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- What Has Actually Occurred -

My physical body did 20 pull ups in a row, palms away, during the 69-70 school year on the military physical fitness test, which was a new school record, which was broken during the next period's gym class.  However, after ion loading for approximately the last six months of the latter part of 1998, 29 years later, that same body was doing 30 pull ups in a row during the workouts that I was doing with it. Within six months of doing what I hope to tell you about here, I was able to get my physical body to perform at an athletic level better than it had performed back when I was in high school, 29 years earlier. 

What Has Occurred Page Contents:

  1. Healthy Nerves Used to Monitor Impaired Biophysical Function

  2. News Flash in The Prehistoric Times Gazette 

  3. Parkinson's Disease's Symptoms are Eradicated

  4. How Bioelectric Phenomena Relates to Physical Malfunction and What the Author Did to Solve His Own Situation Regarding this Relationship

  5. The Relation Between Exercise and MHO 

  6. Improved Motor Signal Strength, thus Improved Muscular Activity via the A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET

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Medical Section:

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  1. Healthy Nerves Used to Monitor Impaired Biophysical Function  

The bioelectric food (mineral) assimilation activity that I am going to relate here made my bioelectric system and thus its communications component (my body's nervous system) function better by sufficiently activating it with bioelectric material (minerals). I believe that the synapses (the gaps between the nerve cells), or groups of synapses, in the case of the brain are where the bioelectric unit's communications component's information is transferred between that information's more corporeal component and its more incorporeal one. When I recharged my bioelectric system, I believe that its communication system regained the capacity to relay information well for me again from between the physical systems and components of my physical body and the ethereal systems and components of my less corporeal component. That improvement in communications is what harmonized the activities of my physical body, which served to greatly improve my body's ability to function.


Evidence of this improvement is the fact that the most pull-ups that my physical body has ever done in a row occurred in 2001. That record is 57 and that was accomplished via ion loading coupled with some other very important activities that are discussed in the MHO/SHEEN Therapy Part of this Web site. 


I was able to raise the operating level of my nervous system by nutrifiying it properly. That's the good news. Having a more sensitive nervous system doesn't seem so great though, when you get messages through it telling you that the condition of your physical body is like that of an abandoned car, half sunk in a swamp that a garbage dump's runoff has been feeding into, because of all of the mistakes you have made in its Hygiene, Exercise, Nutrition and Sleep (HENS) activities since it's heart had started beating. 


Due to making certain decisions about their HENS activities, many people's nervous system's cells evolve through their life well enough to wind up being used to monitor a cellular environment that is in poor condition. This is the reason that anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs get invented, manufactured, sold and consumed. The person's nerves that get put on these drugs are probably not in as bad a condition as the components that those nerves are being used to monitor. Evidence of that phenomenon is the fact that: If a person's nerves were really truly defective, they wouldn't be able to carry any messages at all, just like broken phone wires. The reason for the use of the drugs is to render the distress signals that are coming from the physically troubled cells defunct while those cells are trying to tell their controling influence that they need better environmental conditions to complete their programmed tasks. Those signals are many times interpreted as bad feelings with no apparent cause by conscious influence of the entity. The drugs are designed to keep people from experiencing those bad feelings, but the drugs do not solve the cause of the problem. The use of those biochemical censors actually impedes the rate of any repair activities in the energy production, construction, maintenance, mobility, internal transportation, defense, or waste removal systems of the physical body, because it keeps the transfer of the data that is needed for the controling influence of the composite entity to decide what to do in order to affect the occurrence of repair activity. The answer, In my case, when I experienced the bad feelings produced by the nerve signals coming from biophysically troubled cells was to Exercise, because I had already supplied my physical body with everything that it needed to effect the repairs that it needed and gave it enough rest for the whole physical component to improve in condition.  Exercise shakes the corporeal unit's molecules up and gets them moved around, so that the used ones get eliminated from the physical body and new ones get assembled and positioned more rapidly than if the circulation were permitted to remain continuously slow. (Top)


All that some mood enhancing chemicals do is impede the passage of controller bound communications of the kind that they are designed to detect and squelch.  That is the sum total of their activity. This is not a very complex action, comparably speaking.


