand interaction between the sectors of society in which we try to function has been installed at the Bioelectric Health Promotion page, for lack of a more appropriate home for it right now. 

2009's March's 13'th: Three new promotional/educational pieces have been installed at the top of the Bioelectric Health Promotion page.

2009's March's 07'th: The four mnacronyms￿MEME, MOSS, MUSHROOM & LICHEN￿of the MEME Quadruplex have been been installed on the More Mnacronyms page. 

2009's Lincoln's Birthday: The "BASEBALLEGORY￿Technology / Humanity / Economics  Cybernetics Analysis Tools'  Power Alignment Diagram" poster has been added to the TABLOIDER Art page.

2009's New Year's Day: We're finally (gestalt singular) getting back to developing the Magnetic Nutrition page, which has been renamed to "How to use Static (Stationary) Flux (Magnetism) to optimize a Human Body's Internal Activities." Two major developments on this page have been:

  1. Instructions for a Home Made Magnetic Belt and

  2. Instructions for a Home Made Headache Melter Hat (HMHMH)

2008's December's 28'th: "Instructions for the Home Made Headache Melter Hat (HMHMH)" has been installed on the Magnetic Nutrition page.

2008's December's 27'th: An introduction has been developed for the Starting Lineups CAT (Cybernetics Analysis Tool) page and the WITCHES acronym has been installed at the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2008's November's 25'th: Project came up and we won't be posting until after Thanksgiving. Wishing you have a very happy holiday. Take care and try to stay safe.

2008's November's 22'nd: The presently under construction Magnetic Nutrition page can be scrolled at one's own risk. In my opinion there are useful, practical ideas posted there. They just need to be culled from between the presently missing and incorrect portions of text. Due to the author's developing understanding of the phenomena involved the page is in a development phase, itself. We (gestalt singular person) hope to have significant material configured in a much more assailable format posted there as soon as 2008's Thanksgiving.

There is a new graphic on the TABLOIDER Art page called "The POP Mental Outlook Meter," whose orientation of features, upon consideration, may help one establish a more balanced outlook towards others and their intentions towards oneself; where others could mean either subordinates, peers, or superiors. Please avail yourself via its viewing.

2008's November's 06'th Sorry for the down time. ~.org had to powder its administrative nose. The promotion page is back as Neighborhood Promo and it is good to be back en toto (in general). We (gestalt singular) should be working on the Magnetic Nutrition page directly.

2008's Halloween: Magnetic Nutrition, a real breakthrough in bio-functionality enhancement is presently in the process of being developed. A virtually staggering degree of information regarding the improvement of bio-function can be observed using the information that is being developed at this page. Warning--Enter at Own Risk--as the page is being developed. The author hopes to accomplish this development rapidly. However, due to the fact that he wants to keep the stakes low enough for him to afford to do this, he posts important information as soon as it is remotely comprehendible. This policy is used to insure that at least the brunt of the information available. Plus this gives the author the impetus to really get going on completing the work involved to keep from looking too inept.   

2008's September's 28'th: "Power Ball Field"and "Power Ball Field Rhetorical View" diagrams have been replaced by the T.H.E. (Technology, Humanity & Economics)￿33￿P.A.D. (Power Alignment Diagram).

2008's September's 10'th: T.H.E. (Technology, Humanity & Economics)￿33￿P.A.D. (Power Alignment Diagram) has been installed on the TABLOIDER Art page.

2008's September's 10'th: "Power Ball Field Rhetorical View," a more functional alignment of the positions on the Power Ball Field, has been installed on the TABLOIDER Art page.

2008's September's 10'th: A new Pluralistic Gaming Hierarchy Chart called the "Power Ball Field" and the Eye of the Storm Flag have been installed on the TABLOIDER Art page.

2008's July's 04'th (America's Independence Day): The acronyms AA and HEART have been added to the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms Chart page.

2008's June's 19'th: Mathematic Concepts have been added to "The Music of the Spheres (of Human Endeavor)" Chart at rows 32-34. Plus, a new physical medium poster has been added to The Promotion Page.

2008's April's 07'th: An Email Post called "Good News about Magnet Therapy" has been posted on the new External Posts page, plus a video clip of Philip pulling a trailer with a bench seat on it with a bicycle has been added to the Physical Bioelectrichealth Promotional Material page. 

2008's March's 26'th:  A Physical, as opposed to Virtual, Bioelectric Health .org Promotional Material page has been installed to help Bioelectrichealth.org information beneficiaries stabilize their physical areas, via helping those that can figure the information out, to help those individuals charge up their HOST (Human Organic Shoulder Top) computers' from electrically dimmed out conditions.

