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Medical Section
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Medical professionals are, themselves, to some degree, hostaged by their inability to resolve their clients' issues. That inadequacy could act as the villainous host of all of the so victimized parties.

Overpricing, insufficient service, and insufficient pay for health trade personnel are each and all due to the combination of the evocation of the strategies of individuals operating in several discrete, though associated modes of human endeavor.

The players'�patients, doctors, health care financial brokers, health technology educators, and patients' benefactors�needs, and the force of the evocations of each of these microcosms' strategies to satisfy all of their needs collide and combine at the juncture known as, "Health Care." This can get to be a pernicious influence that could overwhelm the ability of the biotechnological branch of human endeavor to derive more satisfactory results for more people than would be well to.

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Medical Section:

Hospital Hostages
Organ Sacrificing?
Pica / Pica / Pica
Abusive Substances
Card / Board / Chart
Night Sweats--GOOD!
Reverse Iontophoresis

If  the issue of health maintenance is analyzed via the consideration of human attitude, as that phenomena is plotted out across the human physical condition, as that condition changes through life, coupled with the self considered needs of all of parties concerned at any given point in their co-active relationship, more of the seemingly undecipherable factors regarding health care become apparent, and to that degree more wieldy.   

Via gaining the advantages of, themselves, using MHO/SHEEN therapy, many issues of the associated microcosms' personnel would resolve, thus abate and to that degree ease the need for health care personnel to perform beyond their human capacity to do so. That body of individuals, by doing  MHO/SHEEN therapy, would also liberate themselves from the need to spend as much of their pay on their own personal health care as they presently do. By doing MHO/SHEEN therapy they would maintain their ability to perform successfully over a greater amount of time. The end result would be that they would gain a greater ability to do as they pleased.

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