Even though the monitoring nerves' activities become temporarily muted by these chemicals, which permits a degree of welcomed relief for the controlling influence; this slightly misplaced effort is like the painting of tread onto cars bald tires, in the hopes of getting them passed the vehicle inspectors. The result of this miss assignment of corrective effort is the perpetuation of progressively potentially problematic conditions. Drivers corrective efforts would be more correctly applied via putting new tires on their cars. The recognized disorder here is not the fact that tires wear out, but rather that more accidents occur to cars with bald tires than ones with well shod wheels. Drivers cannot avoid the fact that tires wear out, but they are supposed to avoid accidents, so they are expected to keep good tires on their cars. 


That is the difference between a mere substance deficiency and a disease which is the product of that deficiency that has/have remained unattended for too long of a period of time and another/other causative agent/s.  Like the driver of the car in the forgoing metaphor, we are supposed to replenish the deficiencies that occur in our physical bodies, except that, until now, people haven't been told how to replace their bioelectric material effectively, or even that that chore needs to be done if the unit is expected to run properly. I have learned which substances they are and also the most efficient, inexpensive way for us to get that material into our physical bodies.  I was fortunate to have come up with the ideas associated with how to pull my physical body out of the swamp of idleness via exercise after repairing it with effective nutrition and sleep so that it could do what I wanted it to again. That is what might happen for you too.


You could look at a personthe incorporeal/corporeal/conscious/bioelectric composite entityas a company with an Executive, a management and a labor force connected via a communications system (their nerves). If the management's (mind's/brain's) good, labor has a better chance of doing what management wants it to do and as long as the game plan's a sound one, the company would thrive. If the Executive's game plan or management of that game plan is defective, labor can't do what it is supposed to and the company will fail. The quality of any Exec/ Management/Labor relationship is a function of the amount of true information that each knows of what it needs to know to operate adequately. In house, that is a function of the amount of true information that each gets to and from the others that it requires. Information can only be as good as the communications system's ability to maintain the integrity of the messages as precisely as they were intended to be received. A drug suppressed communications system translates into a failed going concern or complex composite entity, as the case may be.


So what does poor physical condition translate to in the way of signaling coming over a functioning nervous system? What do the signals of a body that is in poor shape feel like? It's just a bad feeling all around. I think that that's the simplest way to describe it. I was feeling lousy; anxious, nervous and uncomfortable; antsy, itchy, slimy, and shaky via the signals that were coming from my cells. I felt like I was becoming excessively demure and felt guilty about that. You could say that I was feeling excessively troubled. I was feeling distressed without feeling that there was some traceable cause for the undesirable complex of sensations that I was experiencing. I felt like the before picture on one of those, "Don't Let This Happen," mental illness commercials, except that I already knew that the, after picture is even worse. But if I didn't have any hope of coming up with a better idea than taking the numb way down I would have been in that picture too, except that I came up with the solution.  Exercise, at that point, served to correct the problem. (Top) 

  1. News Flash in The Prehistoric Times Gazette

The whole Refurbished Nerves Used to Monitor Impaired Cellular Activity Convey Undesirable Signals discovery, is one of your typical, "Stone Age Cave Man Forgets to Take Frozen Wooly Mammoth Out of Fire While Thawing it Out to Gnaw on it and Discovers Cooking!" stories. I was trying to accomplish one goal and another, better result occurred is what happened. It's funny how it worked out. I was trying to solve what I had believed to be a nutritional deficiency, at the time of this discovery, with nutritional mineral supplements except that for years and years, prior to doing what I am about to tell you about, I had never done what I was about to do to solve the problem, analogously: leave the frozen mammoth in the fire long enough to actually have it cook it, as it were.


I will explain the pertinent parts of this story for you to draw your conclusions from. To pin this story to one normal event in time and space it opens on a typical eighth grader sitting at his desk who happened to be me (wiggle dissolve back to 1966) on a sunny afternoon in June, playing with a couple of pencils, day dreaming about the summer, vaguely paying attention to the substitute, who happened to be the principal of the school saying something about psychiatry. No-one was cutting up, because that was the man up there. I was in the back row of the class due to being one of the taller students. I was watching the erasers roll and bounce off my desk, like tires do when they break their traction loose just before they start smoking and I just caught the end of what he was telling us, "...the statistics say that by the time that the people in this class are twenty years old, one in twenty of you will have had a mental illness."