2008's February's 16'th:  An animation of "RELIEOAEDBET," the most symmetric (balanced) TABLOIDER like object yet has been posted at the TABLOIDER Art page.

2008's Saint Valentine's Day: "LIFE," has been acronymetaphoricised as Learning Institute For Existence and explained on the More Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2008's February's 13'th: The definition of the "HOST [Human Organic Shoulder Top (computer)]" neo-acronym has been posted on the Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2008's February's 07'th: "RADIOBELT,"  a metallic upgrade of the pulpier TABLOIDER cybernetics analysis tool has been uploaded to the Art page.   

2007's December's 31'st: "Power Glass" has been placed on the Art page.  

2007's December's 18'th: The definition of "FRAP [Fortificational, Reparative, Adversarial and Prophylactic (divisions of medicine)]" has been added to the Bioelectric Health Mnacronyms page.

2007's November's 20'th: "Post Opposing Suicidal Ideation" has been added to the Phil's Tips Posts page.

2007's November's 03'rd: "Wake Up Call￿The Yeast's Eye of the target of the goal of spreading knowledge of Bioelectric Health Technology is the demise of Alchemy, not the American Government, nor the Economic System and definitely not the right to believe in a concept of an anthropomorphic rendition of a Supreme Entity" has been added to the Phil's Tips Posts Page

2007's October's 24'th: The note that used to be the The ET Breakfast ASPECT Diet page that warned people away from using the activity for too long of a duration has been removed, because the previously erroneous cause of the undesirable issues allegedly involved has been reassessed to be the effects of three pathogenic infections that had yielded the symptomatologies of hepatitis, Meningitis and Multiple Sclerosis which at this point are under control, for the most part and not an indigenous feature of a normally functioning physical body. Thus no issue should arise from the use of the ET Breakfast ASPECT Diet on an ongoing basis provided the body involved's functionality is in a more optimal than not condition.   

2007's August's 16'th: I made it back from the State Capital in one piece after a 48 hour shift (24 preparation and 24 vigil). What a DRIP! I hope to get to write more about it some day... The concept "Farthest Attained Technology, Humanity, Economy & Religion" has been mnacronomized2 as FATHER.

2007's July's 11'th: Hope to see you on the South East lawn of the Governor's Mansion in Albany, NY on July's 13'th and 14'th for the Mental Patient Liberation Alliance's 27'th annual Bastille Day Protest against Forced Psychiatric Treatment, this year focusing on the forced treatment of children. Personally, I intend to distribute the first copy of the TABLOIDER Magazine, which may possibly be more of a symbolic effort than an actual major distribution. Still I have 100 eight page copies that I would like to receive a dollar a piece for, mainly to prove that I can be a sane, entrepreneurial individual, just like anyone else and to help support the idea that mental function improvement can and does indeed actually occur, provided the correct courses of action are pursued.

2007's June's 28'th: "I Am Not Trusting Any More Sweet Smelling Rocks," an email originally commenting on a property of a substance included in different nutritional mineral supplements that has taken on more dramatic proportions, has been added to the Phil's TIPs Posts page.  

2007's June's 17'th:   MADNESS, (Bioelectrichealth Mnacronyms page), GOD (More Mnacronyms page) and, yes, even the term, ACRONYM (More Mnacronyms page), itself, has now been, IMHO, successfully acronymized! The quasi Haiku poem of ACRONYM appears on the Bioelectrichealth POETRY page

2007's April's 07'th: "TABLOIDER Constarlation" diagram posted on TABLOIDER Art page.

2007's April's 02'nd: The CIA (Confuse the Issues Association) mnacronym has been defined on the Starting Lineups of the DREGS page and "A Hypothetical Family DRIP" has been added as the 31'st line of the the Music of the Spheres Chart.

2007's March's 06'th: "Instructions for Manual Tooth Remineralization" has been posted at the bottom of the Phil's Tips Posts page.

2007's February 21'st: The Charts & Tables of TABLOIDER section has just been created. If you would ever like to see how Bioelectric Health relates, go to this section. A Charts & Tables link also appears in the "Parents:" link bar.  Until more sophisticatedly represented, the "Parents:" link bar is located over your left hand on the top part of most pages.

2007's President's Day

  • The Website has been transferred to and turned on in a larger IP Address.
  • A new poem "The Duz in the UZ" Chorus, a mantra relating radiation, magnetism, electricity and gravity with one another in the space/time medium has been posted on the POETRY page.
  • The Website's very first animated model has been imbedded in the DRIP page. This animation depicts how a baseball diamond can be folded up into a tetrahedral formation, whose advantage is to:
  1. Delineate a volume, as opposed to a plane, of space and
  2. Equalize the distance between each and all of the bases.

