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Bioelectric Poetry

Shaking Head Out Work

So your brain does not go dead,

Shake the sand out of its head,

Cause one thousand shakes per day,

(Keeps/Gets) a head working okay, 

And I'm telling you no lies,

Cause that sand exits its eyes.


It's Host's Wish
About Robin Williams

Another shroom,
Self harvested,
Robin's body,
Now is dead.

If he knew,
What he needed,
He would not,
Have been defeated.

Living under,
Surreptitiously of Subliminal
Left him no more,
Ways to go.

His not knowing,
Was constricting,
Cause when you don't,
Most ways are missing.

Betting on,
That way to free,
Produced the loss,
That should not be.

Though it's lot holds with,
Pleasure, pain.
His loss is now,
Each our gain,

Thus, Robin's work be-,
Stows the feast,
It's host's wish,
"Bon appetite!"  


Shake It (Re: "THE TRUTH")

When you just can't take it,
You don't have to bake it,
Break it, or fake it.
Just shake it.
You'll make it. 



"Why Assume???"

Why assume,
You're not a mushroom,
When what you don't know,
Can't help you?

Tell your family and friends,
Of your means to the end,
Of the fact,
When you're Healthy.

For defeating the bills,
Of wreckage and ills,
Holds open the door,
To get Wealthy.

And cause some people's doom,
Holds others in bloom,
It's not unwise,
To stay Stealthy.



Some HOST Computer Mushroomexploit.EXE Trojan Virus Remover Code


I'm just another mushroom,

Growing in the barn,

That's run by mushroom farmers.

There's no cause for alarm.


"Now finish all your mushrooms,

Mushrooms on your pie,

Or in the sauce upon your pasta,

That's why they live and die"


Shrooms do not live forever.

On this the man depends,

For harvests' yield, that's the deal,

That keeps him soaked in friends.


To keep your HOST* a humming,

Humming like a bird,

Avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup,

That's the honest word.


And carburet all your ions,

Which come packed in minerals.

Electricity is what they make.

Your JUICE* gets so charged full.


And if you want to live for long,

Keep your guard up high,

Cause they really want to harvest you.

And the Harvest's where you die.


Why? Cause once you find out,

You will really know,

How they manipulate your thoughts,

So it's you, whom they control,


To get the largest harvest,

Yes the greatest yield,

With which to buy all the friends,

With whom they'd like to deal,


Deal the GAME*.

"The GAME*," it has a plan.

With mushroomexploit.EXE,

They keep infecting man.


Strong enough to make your pay,

But weak enough to it lose,

Cause smart enough to win the day,

But too dumb to FRAP* choose.


This Trojan virus is cloaked,

Inside invisible SNOW*.

It kills our HOST* computers,

So they stop when they should go.


This virus can flat out kill you,

By corrupting your whole HOST*,

So your life gets harvested,

And you are made a ghost,


Or another incorporeal agent,

While your life, it does get sold,

To the highest bidder,

To cash them up, fore you get old,


Not old, but more at knowing,

Knowing what they�re doing.

Seeing that that�s what�s done,

And its you that they are screwing,


Screwing into the ground,

Into the worms� lunch room,

Underneath a mound,

To which new pitchers zoom.


Zoom to pitch the spiel,

The spiel that wheel's the deal,

That the Mushroom Farmer,

Wants mushrooms to think is real.



That's the explanation,

Due to virus infection,

That keeps us off vacation,


In hostagespital beds,

Hooked to siphon hoses,

More than half way dead,

Out with dough and in with doses,


Where you know, you can go,

But if you forget, you loose the bet,

So composting mushrooms,

Makes the greatest harvests yet.


Composting mushrooms,

Increases the crop yield,

By making some of the mushrooms,

Forget some of their deals.


Composted mushrooms,

Can forget their place.

Composted mushrooms,

Can get disgraced.


Composted mushrooms,

Can lose their way,

Composted mushrooms,

Can die easilay. [Sic]


("Waltzing Matilda" Refrain)


Composting mushrooms,

Composting mushrooms,

You may go composting mushrooms with them,

So we fall,

So we die,

So we wind up,

On their pie.