Just when he finished those words, the whole class turned around in unison, looked at me and smiled ecstatically. I didn't know how to take their response right off. I felt kind of honored to have gained all of their attention like that, but considering the undesirability of fate of such an individual left me ambivalent as to how I should accept their inference actually. I think that the main reason for my being singled out as the class' Most Likely to Crack Under Pressure, was that I was one of the more recent arrivals to the group (My dad had brought me back to the locality the summer before my fifth grade year began). I did notice that in the winter of my eighth grade year in school I did experience having clammy sweaty palms a lot, especially when I got nervous, during tests say, or around girls. I presently attribute that symptom to inadequate mineral nutrition and a possibly having an infection that would cause it. I am figuring now that because I had been at that school long enough to have formed some friendships, but not there long enough to have been any major part of the members' of group's political structure, I was safe enough to poke fun at. Because of my relative newbie status, devoid of possessing any trait that could be considered to be a great asset to the member's of the group, I feel that my peer assessors felt that they would suffer the least amount of political recoil from singling me out as the target of their light hearted teasing.


What happened was that I looked back up at them for a second or so, till the ideas sunk in all the way around and then we all broke out laughing. I read somewhere in L. Ron Hubbard's writings,  "...laughter is a form of rejection." IMO, we were all trying to reject this idea that someone that we knew, or ourselves even, was going to go crazy before we all got to be 20 years old.  I guess that because I got to laugh about it I wasn't bothered about the incident. I mean I wasn't a malcontent, bent on some destructive course of action or anything weird like that. I was just a little bit safer vehicle for comedic release, I figure, is all. However, experiencing that, definitely not traumatic incident has served at times to give me pause and make me reflect upon the notion that there are different levels at which entities convey communications. Sometimes the incident makes me wonder who really initiates the messages that people deliver to each other and what expanses of existence are supposed to be taken into consideration when they say something to each other. While I was laughing there with everyone, I was also figuring that if going nuts were truly to be my fate, I could laugh it up while the laughing was so easily obtained, but I had better keep my mind on my thoughts, so that I could tell which way they go, so I at least would know if I was thinking correctly or not, no matter what others were considering about the quality of my computations at the times I could be the effect of other's evaluations of them.


The whole connecting thread here is the head, namely literally the parts that are in it, and specifically what happens to a head while a person is, "Growing Up," trying to keep their teeth inside of it.


My principal's prediction and classmates light hearted teasing that day proved to be prophetic, if not three and a half years tardy if I was the only one to wind up with mental problems out of that class. Throughout my life my head has been more than a minor issue for me to deal with, but right now let me call my experience just another typical one over all, meaning that everyone experiences technical difficulties sooner or later. The main idea that I am trying to make here is that: along with important sensory apparatus packed in there with the corporeal/incorporeal bio-computational mechanism, namely the brain, bone and other miscellaneous vital and non vital phenomena, are teeth. There's a link between teeth and brains that is much explored in the work here. (Top)


The story now jumps to 1998, a time that I was trying to use nutritional supplementation to solve my head problems and then another old problem hit me. My teeth were getting really bad.  For the previous six months I had been consuming large quantities of orange juice with the hopes of gaining some energy as I was suffering what seemed to me to be a severe case of burnout syndrome. The treatment, drinking about a quart of orange juice every day did work for a while then I lost my energy again even when consuming that too. With my teeth, what was happening though, was that the OJ that I was drinking was sticking to them and the sugar in the juice served as an excellent food source for oral bacteria whose acidic byproducts eroded my teeth's enamel. The dentist actually said that he was going to take all of my teeth out and he sounded very sure of himself. I didn't take his statement well. However, that incident induced me to read three books about tooth care and on page 54 of Jerry F. Taintor's book, "Better Dental Care," I ran across the word: Remineralization. It seems that the way that your teeth stay strong, after they've sprouted fully, is that minerals enter your mouth, via your saliva get plated onto the exposed surfaces of your teeth and this process is what forms the hard shell on them.