The animation is located in the space, just below the link bars on the DRIP page. Sometimes it is invisible.

  • The Discussion Board has been dropped, due to high monitoring demands, but the important posts have been transferred to the Bioelectric Discussion Board Posts page. Very helpful tips about how to manage some highly destructive health issues are contained within these posts.

2007's February's 17th:"The Fuz/Buz Mantra", a songlette regarding the configuration of electromagnetic phenomena in the  bio/physical fractiverse￿that faction of the total universe that can be perceived via bio/physical means; the part of the space/time medium which we experience via bio/physical means￿has been posted.

2007's February's 15'th: Today Philip's posts that appeared on the Bioelectric Health Discussion Board have been coppied here.

2007's Valentine's Day: The Observed Cyber (governing) System Phenomena￿Mnemonic Allegoric Acronymic￿Alignment Chart￿A table relating the many varied aspects involved with phenomena that control's people's lives. (All of the acronyms that appear in the Observed Cyber (governing) System Phenomena￿Mnemonic Allegoric Acronymic￿Alignment Chart have been selected for their ability to produce graphic impact, rather than their association to any actually, officially established agency, or agencies and any similarities to such an agency, or agencies, either presently, or once existing is purely coincidental.) 

2007's February's 10'th: ￿  PICA  / PICA / PICA ￿ The Riddle Unraveled, The Electro-Physical Anatomy of Addiction and How to Resolve It page has been seriously upgraded and its link has been pinned to the Medical Section link bar.

2007's January's 26'th: Hospital Hostages has been posted and affixed to the Medical Section link bar.

2007's January's 26'th: To assist Education, a verse addition and renaming of "The Alphabet Song" to "The Alphanumerabet Song" has been posted on the Bioelectric Health Poetry Page.  

2007's January's 24'th: A very helpful picture has been loaded onto the The DRIP of the DROP page. The picture depicts how a great number of individual games might combine to form a more elaborate array. The attributes of baseball and wrestling are used to configure the game's many interactions into a cohesive m￿ge of interconnected activity. The DRIP of the DROP offers a truer to life rendition of the format of activity that makes up the DREGS, but is itself no more than the DREGS, itself. Perusing the Mnemonic Acronyms Chart (MAC) on the Acronyms, Glossary & Explanations page is highly recommended, prior to peering very deeply into the DREGS, because the MAC offers the quickest way to assimilate this Web site's material. 

2007's January's 20'th:   The five members of the each of the starting lineups of two teams DRIPs in the DREGS' have been noted on the Mnemonic Acronyms Chart (MAC) on the Acronyms, Glossary & Explanations page. The MAC offers the quickest way to assimilate this Web site's material. 

 2007's January's 03'rd: Three rows have been added to the DREGS (Diamond Ring Earth Game Series) Concept Correlation Chart, located on the Conjugation of DRIGS Page. These three rows' backgrounds are each filled with the same blue color to denote that these three rows work closely together. It is important to read the three footnotes￿10, 11 &12￿associated with these rows to fully absorb the relativity of the phenomena involved. 

2006's November's 17'th: There are two new poems on the POETRY page and the Bio Electric Discussion Board (the flower BED out in front of Bioelectric Health) is looking a little better now. 

2006's August's 21'st: Posted the "TABLOIDER Game & Field Acronym Chart￿The Comprehension Bomb's Blueprint" on the Acronyms, Glossary and Explanation's Page.

2006's July's 15'th: The Lambda Chi Tau page has been significantly updated.

2006's July's 12'th: This page￿Lambda Chi Tau￿is an attempt to link the information of Bioelectric Health to the knowledge one would obtain at an institute of higher learning. We wouldn't have been able to support the abundance of life that we have without the use of Colleges and Universities. However, if nothing makes those bodies of individuals stretch for the best answers, there won't be as much of an investment made in obtaining the knowledge that people need to help themselves and each other through the changes that progress naturally creates.

This page states that there is possibly something of significance and assistance to already somewhat knowledgeable individuals posted here. The idea of Lambda Chi Tau, I hope, offers a feeling of safety to those who wish to know more about Bioelectric Health. The thought that there might be something like a collegiate group studying a subject can imbue a person with the feeling of safety that they might need to pursue the matter to a sought after conclusion, because it can serve to help them over one of the major hurdles of trying something out that is not well known, that hurdle being negative peer pressure.

