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Medical Section
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―The Hygiene Modality―

This page is not meant to be an extensive treatment of the subject.

Collected here, at this time, are only notes about what I have learned about hygiene since I have been doing the MHO/SHEEN therapy that I don't think that other people know about very well yet.

In doing the following actions, I have been able to harvest many more returns for my efforts than any other ways I had previously tried to accomplish the so intended results.

What these notes are about are the correct actions that make one's efforts at getting and staying clean actually successful ones.

The Sections of the Hygiene Modality Page

  1. Oral Hygiene
  2. Foot Hygiene
  3. Deep Hygiene
  4. Dirty Water = Thoroughly Cleansed Skin = Shrinking, Tightening Skin


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  1. Oral Hygiene


The answer to oral hygiene that is going to sound too simple to be true at first, but if experimented with, should prove out. It is that: if you don't rinse your mouth out with water after you brush, but rather swish the paste bubbles between your teeth, then spit as much paste as you can out of your mouth and leave it at that, devoid of rinsing with water, you won't wind up with any bacteria buildup between your teeth, because the residual paste will kill it off and keep bacteria from coming back until the next time you brush, provided this is within 12 hours of your previous brushing. However, using tooth paste this way isn�t a really great idea because toothpaste has fluoride in it and because of that, you�d be feeding your body a supply of fluoride if you left toothpaste in your mouth and a fluoride buildup in the body isn�t good for the body.

Do you know what though? You can totally skip using toothpaste to brush your teeth by merely taking a sip of mouthwash into your mouth and holding it there by closing your lips around your toothbrush�s handle and brushing your teeth that way, with mouthwash alone in your mouth�zero toothpaste. Then, after you�ve finished brushing, only spit what remains out (expectorate) without rinsing your mouth out any further. This way you will leave enough antibacterial agent in your mouth to ward off bacteria buildup until the next time you brush your teeth. But again, if you rinse the anti-bacterial agent out of your mouth with water, you will defeat its purpose, which is to kill bacteria, because it can't do its job if it isn't there. [Caution: Hydrogen Peroxide shouldn't be used in any form as a mouthwash for any extended periods of time (E.G. more than two weeks) due to its corrosive effects on oral and throat surfaces (epithelium cells).]


There is an issue with fluoride. In his book,  What You Need to Know About Trace Minerals, on page 24, Earl Mindell states:      

"There is a clear correlation between bone fractures and fluoridation. It turns out that while fluoride does create denser bone, it is poor quality, structurally unsound bone that is actually more prone to fracture over time."

Coupling that observation with the fact that toothpaste usually contains fluoride makes it seem prudent to use toothpaste that is free of this ingredient, if one is to continue with the, "Swishing Minus Any Rinsing Treatment (SMART)," if it works for you.

I know that that the SMARTreatment  works very well, because I haven't had to floss my teeth more than 3 times since I began the SMARTreatment over 3 years ago now and, no, I haven't had any professional dental work performed in that time either, nor have I had problems with my gums.

To take care of my teeth, I studied about tooth care and did what I learned from the books that I took out from the library pertaining to the subject. "How to study effectively," is written about on the Education Notes page.  (Top)

  1. Foot Hygiene

I learned how to solve my own feet's unwanted life form issues via the trail and success method, I tried different ideas until I got some to work. It took a couple of years for me to be able to say that I no-longer had an athlete's foot issue, but I don't have an athlete's foot issue now. Yeah!

The reason that the issue took so long to clear up, I think, was a combination of my mindset that held the ideas, "I want to do it myself," "It doesn't make sense to me that my own body cannot figure out how to defeat the topological invaders involved as we are told that those invaders exist in so many places," "How long could my body last if it were constantly threatened with agents that it can't ward off if those threats are a continual threat?" "Those cures that are sold on the shelves seem so expensive!" and finally, "As the issues involved are more embarrassing than an life threatening, they offer themselves as excellent materials for experimentation." "The stakes are low enough to allow anyone to enter the game and high enough to keep it an interesting one, so why not ante up with an investment of some activity?"

In experimentingtoying with the problem directly�for over a period of two years, I got the idea that there might be more than one undesirable life form involved. I don't know if this hypothesis is true, but from getting the idea that one deeply seeded life form could have been feeding off of a more easily removed life form, I was able to maintain my resolve to rid my toenails of at least my postulated more easily removed life form, thus supposedly depriving my toenails' more tenaciously attached life form of its sustenance and in effect, starving it out.