After I read about that, I began thinking 'If the minerals that were supposed to be coating my teeth didn't seem to be coating them fast enough to replace the enamel that was getting eroded from them, maybe if I held the Chelated Multi Minerals that I was at that point swallowing in order to improve my other head (brain, specifically) problems in my mouth long enough, they would plate on to my teeth directly, instead of having to circulate all the way through my system, to get into my saliva, in order to coat my teeth, which, in my case, was not occurring.' 'That way,' I pondered, 'Maybe my cavities would get filled in and my teeth would get stronger and become desensitized and be OK,' and you know what? My idea actually worked! My teeth are fine. It's three years later (2002) and I can literally grind up turkey drumsticks with them. I can chew up ice if I have the mind to without pain coming from my teeth. That's pretty amazing, isn't it? I mean the difference between having to have all of my teeth yanked out to being able to chew up turkey bones with them that's good, IMO. I had to include Vitamin D (mineral experiment section) with the Chelated Multi Mineral supplement formula that I was holding in my mouth to co activate the Calcium into action, but I haven't had to go back to the Dentist since he pulled the molar out whose experience precipitated the action that I am discussing here. A year after he extracted the tooth, I went back to get an x-ray to see if there was an improvement in the size of my jawbone where he had extracted it and there was a detectable improvement in the amount of bone there. Five street confrontations with him later I finally got him to admit verbally, Well the minerals work then. He made that statement after I actually grabbed my lower front teeth in front of him and showed him how there wasn't any wiggle in them. I demonstrated how tightly my lower front teeth were set into my jaw by pushing on them with my fingers, showing him that they were very stationary. That's when he finally issued the above admonition. From this narration you can tell, maybe, how interested the dental profession is in this discovery, which is from not very to really wishing that the phenomena did not exist at all. Dentists only get money from people that don't need their services through insurance payments.


By the autumn of 1998 I had made many gains at repairing my cavity stricken, eroded teeth. By October I could grind up chicken bones with them and they were no-longer sensitive. Their cavities were all filled in.  I got the idea of starting a business manufacturing and marketing a tooth repair formula. Since this was a new area for me, I wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to be telling anyone to do anything that would hurt them, so I started holding Chelated Multi Minerals in my mouth all of the time, especially when I was sleeping, so that I would be the first one to experience any unwanted effects from the treatment, if they did occur, so that I could do something about them before any people that I was trying to help in this manner got hurt from what I was telling them to do.


Thus, the wooly mammoth's tusk was placed in the fire of Mineral's Held Orally (MHO) mineral replenishment. By this means though, not only did the mastodon's tusk get better, what popped out of the blaze, that I had fired up by holding minerals with vitamin D in my mouth, was one completely bioelectrically recharged and fully functional mentally machinating mammoth head, namely the one that contained my own finally re-operational bio-computer my own brain's container! The metaphor gets a little unwieldy, but the summation is that: Via fixing my teeth, by holding chelated minerals with vitamin D in my mouth continually for a few months, I replenished my brain's bioelectric component, thus got my brain to function well again. 


Since my brain was pretty dysfunctional, due to a low bioelectric charge component, for nearly a quarter of a century, I've presently (2002) had twenty three years worth of the experiences of a person that has had a normally powered brain and 24 years worth of experiences that a person with a pretty dead shoulder top battery (in effect) has had, plus about 3 years of the experiences of a person that has had a brain that has been running on both regular power and low power and is presently running consistently as well as it had only on its good (more well charged) days in the past.  (Top) 

  1. Parkinson's Disease's Symptoms are Eradicated

I was experiencing the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease starting up back in 1994 and I was experiencing its head dropping phenomenon in 1998, which feels like what happens when you are very tired and nodding off and your head drops down and you catch it before it hits the desk, soup plate, or steering wheel. In my case of Parkinson's Symptomatology, even though I was totally wide awake, try as I may, I couldn't hold my head steady if my life depended on it. The head drop is like a case of intermittent paralyzation. Now though, it feels like I could hang a heavy weight from my head and I could swing it like a pendulum, without experiencing the head bobbing problem. I told all of the foundations, including the one with the guy that said that they expect a cure for it within ten years. That was back in 1999. All they told me then is that they didn't understand what I was saying, but because the cure that I am talking about here might get your physical body running so well again if you do it, your doctor may either have to take you off Parkinson's medication, or make their self vulnerable to a charge of: prescribing an unnecessary medical intervention, is what I think.


