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The Electro-Physical Anatomy of Addiction and How to Resolve It


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Person's In Constant Addiction
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Person's Ionic Contents' Attenuated
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Persisting Ions' Continuous Assimilation



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Medical Section:

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If you look up "Pica" in the dictionary, you might find a definition that states: a craving for non foods. Foods are substances that help the body function, so eating non foods doesn't help the body.


In the Merck Manual of Medical Information (MMM) it says that pica is caused by a deficiency of iron. The fact that iron is a mineral, is the reason that the term PICA has been selected as an educational device to represent the ailment that is primarily precipitated through the phenomenon of deficiency. That ailment's name is Addiction.


The condition of addiction develops over time via the continual miss-compensation for the absence of any, each and all of the body's vital ingredients. i.e. How full a gas tank is has absolutely no bearing on how far a car can be driven, unless that substance is at least somewhat the correct fuel.


Logically, if the space that requires iron to inhabit it in the body for that body to function correctly is taken up by non-iron substances, that body will not function correctly.


You could look at anything from a minor craving for any non nutritious substance to full blown addiction as anything from a mole hill to a mountain, which gets built up via a Person's Ionic Contents' Attenuation (PICA).


Now then, ions, which are what minerals help to compose in a body, are like a body's money. As the body doesn't have ions, its cells don't get to live as well they would like to. Persisting Ion's Continuous Assimilation (PICA) is the action that prevents Pica (the malady) and helps the body repair the damages induced by Pica (the malady) and Pica's precipitants* when accomplished in time, because Persisting Ion's Continuous Assimilation (PICA) is the action that gets the ionic nutrition into the body that that body's parts need to cooperate effectively to maintain that body's functionality.


When the cells' need for substances--ions made with minerals included--is satisfied, they no-longer send the extremely urgent demands for nutrition through the neurological network that feel like the cravings of addiction to the Person In Constant Addiction (PICA) (Addict).


When Persisting Ion's Continuous Assimilation (PICA), over time a sufferer's coping mechanisms can be eliminated devoid of the intolerably harsh reprisals that are delivered to the addict by that person's so afflicted cells, simply because by Persisting Ion's Continuous Assimilation (PICA), that person can eliminate the deficiency that originally induced the cravings that they, by their erroneous coping practices, were intensifying.


If one would Persist in Ion's Continuous Assimilation (PICA) to kick any addiction/s that they may be experiencing, they will replace the ingredients that are missing in their body, in whose absence it seemed desirable to them to solve their issue in a way that they now find unacceptable and they should be way permitted to do so. Don't you agree?


That's the PICA / PICA / PICA plot maker. Will yours get put in a book, or a cemetery? That's the question. One good thing about this is that you have the whole rest of your life to decide what you're going to do about the situation that you, along with your particular collection of cellsyour bodyare in presently.

*A malady (sickness) that is an outcome of complications involved with a preceding suboptimal condition.
The gestaltic singular case (They, Them) (Us, We) (Those, These): The quantity of the parts of any given entity, taken into consideration along with that entity's defining quality, whose totality (whole) can be considered to be one single agent named (labeled) via the use of the linguistic representation of that agent's so defining quality; An extension of the royal we; It is a form of expression that doesn't seem to be readily accepted, but helps when trying to resolve how some phenomenon that is applied to one person resolves with that same phenomenon is applied to many people.
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