2006's June's 05'th: Just moved the "Dirty Water = Shrinking Skin" page section to the Hygiene Mode page from the "What Has Occurred" page and gave the whole Hygiene Mode page a good swipe with the editing comb. The Hygiene Mode page really upgrades information regarding health. I highly recommend checking it over. I think that you will be very interested in some of the information that is posted there as I have not seen much of this information made available prior to figuring it out for myself and posting it here.

The Site Map Page￿the axel￿of the hub of bioelectric health, which is Bioelectrichealth.org, has finally been installed! I hope to have added concise descriptions of all of the objects (items of interest: parts, pages & Sections) of Bioelectrichealth.org before anyone can get through the material of all of the objects that are described at this time.

2006's May's 21'st: I just added a new column and footnote [5] to the Exercise Chart on the Exercise Page. This footnote should develop into some interesting material if what I think is going to happen within the next month, actually does.

2006's March's 25'th: To help people trying to study electricity and other nomenclature heavy subjects the Word Bridge & Blueprint page has been posted. The Word Bridge & Blueprint is a study aid that one makes their self. Making one helps one get a better grip on what they are studying. The final product serves as a good way to format the specific form of reference material concerned.  

2006's March's 16'th: Be forewarned that the Charged Air Report page is presently in the process of being constructed. If you are knowledgeable in the field of electronic phenomena there is now quite a surprise in the Personal Anecdote Special Section of this page that is tentatively being called: "Charged Air Report￿Comparing the Psychological Effects of Breathing Electrically Positively Charged to Breathing Electrically Negatively Charged Air, Including an Experimental Procedure that Can Be Performed to Obtain Data Regarding the Information Appearing On This Page."

2006's March's First Day: Playing Card suite alignment and the four types of verbal persuasion of the four types of persuasion of Modern Rhetorical Training have been added as rows 22 and 23 to the DREGS (Diamond/Ring Earth Game Series) Chart.

2006's February's 26'th: Row 20 of the DREGS (Diamond/Ring Earth Game Series) Chart has been updated. The concepts involved are now more relevantly aligned, IMO.

2006's February's President's Day (20'th): There is a new category of alignment information, which is now Row 1O in the DREGS (Diamond/Ring Earth Game Series) Chart. This new category aligns, George Orwell's Four Ministries from his great book, "1984," with concepts regarding a natural system of government￿The Tetraheteromodocracy￿manifesting wherever sentient entities come in contact with one another, that works to harmonize and incorporate the actions of each of those constituents into a state of accord with each other and it's own interests.  

2006's February's 17'th: Rows 1-6 of the DREGS (Diamond/Ring Earth Game Series) Chart have been either newly created or revamped to, to me, more correctly align action in the, "Diamond Ring Earth Game Series (DREGS)," with ideas relating to that activity.

2006's February's 16'th: Please let me inform you now. I am presently more engaged in ascertaining and demonstrating as suboptimal, the logic involved with that which would keep the general population from enjoying the benefits of a somewhat easily applied, inexpensive, highly beneficial, health perpetuating technology than working on relating more of my new own personal discoveries regarding the perpetuation of health via this Web site. Thinking about my own relationship in the larger picture a lot impelled me to place some new rows at the top of the DREGS (Diamond/Ring Earth Game Series) Chart, which is a delineation of the features of a paradime1 that depicts the relationship between people's four different major categories of endeavor in life, those being: Religion, Technology, Humanity and Economy.

I am doing okay. However, to get people to be able to do better at what they are trying to do, IMO, it helps to remove from them the impediments that keep them from succeeding. It seems to me that one of those impediments would be what I have found to have held me back. That impediment is a lack of knowledge of how the games that we find ourselves engaged in playing, work. The DRIGS is only a model. It isn't the actual game, but it affords a way of looking at what is happening, so that one can tell what might happen better, so that they can possibly work out better playing strategies for playing the one that they are really in. I hope that everybody gets to do better. Good luck.

I have decided to solve the controversy of which row, Islamic, or Christian, with regard to one another, should be placed on top, to relate the orientations of the wrestling ring's posts of the DRIGS by placing the Islamic row above the Christian row, because, IMO, if there was no father (what Moslem people believe their deity to be), there would be no son (what Christian people believe their deity to be), so even though (I believe it is stated in the Bible) the father gave dominion to the son, it seems that the son would not have received it if the one that had had it, had not given it to him. Thus on my chart, the row representing The Father's Religion￿Islamic￿resides above the row that represents The Son's Religion￿Christian. That is why that is that way. I hope that that development is okay with the reader.

2005's December's 13'th: The definition for the new, "POUF (Perpetuation Of Unawareness Foundation)," and, "COUT (Coalition Of Underhanded Treachery)," acronyms have been posted on the Acronyms and Glossary page.