Healing, using the MHO treatment, may not be automatic for everyone that experiences Parkinson's symptoms. I was only experiencing Parkinson's symptoms for five years, when I cured it in my physical body within three months of beginning the MHO treatment and what now has developed into the Sleep, Hygiene, Education, Exercise & Nutrition (SHEEN) Modality. Where "Treatment" is: an act that you do to a physical body, for the purpose of improving that corporal component's, and thus that corporeal component's composite entity's, prognosis, where a, "Modality," is: an act that you make a physical body, itself, do, for the purpose of improving that physical body's, and thus that physical body's composite entity's prognosis. 


The SHEEN Modality is a HENS (Hygiene, Exercise, Nutrition & Exercise) Modality, except that one takes on the added responsibility of Educating oneself about one's physical body's condition and what should done about it with the goal of improving your prognosis as a complex composite entity. "Education," is represented by the central initial of the SHEEN acronym. If SHEEN were an arch of five stones the keystone of the SHEEN acronym would be Education. Your own SHEEN can only possess as much quality as your own knowledge, which is what you are aware of that is true, and your own knowledge can only be as extensive as your Education, which is: what you learn that is true, whether via formal education, casual conversation, self instruction, or direct learning experience. It might do you well to find out all the information that you can find out, yourself, regarding your physical body's disorders' condition and what your options are, with regard to that condition, so that your actions regarding your physical body's health is not automatically limited to the extent of someone else's capability, or their inclination to unravel your particular physical body's issues and options and relate that data to you, for your benefit. I am talking about professional people here.


Professionals are actually just as human as you are and thus possibly just as incorrect about diagnosing your body's condition as you can be, if not possibly even more so. I mean that you take chances, no matter what course of resolution that you choose to pursue regarding your medical disorders. The practical questions that you should answer before you place your life in the hands of a purported professional healer is, "Truly, is it more advantageous for this individual to improve the operational ability of my physical body, or isn't it?" and, "Does this person really have the knowledge and ability to help me actually make my physical body better, or not?" Bear in mind that it cost me a mere fifty dollars for the right food supplements and the application of the correct effort to eradicate the devastating symptoms of the Parkinson's Disorder in my corporeal unit and those right food supplements were invented in the 1950s and I didn't find the cure to my Parkinsonism until 1999, on my own. Why hasn't the Medical Profession disbursed information about this phenomenon yet?  Why isn't anyone in the established medical industry getting people healed and off of drugs by showing them how to slowly charge their physical bodies up bioelectrically by holding Chelated Multi Mineral food supplements orally? "That is just the way that it is," but personal education, which includes, to me: finding out what you want to know as opposed to what someone else wants you to know, might net you what you actually would like to know about improving the function of your physical body better than finding out how about its function, or lack thereof, from a person that is benefiting as much more as there are more sick people. (Top)

  1. How Bioelectric Phenomena Relates to Biophysical Malfunction and What the Author Did to Solve His Own Situation Regarding this Relationship 

The major reasons that my brain's supply of bioelectric material had dropped drastically, culminating in a major mental malfunction in 1975's December, that I didn't completely recover from until 1999's February, a period of over 23 years, IMO, was that:

  1. I didn't know much about nutrition back in those days, so I didn't eat many vegetables, or replace the minerals that I lost in desert heat with extra mineral supplementation. Consequently I didn't supply my physical body with many of the minerals that it needed for the couple of years prior to the advent of my initial mental breakdown,

  2. I was working at a physically demanding job in a hot desert during 1975's summer and I didn't take the advice of other workers on the job site to replenish my electrolytes (electrolytes come in the form of minerals), so I perspired them away without replacing them and

  3. I am presently suspecting that I might have been infected by some pathogen that reeked havoc with some portion of my neurological system. ['3' is a sketchy theory at this rewrite--2006's June]

A brain inadequately supplied with bioelectric material (electrolytes, which are a pair of ions, which are negatively and positively, or go and stay matched, which are connected in solid form, but come apart when their grouping is dissolved) runs like a car without gas mostly only downhill. I believe that not having the bioelectric material that my brain needed to formulate the electrical phenomena that a brain needs to run properly disabled my brain's ability to support the mentality manufacturing mechanisms of a consciously computing individual. To clarify this a little bit, the way that it lines up, IMHO, is that: incorporeal phenomena (thoughts, ideas and considerations) are bridged to corporeal phenomena (brains, nerves, bones and flesh) via electrical phenomena [static electric and dynamic electric (magnetic) fields]. 