You may go a composting mushrooms with them.


Now this was not the best poem yet,

A poem from Shakespeare, say,

Still, I hope it's given you,

News you can use today.



HOST: Homo-sapiens Operated Shoulder Top

JUICE: Justifiably Used, Ionically Created Electricity

GAME: Great Anywhere Mushroom Exploitation

FRAP: Fortification, Repair, Adversarial & Propylactic (medicine; mnacronym  supplanting �Health�)

SNOW: Subliminal Negative Obscuration Work

  Negative Obscuration (NO): Impeding the spread of helpful information.

(Alternate "Waltzing Matilda refrain")

Invisible SNOW makers� singing to other potential insiders version:

Composting mushrooms,

Composting mushrooms,

You may come composting mushrooms with us,

So they fall,

So they die,

So they wind up,

On our pie,

You may come composting mushrooms with us.




Chelated Multi Minerals�
The Philosopher's Stone

MHO them with vita-D
Keep strong nerves, teeth and bones.



Hear the sizzle, leave the steak.
Sip the juice; it�s no mistake,
id, air, electric cake,

JUICE*, the stuff that makes life great

Energy drives out the border.
pit does what it aught to.
Static charge, just like the water�s,
Depend-able as a soldier.

Flux, the force that does surround,
ing radiation down,
To the speed that we perceive,
With device and sense achieve,

What we know to be awareness,
Of what other�s, they share with us.
Electric loop pulls it together,
Affixing flux to static matters,

Centralizing here and now,
We get to see and touch somehow.
Our bodies made with juice�s pull,
Conducting action that they will,

Keep in touch both me and you,
With other�s that are now here too.
I hope that you have agreed,
About juice-actly what we need.

* Justifiably Used, Ionically Created Electricity


"Electric Sleep Charging Song" 


Why not do it?
I Hope you do.

Come and try it.
What's to loose?

Where you going,
The way you are?

In a few more years,
You�ll need a car.

Fix the driver,
You'll get far.

Ride up high,
Like a ski,

Across the sky,
Sound�s neat to me!

"The Profiteers Pledge


I pledge allegiance to the land,
That gives the most bang for my buck,
And the strength of the currency in my hand,
Least by arbitrage I've better luck.

And to the F-D-I-C,
Cause it hides me,
But one banking system under God?
Surely there you jest.
Cause God may be good,
But what rules the world,
Is money,
Cause money's


"Love Hate Money Root Fruit


If the love of money,
Is Evil's root,
Then the hate of it,
Is Evil's fruit.



"The Alphanumerabet3 Song" using "Color=Pitch & Space=Time" Correlation Notation5  (TOC)























































































...or the "Alphanumerabet3 Song" could be sung to the base line in the song "Peter Gun." (Notes depicted in "Color=Pitch" Musical Notation5)

Aae bee cee dee,

Eee eph cgee aach,

I jae kay el,

Emm enn oh pea,

Qu are ess tea,

You Vee dah- bull-

You Exx why zee,

Row one two three,

Four five six seh-

Vin eight nine ten.

If you want to,

Sing this a-gain.


...or The Alphanumerabet3 Song could also be sung to the "Row, Row Row Your Boat" melody.

A B C D E,

F G H I J,

K L M N O,

P Q R S T,

U V Du Bull U,

X Y Z Row 1,

2 3 4 5 6,

Se Vin 8 9 10.

ending the song or continuing the song by replacing the 10 with an A and continuing around the next verse with the next letter as in the following order, thus yielding a 39 verse spectrum of line formats culminating at the original A B C... configuration at its 40'th verse, suggested as a replacement for the "100 Bottles of Beer" road song.
Alternate first verse ultimate line:

Se Vin 8 9 A.

in which case the song would not end at the end of the first verse, but rather proceed in this fashion:

B C D E F,

G H I J K,

L M N O P,

Q R S T U,

V Du Bull U X,

Y Z Row 1 2,

3 4 5 6 Se,

Vin 8 9 A B.