A backup theory is that holding rocks in my mouth strengthened my immune system enough to solve the issue from inside my body while I worked on the effects that I could control from outside it and the combined effect of the two activities weakened the toe hold (yuck yuck) that the undesirable life form/s had on my body enough for my body to kick it out of it. Yeah! 

Ergo, if have this, or a similar issue and the only life form that you want to be standing in your shoes is you and you are the do-it-yourself type, the steps that you might want to take to hopefully resolve the issues involved are:

  1. Try to keep your feet as dry and as aired as possible. Sandals are fine forms of foot wear as they offer the greatest ventilation.

  2. Use isopropyl alcohol to rid your clothing of unwanted life forms. To help yourself with this, all you require is an empty spray bottle and some plastic bags.

    To fumigate your clothing, esp. footwear:

  1. Fill a clean spray bottle with isopropyl alcohol, Isopropyl can be found in the pharmacy.

  2. Spray the alcohol into the items, then drop them into the plastic bags and close the bags tightly. Locking the isopropyl in makes the alcohol work over an extended period of time, as it keeps it from evaporating from off of the items. Plastic grocery bags work perfectly for this purpose.

  3. You can leave the items in the bags for as long as you would like to. This even works with getting rid of old sneaker smell, because you can really load them up and store them for the whole off season in this state.

  4. Fumigation is successful only to the degree that it is thorough. It may take a couple of trys for some issues to totally resolve, as you may inadvertently pass a contaminant from one item back to others by missed it during your first pass through.  (Top)

  1. To care for your feet directly:

  1. For this activity you could use the aid of that spray bottle containing isopropyl alcohol again, an old tooth brush, and a small pointed knife.

  2. Every day, or whenever you change footwear you can spray your toes and wherever else you have an issue with the isopropyl alcohol.

  3. You can brush into the crevasses between your toenails and the flesh of your toes with your used tooth brush. The crevasse between the teeth or nails of a body and the flesh of the body is called the sulcus.

  4. To get the top fungus off of the toenails you may have to scrape it with a sharp knife, taking care to scrape sideways, so that you don't cut into any tissue that you do not want to damage. If you are careful, you can extend the point of the knife into the sulcus around the edge of the nail to get the alcohol to better reach that region. If you use this sharp utensile, take care to always move the point of the blade sideways so as to not cut into any part of your toe. A good rule of thumb here is, if it hurts then don't do it. Scrape lighter if it the pressure that you are using begins to hurt, but if you persist in this activity over time, your body's natural rebuilding mechanisms will re-grow the effected areas to help you help it rid itself of this undesirable condition.

  5. If you must wear your socks more than one day without washing them, spray their toes with isopropyl, put them in a plastic bag overnight, or while you are not wearing them. This will rid them of unwanted life forms for the next time that you need to use them.

  6. If you keep your toenails clipped short and clean under them with the pointed knife, you can evict unwanted life forms from that region also, thus increasing the possibility of your action's success.

  7. It would be best to keep doing these procedures until you your feet are completely healthy again.  (Top)

  1. Deep Hygiene

    Here is another problem that you might be able to solve for yourself if you pay attention enough valid information to find out what you need to do to effectively solve it. This problem is deeper than the other two problems. It has to do with the material that you don't want inside of your body any more, but are stuck inside of it. This material could be composed of either spent molecules that are no longer useful to your body, or even less benign materials that actually harm your body's internal activities. These materials are known as 'toxic' substances.
    According to H. DeWayne Ashmead in his book, Conversations on Chelation and Mineral Nutrition, when toxic materials, such as lead, arsenic, cadmium, mercury, and even sodium, get into locations that it is not supposed to be in, can all be pushed out of their nests (my term) by properly re-supplying the body with the materials that are supposed to be located where the toxins have taken over. That's one answer. That's why, "Minerals Held Orally," helps. It gets the atoms into the body that are supposed to be there, so that the inappropriate atoms can then be released from it. What L. Ron Hubbard says in his book, Clear Body--Clear Mind, on the subject corroborates H. DeWayne Ashmead's observations and is quite a ground breaker and excellent stand alone study book regarding the thorough detoxification procedures.