The quality of a person's interaction with the phenomena of the physical medium is only as good as their physical body's supply of bioelectric material is adequate, all other factors being equal. When my brain's electrostatic/magnetic blackboard's3 power got shut down, due to whatever causes, I was up to knowing what was happening around me, but I couldn't figure out what to do about anything, because my perceptions seemed so uncontrollably surreal. My sensory nerves were still working when my brain began to fail to produce its required amount of electrostatic/magnetic phenomena to function as a computational medium field generator and physical half of an interface unit coupling a more corporeal computational component with a less corporeal computational component back there in 1975, so I wasn't able to figure out what to do about anything that I believed was going on, because what in effect was occurring was that my mind/brain's hypothetical prioritization meter was rendered non functional. This was due at least in part to an attenuated supply of bioelectric substances to my brain. My mind's blackboard, so to speak, folded up on me due to a case of bioelectric dystrophy1, so I couldn't gauge the relative importances of phenomena that I, as a 23 year old male human, was obligated to somewhat competently control, so I could not successfully do so, so I wound up being an inmate of quite a number of American, IMO, psychiatrogenicosistristic2 facilities, is what I am saying. 


Please consider the possibility that a living human being is composed of a more corporeal unit (physical body), that is an aggregate of physical materials whose internal co-actions and cumulative effort in an external environment is moderated by a consciousness using an aggregation of less corporeal phenomena (a mind) via the use of a bioelectrically powered communications system to accomplish cooperation between these three components. If that statement is true, then zero bioelectric power would translate to zero communications, which would mean that there would be no orchestration of the interaction of the required physical materials involved and that would culminate in the inability of the corporeal unit to be animated. (Top) 


Bioelectricity is the phenomena that the human biological puppet's strings are made of. Here is my own observation about the situation: They call people with bodies that loose half of their bioelectric power, "Old."   My brain grew, "Old," when my corporeal unit lost much of it's mineral content in the desert, working at construction when it was only 23 years old and my brain didn't get young and useful, for me, again until it finally got bioelectrically charged back up to capacity while I was trying to prove that holding minerals in a body's mouth was safe for myself and others to do, in order to have those minerals plate on to teeth, so that those teeth would become strong again.


In the metaphor, the act of Minerals Held Orally (MHO) is comparable to leaving the wooly mammoth in the fire long enough to cook the meat, as opposed to merely chewing up thawed out raw wooly mammoth, which is analogous to merely swallowing the Chelated Multi Mineral tablets whole. 


That is the story of how, "Man Discovers Cure to Parkinson's Disease and Opens the Way to Repairing the Devastations of a Weakened Bioelectric System While Trying to Repair His Own and Other People's Teeth With Mineral Supplements and Vitamin D." 


I was trying to figure out how to get my brain working correctly again since 1975 and was trying to accomplish that feet every way that I could figure out how to for the 24 years that that activity took that has culminated in the information that is posted at this Web site. Healing (the return of acceptable functional capacity) is not merely a matter of time. It is a matter of trial, evaluation and retrial. In my case it didn't happen until I did what needed to occur to save my teeth. Not only did I manage to save my corporeal unit's teeth, 26 of them. I wound up also restoring my bioelectrical component and thus the tethering that is required to stabilize the computational medium through which a human entity manipulates the factors of the problems that they naturally acquire, in order to get along with their lives and which supports the neurological function that stabilizes muscle control. The latter feature of this great effect is what helped eradicate my Parkinson's disease's symptoms. 