C D E F G,

H I J K L,

M N O P Q,

R S T U V,

Du Bull U X Y,

Z Row 1 2 3,

4 5 6 Se Vin,

8 9 A B C. 

D E F G H,

I J K L M,

N O P Q R,

S T U  V Du,

Bull U X Y Z,

Row 1 2 3 4,

5 6 Se Vin 8,

9 A B C D,

The 5'th Verse beginning and ending with E.

The 6'th Verse beginning and ending with F.

The 7'th Verse beginning and ending with G.

The 8'th Verse beginning and ending with H.

The 9'th Verse beginning and ending with I.

The 10'th Verse beginning and ending with J.

The 11'th Verse beginning and ending with K.

The 12'th Verse beginning and ending with L.

The 13'th Verse beginning and ending with M.

The 14'th Verse beginning and ending with N.

The 15'th Verse beginning and ending with O.

The 16'th Verse beginning and ending with P.

The 17'th Verse beginning and ending with Q.

The 18'th Verse beginning and ending with R.

The 19'th Verse beginning and ending with S.

The 20'th Verse beginning and ending with T.

The 21'th Verse beginning and ending with U.

The 22'st Verse beginning and ending with V.

The 23'nd Verse beginning and ending with Du.

The 24'rd Verse beginning and ending with Bull.

The 25'th Verse beginning and ending with You.

The 26'th Verse beginning and ending with X.

The 27'th Verse beginning and ending with Y.

The 28'th Verse beginning and ending with Z.

The 29'th Verse beginning and ending with Row.

The 30'th Verse beginning and ending with 1.

The 31'th Verse beginning and ending with 2.

The 32'st Verse beginning and ending with 3.

The 33'nd Verse beginning and ending with 4.

The 34'rd Verse beginning and ending with 5.

The 35'th Verse beginning and ending with 6.

The 36'th Verse beginning and ending with Se.

The 37'th Verse beginning and ending with Vin.

The 38'th Verse beginning and ending with 8.

The 39'th Verse beginning and ending with 9.

The 40'th Verse beginning and ending with A again, just like the first verse, thus ending the song. 

The extended version suggested as an augmentative to the road trip repertoire and a strategic alternative to the, IMO, spent, burnt, sped, cooked 100 bottles of Carbonated Yeast Urine (Beer) On the Wall anthem to oblivion�an invitation to the innocent to experience an insipid, mundane, subordinated existence until death does allegedly relieve them, as professed by the hoodwinkers, charlatans and highly established mental activity manipulators, because attempting to sing the RRRYB EP ANBS, as versed above would help educate the occupants. This would help keep the stick pulled back on their lives enough to maybe keep them out of the flaming wreckage long enough to get to appreciate what a real life could be like and remain mentally active enough to gain a better shot at making a much better show of it than had they succumbed to signing up as extras in the continuing series of the reenactment of that Carbonated Yeast Urine Consumptional Classic, at the short play of which to have their deanimated corpses tossed into caskets like those empties in recycler boxes. A Be-er is a thinker according to Rene' Descartes, but Be-ers can think, thus remain so, only if they can keep from getting drunk. If they're drunk, they're just empties. With recycling, though, they're still at least each worth a nickel. lol


"The Duz in the UZ" Chorus 

  • Buz: Static; The attractive force between Electron and Proton. (electric charge)
  • Duz: (Does) The Interaction of the Kuz, Fuz, Buz and Wuz.
  • Fuz: Hypothetical lines of force that link Photons to Electrons; The Duz' spatial component. (Flux; Magnetism)
  • Kuz: (Cause) Radiation; The component of causethe phenomenon of the initiation of inhabitation of the uz [sic]. (Photonic phenomena)
  • UZ: The space/time medium; Read "A volume that contains a duration" as opposed to "ZU," which is read "A duration that contains a volume," which is a composite of all of the forms of biological life inhabiting the UZ.