2005's Thanksgiving: A New poem, "What Suppose You?" has been posted on the Bioelectric Heath Poetry page. (Poem pulled in 2007's January)

2005's November's 07'th: A new note has been added to the base of the Music of The Spheres table on the "Conjugation of DRIGS" page.

2005's November's 04'th: This is an apology for not telling you that I wouldn't be posting more information for a while. You should have been informed that nothing new was going to be developed here for a quarter of a year. The truth is that I didn't know what was happening before I was involved with it too much to get back to covering bioelectric health here. I wound up working on infrastructure maintenance too extensively to make the time needed to upgrade the presentation of Bio Electric Health Technology.

The forthcoming information should prove to be a nice Holiday present to visitors of www.bioelectrichealth.org for 2005. Thank you for your very kind patience and highly valued attention to this apology, page and Web site. Thank you again. Philip     

2005's July's 08'th: The Diamond/Ring Field Position Diagram has been positioned on the Conjugation of DRIGS page. This whole page is an effort to depict all conscious interactivity in order to help demonstrate why phenomena regarding Health, Intelligence and Longevity are treated the way that they are. It is hoped that this diagram will offer the reader a means of determining why information regarding bioelectric health has been rendered glaringly unavailable to the center fielders specifically and kept from the view of people playing other positions in the DRAGS and DREGS generally speaking, also.

2005's Memorial Day: The ELECTRO-DYSTROPHY￿the "Natural" Cause of Anionia, which is the "Natural" Cause of Grave Illness, which when allowed to succeed, appears to be the "Natural" Cause of Death page has been installed in a kind of prototypical condition.

2005's April: The taming of the What Has Occurred page has finally happened. It now has a bookmarked Table of Contents for sectional clarification and ease of navigation. Plus, its contents have been greatly reworked for the purpose of your reading relief.

2005's April: The Bioelectric Discussion Board has been added. There are several highly pertinent posts posted there presently. You are invited  and welcome to add your own posts or reply to posts as you deem fit.

2005's April: There is a new section that presently only has one relevant page in it, but it is a good one and it is the Body Voltage Experiment page of the Bio-Electric (BE) Experiments sub web.

New Developments for 2005's March: The TABLOIDER section is about how electrical phenomena is related to the activities of life and has just been constructed. There are several child pages in this sub web.

New Development for 2005's February: There's a, "New note," about The Good Morning ET Breakfast ASPECT which is an amazing development of Bioelectric Health.

2005's January:

2005's January's 11'th: Please visit The Good Morning ET Breakfast ASPECT page. This page is a minimally styled to open access to presently obscure but valuable information concerning a means of developing one's own Augmentative Semisolid Propellant Energy Conversion Treatment (ASPECT), which the author presently personally employs as an integral component of their own (he and his own collection of cells) Metabolization Optimization activities, deriving positively proportioned results for their self as they proceed. (This note has been posted at  Day) 

2004's Christmas:

2003's September's 15'th: The page MODERN MIRACLE MEN is an article that came out in 1936 that became Document 264, presented to the 2'nd Session of the 74'th Congress of the US Senate on June 5'th of that year. Reading it is a course in human mineral consumption and the lack of it, as the case may be. Learning what is in this document will inform you greatly.

2003's September 12'th: PsychiatrogenicosisThe Root of the Problem has been posted.

2003's August:

  • Should sanity be the function of a judicial choice of body organ sacrifices, or would it be better to work on raising and maintaining the biological function of ones brain, to give to one's self a better chance of maintaining a desired quality of life? Observations about this subject are being placed on the "organ Sacrificing, Anyone?" page.

  • All of the MHO/SHEEN Notes pages are in a sub web. If you just see a small link bar to the right, you are in this sub web. It is the most recent and most practical form of the information that is now at this site.

  • MHO Notes is a compilation of items that I have learned since starting the MHO treatment in 1998's August. It is a list of practical information regarding the treatment.

2003's July's 08'th: Many notes on the MHO Notes Page will help you take great care of your teeth for a long time.

The Sleep Notes page is a collection of notes about how to possibly get better sleep. 

2003's August's 08'th: Hygiene Mode Notes page has been posted.

2003's July's 29'th:
Education Mode Notes has been posted.

2003's May's 17'th: The Tetraheteromodocracy  page has been posted. It is about the structure of a de facto government of sentient beings that will exist as long they do.

1. A model of the relationship so depicted.

2. Mnemonic + Acronym; A mnemonic (an adjective (a word that describes something) that assists the memory) acronym (a word whose letters are the initials of other words).

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