Besides Minerals Held Orally (MHO), I consume a pretty normal diet and do use other nutritional supplements. However, the continuous use of the MHO Treatment is the single most effective physical treatment that I have done that has induced an improvement in my physical organs and systems, me being the consciousness involved via their neurological functions. Many thanks to the powers that be for my ability to experience the myriad benefits involved. (Top)  

  1. The Relation Between Exercise and MHO

About two or three months into doing the MHO Treatment I wound up feeling pretty miserable, because my improving bioelectric communications system was re-enabling cells to transmit their messages to my consciousness. For about three days straight I felt bad. Then I remembered what a friend had once told me when I asked them why they were going go exercise and they said that they were going to exercise, because that made them feel better. Since I had been doing mostly office work for the five years prior to this circumstance, I was pretty willing to start to try to get my body moving again. As I wasn't working at any exercise programs throughout that period, I encountered some inertia in getting my physical body going again and some resistance to pushing the extent of its motion, right away. Surprisingly though, I didn't get as many complaints coming out of it as I had remembered that I used to when I wanted it to do something that was physically demanding that I hadn't done in some time. I got it to do about 25 Jumping Jacks to get its blood moving, then 25 half sit-ups. Then, when I'd gotten it to do about ten pushups, wow, it started giving out electric rushes. You know; like those tingles that you used to get when you were getting thrilled about something like finally getting to attend an event that you really wanted to go to, or when you made a big gain on some major action that you were pursuing back in the good old days. Right now, what is, "The Good Old Days," to me, are correlating as the days that physical bodies have enough bioelectric material stored up in them, so that they can produce the electrical phenomena that they need, to produce that bioelectric rush that I was experiencing again from moving the parts of it around in ways that would spark that effect off that I experienced when I started to exercise again. The electric sensation that I was feeling when I started to make my corporeal unit do the action that my physical body's cells were trying to get me to make it do by sending my less corporeal component, namely my mind/brain, the signal of great distress, which was actually the terrible feeling that I have previously described that lasted for three days, turned into a signal of great appreciation. This signal was a bioelectric rush, which was very enjoyable to experience. I believe that it was generated for getting the debris that was comprised of spent and now unusable molecular material moved out of the cellular environment of my, at that point, extremely appreciative physical body's cells. The good signal was like the people in a neighborhood all cheering when the sanitation union comes off strike and starts picking up the waste that has piled up the worker's leverage in the streets for its duration.


  1. Improved Motor Signal Strength, thus Improved Muscular Activity via the A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET

An interesting feature about muscles appears in the Merck Manual of Medical Information. That is that there is an individual motor nerve (a nerve whose signal makes the muscle fiber contract) fiber connected to each of the physical body's muscle fibers. Every time that the management of the physical body wants any muscle fiber in it to contract, a signal gets delivered to that individual muscle fiber, theoretically through its connected motor nerve to induce its contraction.


A useful analogy here is the Twenty Mule Team, pulling a heavy load of wagons across Ronald Ragan's Death Valley Days; where each of the mules are each of the muscle fibers of a muscle group. A set of reins goes to each mule. The reins are like the motor nerves that go to each of the group's muscle fibers. The condition of the reins is comparable to the state of the nerves, whose condition, in large part, is a product of how well those nerves are supplied with the bioelectric substances that they physically require to function properly. If some of the reins are broken, then some of the mules aren't going to know when to get going, so when the reins are flipped some start to pull while others just stand there and get bumped into. Then the mules that got bumped start forward while the mules that felt the original flip of the reins stop and the consequential action is jerky and ineffectual. Charging the nerves up with bioelectric substances is like rigging the mule team with all new tackle and when the driver flips the reins all of the mules know it and start to pull at the same time and the consequential action is that they pull the heavy wagon load easily. It is for this reason that a person is able to gain much strength and stamina via making their own A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET. The reason that I am telling you this is to stress the importance of supplying your body with an ample amount of bioelectric substance. The reason presented here is to empower your physical body's nervous system's motor signals' strength. This element is important because placing it into existence makes the decision to initiate exercise activity much more easy. With a charged up motor nerve system, physical exercise, or any physical exertion becomes more of a joy and less of a strain. In fact, the more you make your A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET, the more you'll insure you don't strain any of your muscles during any physically demanding activity that you decide to perform. This feature of bioelectric health has the effect of rendering physical activity enjoyable again, where one may have lost their desire for it somewhere along the way, because of being victimized by electro-dystrophic1 phenomena. (Top)


Because I could deliver a stronger surer signal to each of my muscle fibers, I was able to get them fired up better each time that I wanted them to contract. A good deal of information regarding this phenomena is presented in, "Dead Doctors Don't Lie," by Dr. Joel Wallach. Because the action of my individual muscle fibers was more responsive when I sent signals to a particular muscle group, each individual muscle fiber had to do less work to get the jobs done, so I became stronger and gained more stamina.  What I mean is that because I could throw a greater signal into accomplishing any action that I wanted to, I was able to gain a better my muscles worked better and because it was easier to motivate them, they each had to do less work. To that degree the decision to initiate the physical action that I needed to do was less difficult to for me to envision as a viable course of action to pursue, so the actions that I wanted to do I actually did and the physical fitness of my physical body was thereby tremendously improved. 