    • Space     =     U     =     Volume
    • Time      =     Z      =     Duration
  • Wuz: (Was) Gravity; Kuz' opponent. (Gravitonic phenomena)


...Now some Buz/Fuz Duz,

Kuz some Fuz/Buz Kuz,

And some Buz/Fuz Wuz,

Kuz some Fuz/Buz Duz...


The Tip of the DRIP

What a slippery DRIP we attempt to scale,

When first we plot to make other's fail.

  1. Philosopher's Stone: Universal Cure-all (TOC)

  2. To make the minerals work directly on your teeth, you need to combine them with vitamin D, because vitamin D co-acts with Calcium, rendering it workable at the point of their combination and contact with the teeth involved. No lie, holding multi minerals in your mouth with vitamin D, in combination with adequate oral hygiene, will fill in your teeth's cavities, make them very durable and larger also.

  3. alf'-a-new'-mar-a-bet: A combination of the words alphabet and numeral representing the connection of English letters and Arabic numerals, attached at zeroZee-Row4.

  4. The symbiological representation of the unification of the last letter in the English alphabet and the Arabic numeral representing Descartes' "Origin" as one single, complete entity, which could be viewed as representing the primary bond between letters and numerals; Could be viewed as the junction between Physical and Ephemeral phenomena, Corporeal and Incorporeal phenomena and the concepts of Quality and Quantity; The location at which all phenomena coincidental to Descartes' "Origin" meet.


    "Color=Pitch & Space=Time" Musical Notation Correlation Table

    • Notes' tones are represented via their color and 
    • Notes' durations are represented by the quantity of spaces that each sounding takes up, each space representing a displaced, though equivalent period of time throughout the body of the song.  (TOC)
    The Number of Frets Up the Fret Board from Any Note that is Used as that so Fretted Note's Primary (Key) Note. 
    Names of  the Interval Sounds Between any Particularly Designated Note and the Base Key Note.
     The notes as they would land on the section of the electromagnetic spectrum that contains properties that are visible to humans.  (The subscripts represent how many rows* up from the most bass octave each particular note resides.) This arrangement is meant to be a literal representation that, devoid of mistakes, should be as true a representation as semantics allow.
    E45 F45
    Major Seventh
    (D# / Eb)45 E45
    Minor Seventh
      D45 (D# / Eb)45
    Major Sixth / Diminished Seventh
    (C# / Db)45 D45
    Augmented Fifth / Minor Sixth
    C45 (C# / Db)45
    Perfect Fifth
    Augmented Fourth / Diminished Fifth
    (A# / Bb)44 B44
    Perfect Fourth
    A44 (A# / Bb)44
    Major Third
    (G# / Ab)44 � A44
    Minor Third
    G44 (G# / Ab)44
    Major Second
    (F# / Gb)44 � G44
    Minor Second
    F44 (F# / Gb)44 
    E44 F44
    *Row: Musicallyany string of 13 adjacent notes. They span one musical octave. i.e. The row of the octave of visible light spans from the color range: E44 F44 (362.4 terahertz � 384.0 terahertz), which is located in the 44'th octave above the most bass range of its so related audible tones, E0 � F0 (20.60 hertz � 21.83 hertz), in the electromagnetic spectrum, to the color range: E45 F45 (724.9 terahertz � 768.0 terahertz), which is located forty-five octaves� above that same range of tones, E0 F0.
    A tone whose frequency has the property of being an integral (whole number) multiple of the square, of any more bass tones' frequencies that it is so related to. i.e. The forth octave above the note "A0," the most bass A note, whose tone's frequency is 27.50 cps is "A4," whose tone's frequency is 440 cps, because 27.50 cps x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2, or 27.50 cps x 24, or 27.50 cps x 16 = 440 cps. The note's pitch (tone) that is officially tuned to in contemporary Music has a frequency (regularly repeating occurrence) of 440 cps and is called the A4 note.  (TOC)

Haikuronym of "ACRONYM"
(acronomy license)

A co-mmuniqu�,

Rigorous-ly organized,

Naming, yet meaning.



I'm an existor in the electronomy,
 So I charge my collectistor as high as can be,
 And use my spenductor efficiently,
 Cause I'm an existor in the electronomy.


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