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1) As you would first ask for more wishes if granted one, so also would you study how to learn in order to acquire the greatest education possible. You can do this. Don't ask me how he did it, but L. Ron Hubbard figured out what keeps people from being able to use the information that is made available to them and he packaged that information in what is called, "Study Technology," or, more the more juvenilely oriented version, "Learning How to Learn," information that is made available through the Church of Scientology,  Applied Scholastics, or their affiliates.

Study technology is the most useful educational tool in existence, for if one does not study, their chances of finding out what they should know are very seriously limited.

There are barriers that keep people from being able to understand what they are trying to read that have nothing to do with their aptitude, but rather how they go about their attempt to pick the words up off of the page and be able to use the concepts that those words form to achieve the effect that they intend.

Some people are against book learning, saying, "Experience is the best teacher," and maybe it is, but if the people that were writing and reading books weren't doing what they do, there would be a whole lot less interesting things to experience.

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Most people seem to like to do what they are good at and not do what they aren't proficient in. That way they accomplish what they set out to do more. Isn't that  what makes them feel good; succeeding at what they attempt? If you apply that idea to the negative aspect of book learning you can see how by increasing one's ability to learn what is written in books well, one could wind up liking it a whole lot more. Possibly, you could not only find out what I am trying to tell you about at this Web Site, but the whole WEB would open up to you like a crystal ball with light exuding from its patch work human interface surface.

With the WEB here you can find out anything that you want to know, that is known by man, if you are fully prepared to do what you need to do to access and assimilate that information. Even without the WEB there are still millions of author's products out there with the answers to your questions in them, sitting there like the diamonds in a mine. Those gems are only accessible to those that have the keys to the drilling machines of knowledge. Those keys are encapsulated in L. Ron Hubbard's, "Study Technology."

If you are presently a successful student, you are probably using either some or all of the principles and concepts that are delineated in L. Ron Hubbard's Study Tech. It is explained at a level that someone that does not already possess a great deal of book knowledge can understand. At first glance the Study Technology may seem written below one's comprehension level, but then again it would not be assimilable if it had been written above that level.

There are definite advantages to being able to get information directly from books, devoid of needing the spoon feeder of knowledge that is called a, "Teacher," to help one assimilate information. First of all, you don't have to let the world know what information you are trying to learn. Because of that you can go about acquiring your information from any avenue of approach that you would like to. If one course of study does not yield what you wanted to know, you can simply take out a book on another related subject and possibly arrive at the information you were trying to acquire that way.

If you ran, "Scientology AND Study Technology," in a search engine, you would be starting out on your way to free yourself from the canned approach to the learning process and starting a course of activity to becoming more able to shop for your knowledge in the fresh produce section of your information delivery center. Fresh produce contains 80% of its original vitamins and canned only retains 20% of those vital substances for you to benefit from.

2) Why Education Note #1 is there is to help you conduct independent research of the other four subjects of the SHEEN support modality, plus do any research on how to resolve any particular physical problems that you either may presently be experiencing, or manifest from over doing or under doing any activity that needs to occur for you to become healthier, so that you don't sacrifice any of the health that you presently have trying to gain greater health.

If doctors can mess up, and they do, please don't go at this thinking that you are infallible and think that by learning one or two little tricks that you are going to solve all of your health problems forever. That is not going to happen for the simple reason that having good health, in one aspect, merely means that you have just made it possible for you to get sick again. That is why the SHEEN support modality is on the MHO treatment. It is there for you to use as a format to find out the information that you need to know, so that you can apply it to resolve conditions that arise from what is happening to you, because you have decided to and are doing the MHO treatment.

Again, as the teachers would be leery to teach teaching for free, to insure their own job security, so the doctors are not likely to divulge any cures that do not require large outlays of money in order to effect. Why do you think that health care costs are so high? It is simply because doctors are taking their lives into their hands by staying close to sick people and for that hazardous duty they feel that they are due hazardous duty pay, so they decide to work at the expensive cures, so that it seems like they should get a lot of money from people. If they told you that they thought that they should get high pay because they knew that they probably weren't going to live as long as you, you would loose confidence in them and probably try to figure out how to cure yourself more. If more people succeeded because of that phenomena, they would be left with only the more incurable aspects of health care to resolve, to to rely on for their income and because the incurable cases of disease also kill doctors more, they probably wouldn't bother studying as much about how to keep people going by any means, because they would die sooner than most people and wouldn't even enjoy a better life in the interim.

Because of their application of superfluous high tech, high cost methods of health care they can go around looking more like gods mere than humans, thus commanding more respect and the accompanying pay. Considering that the most deadly ailments present in society today are non contagious chronic diseases that would not exist if the MHO/SHEEN   were correctly used and they haven't even begun to accord minerals their proper regard as primary vital substances to the public, I feel that there is not only a dearth of the correct disbursal of information in their field, they are not even quite living up to their titles.

 According to Joel Wallach, a  doctor's life expectancy is about seven years below the national average, so I would say that they have a pretty good argument fore asking for higher pay, but if people would take more responsibility upon themselves to educate themselves about how they can gain and maintain excellent health, where possible, via the MHO/SHEEN BEHT therapy, we would all stand a better chance of raising the life expectancy statistic, because the doctors then too would stand a better chance of living longer and healthier lives, because they would then not have to come in contact with as great a number of sick people. They are of course also free to use the MHO/SHEEN BEHT therapy. They actually should try it out it too, I feel, if they have a desire to maintain their credibility in the health world. Their use of the  MHO/SHEEN BEHT therapy would have a salubrious effect on the LESSON of what they need to have in order to keep going in more of the form that you would expect that they would like to experience biological life in, also.

That is all of the notes on Education for the time being. I hope that you can take full advantage of having looked at them.