I left off with my physical body's record for pull-ups at 57 in a row, which was accomplished at some time in the 21st century here. Because I've been working on getting this information out onto the web and I haven't gotten my body to do much, in the way of exercise, in the past seven months, my corporeal unit's capacity for doing pull-ups has fallen off, but I was still able to do 25 pull ups in a row, stopping off and doing them during the time that I was editing this sentence and now, after another little laps of time, I just jogged four miles straight in very hot weather, experiencing little undesirable physical phenomena. I graduated high school in 1970 and began to write about the discovery that I am imparting here in 1999. I began doing what I talking about some time in 1998's August. This paragraph was originally written during 2002's summer.


I am not attributing that ease of motion that I have gained to the physical strength that I've gained, because if I had initially needed to perform twice as well physically, which I now can, in order to double my physical performance, I wouldn't have been able to do so, because I didn't have that strength at the time that I would allegedly have needed it to become any more physically able. How to beat the feeling of biophysical inertia that is a symptom of poor bioelectric condition is what I am talking about here.


The evidence of people's intent to exercise coupled with their defeat of motivation by biophysical inertia is found in the form of all kinds of exercise equipment that you see at garage sales, or gathering dust in the recesses of people's houses. Personally, it seems like that stuff should be hooked up to doing something useful, like generating electricity via human power, but whatever happens, it's good to be in shape for it and having a corporeal unit with a charged up bioelectric system is a very important quadrant of the complex composite entity's blueprint and how you can get your bioelectric component charged up in the most efficient way is what you can learn about here. (Top) 

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You and/or your friends may or may not be healthy presently, but if you want to become and/or remain healthy, and/or get your friends to become and/or remain healthy, I believe that you should read all of the information presented at this Web site at least once, so that you can get a good idea of how to make your A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET work to restore the function of your bioelectric component and keep it running well, hopefully, for a long time to come. I hope that that sounds like a good plan to you, because it is easily experienced that this information is really helpful to know and use. It is not as complicated as it sounds at first and it is quite helpful to have a healthy body.


I don't believe that someone should miss the opportunity to feel as well as they can, so please read on about this therapy and try to make it work for you. Then come back here in the future to study to find out more information as it is developed. Your next step could be to proceed to the Introduction to MHO page to learn about how another person made their A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET, if you have not already done so. If you have already done that, you could always go to the Philip's Tips Posts page to see what is currently happening in regards to the application of Bioelectric Health information there.


I hope that we all improve. (Top) 

  1. Appendix

  1. Dystrophy: A continually worsening malfunction of any and all parts of the process of the nutrification of a system of a living entity.

  2.  Psychiatrogenicosistristic: (neologism) Having to do with the infliction of an illness in a subject that is exhibiting the symptoms of a mental illness for the purpose of distracting that subject's mind from producing ideation that would cause that subject to exhibit those symptoms, like dropping a rock on someone's toe to get them to quit complaining about their headache. Psychiatrogenicosistristic solutions are not very efficient, for the person's toe that you have dropped the rock on will probably then proceed to complain of the pain in their foot. The application of Actual psychiatry (the return of the mind/brain to functional/operational order, probably affected in part via the use of the A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET) would be more beneficial and efficient, thus inexpensive as a therapeutic activity.

  3. A theoretical (possibly actual, possibly not) three dimensional field that is co-activated (manufactured) via the interaction of a presiding entity's (person's) will and the functions of the material apparatus of the hardware portion of that presiding entity's mental apparatus'their physical head {I say head here, because there is a possibility that a human brain might not function as it normally does without being encased in its shell, the human skull. [Re: Stocklin, Philip, "Physical Basis for Pattern Processing in the Human Brain" (Consulting Physicist, 1992) (Unpublished Paper)]} that is used to orient mental objects, so that the relationships between them may be analyzed by that ~'s owner.   (Top) 


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