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Where the knowledge,
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Whose use can help one gain a decade of better physical life,
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Medical Section
Charts & Tables

www.bioelectrichealth.org's Charts & Tables

Via which are defined the dimensions of TABLOIDER, a Reference Framework that may be used to link Bioelectric Health information with Universal Knowledge.
  • Bioelectric Mnacronym ChartFormally "The Bioelectrichealth Mnemonic Acronym Chart."
  • Music of the SpheresThe relationship of the four main axes' of human endeavor Religion, Technology, Humanity, and Economics�properties and attributes may be comprehended more thoroughly via  viewing this chart and correlating what one discovers on it with phenomena existing in one's own game matrix.
  • Competition ChartDepicts a hypothetical 15 round (year) match between the therapy that is promoted here and the items that produce undesirable issues in the general milieu. The match began at the opening of 1999.
  • Starting LineupsThe mnacronymically1 named teams and those teams' infield's players of a metaphoric baseball game between sides selected for their possession of opposing philosophic ideals.
  • The DRIP DRAPEA Mnacronym Chart regarding a possible configuration of how all knowledge might be configured and inter-related within itself.
  • Music CorrelationThis colorful chart relates the notes of the musical scale to the single octave of the electromagnetic spectrum that contains the band of frequencies that are sensed as light via the human eye.
  • More MnacronymsThis is a chart of mnacronyms other than those directly associated with topics covered by any Mnacronym Charts otherwise appearing at BioelectricHealth.org.
  • GlossaryA list of terms specifically related to this Web site coupled with attempts at defining and explaining what those terms are supposed to mean.
Charts & Tables'

BEST Mnacronyms
Music of the Spheres
Competition Chart
Starting Lineups
Music Correlation
More Mnacronyms
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  1. Mnacronymically: (na'-crOw-nim-ic-lE The 'M' is silent.) Having to do with a word that is composed of the initials of other words, which assist the memory of phenomena regarding the subject of the particular mnacronym involved.
    (Mnemonic + Acronymically)

    Acronymically: (ac'-r0w-nim) Having to do with a word that is made up of the initials of other words.

Mnemonic: (nE-mon'-ic) Having to do with phenomena that assists the memory.

The term 'Mnacronymically' is a Neologism.

Neologism: (nE-O-lO'-dgi-zum) A new word.

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