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Bio-Electric Experiments

The fact that in any imperfect communication system, the probability that the integrity of any communicated data is maintained is inversely proportional to the number of relays through which the transmission of that data moves is a validation for the argument for direct personal experimentation, within reason.

This author believes that the closer an experimenter is able to directly observe phenomena, the more possibly accurate that experimenter's interpretations can be regarding the attributes of and factors contributing to that so observed phenomena.

There exist semi-direct means of observing the attributes of bio-electric phenomena.

There exists a somewhat simple, economical way to determine how well one's own bioelectric system is functioning, generally speaking.

Experiments whose purpose is to acquaint a person with the attributes of bio-electric phenomena and a physical body's use of these attributes for its functionality (operability) are presented as the child (children) pages of this, the Bio-Electric Experiments (parent) page.

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   Children of Bio-Electric Experiments: Opening BET Body Voltage Charged Air Report
I have survived the effects of the experiments posted here, but it could just be luck, or an anomaly that has permitted me to have obtained the results herein delineated, so let me say that I believe that a person versed in applicable subject matter should be consulted to establish each experiments' safety and ramifications of possible results before and throughout the potential experimenter's procession through any of the experiments, unless the experimenter, their self is familiar with the connected (supporting) information.
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