    One item that I know about it is that the reason that exercise is required to pump used and unwanted materials from the body is that it takes the action of the "Lymph," system, whose operation is explained in, The Merck Manual of Medical Information in the so named section. From what I understand of what is said in the MMMI, the lymph system is like the body's internal vacuum cleaner. My interpretation of how MMMI says it works is that the lymph system is a collection of tubes that are made up of sections that are separated by one way flapper valves. The intakeopen endsof these tubes are set in between all of the vital organs in the main body cavity and the outlet end of these tubes that branch into the body cavity join the main circulatory system somewhere in the neck region of the body. What makes this system of tubes move material through them and on out of the body is not the heart beating, although that is a prime requirement, but rather the actions of the organs motions compressing the tubes of the lymph system, which squeeze the material from one section to the next, through them on out to the main circulatory system where they are moved out of the body by various means, depending on what those materials actually are.

    Exercise is the most effective means of of pumping used bio-matter out through the lymph system's tubes from the organs to where it can be removed from the body. This is one of the reasons that exercise helps to clean the interior regions of the physical body.  (Top)

  1. Dirty Water = Thoroughly Cleansed Skin = Shrinking, Tightening Skin

If you have been doing the A-T-M MHO/SHEEN for a few months and you can use a bath tub to wash up in after exercising, you will notice much more debris in the water than you were used to seeing when bathing before. As you are washing, you may notice the water turning a murky grey, possibly to the point that you won't even be able to see through it. The material that is turning the water grey is the minerals that you got your body to assimilate by doing the MHO Treatment. That material wound up in the fluids that were pumped out of your body�s skin's pores via your body's sweat and oil glands when your body perspired and secreted oils. That material was still on your skin when you began to bath. A point not much considered is that the minerals that our bodies use are always solids at our physical body�s functioning temperature of 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. Those materials when released from the body remain solid and get held in suspension in the water. That is what the dark color of the water comes from.

An interesting possibility is that the minerals that are pumped out of the physical body through the pores of its skin or by its sweat glands may have a scouring effect on the walls of those vessels that the fluid that contains them is pushed through. This phenomenon might serve to explain why, after you exercise and bathe your body, after doing the A-T-M MHO/SHEEN for a few months, you may experience the feeling that your physical body's skin not only feels clean on the surface, but that it seems to feel really clean, deeply, all of the way throughout its entire thickness. The higher fluid pressures that an exercising body builds up in its lymph system, coupled with the scouring action of the minerals, all work together to flush out any material throughout the entire length of the skin's pores' and sebaceous (oil) glands. This phenomenon may be somewhat responsible for why skin shrinks back down around a physical body�s bones after using up its excess stores of semi solid fuels when the A-T-M MHO SHEEN is used to return that body to a more optimal physical performance output level. 

Also, if you look, possibly floating there on top of your bath water, you will see a lot more of an oily substance with a cakey white solid substance floating in it. That is the stuff that bathtub rings are made of. From what I have read about it in the Encarta Encyclopedia, I am making the guess that that solid material is a collection of dead skin cells and what they call, "Sebum," which is composed of fat, wax and triglycerides, which is exuded from a physical body�s sebaceous (oil) glands. It has been said that this activity is a means of controling your body temperature, lubricating your skin and softening your hair. The, sudoriferous or sweat glands are primarily water glands and, "Sebaceous," glands are primarily oil glands. The material's quantity, that is pumped out of a physical body's sebaceous glands, was multiplied by a factor of over ten times the normal amount when I did the MHO Treatment and Exercised. [Added Note (2006 March 19): My body's functions were seriously disrupted by a couple of infections that invaded it in 2003 and early 2004. During 2004 and a good part of 2005 it produced no more of this white flakey stuff floating on its bath water. Towards the end of 2005 the white flakey stuff began to show up again. At this time (early 2006) I am feeling somewhat better from those infections. I think that the infections disrupted some functions of my body to the point that its lymph (debris removal) system's activities were highly impaired. This possibly kept it from pumping out that stuff that I witness floating on the surface of the water that I wash up in prior to the pathogenic attacks.]

When I did this regimen I got a little taller (1/4"), lost spare weight (12 lbs), my skin tightened up and the wrinkles left my face. I think that that last action may have happened, because I pumped the debris that had collected in my skin out of its pores and ducts via the Exercise Mode of the A-T-M MHO/SHEEN BET.

That is about all of my special knowledge regarding effective hygiene. The rest of the information that you may need regarding hygiene, you may find at the library, or search for on the WEB (World's Electric Book).

If you would like to remain in top notch health, getting clean and staying as clean as you can, within reason, will certainly help.  (Top)


2003-2006�Philip B. Obsharsky. All rights somewhat controlled. You may transmit and copy this material as long as any relevant reference source information that may be included is retained, intact and this copyright statement is retained as a part of it and no financial benefit is sought or derived for the action of copying or transmitting it. "It," meaning any part of the composition of this page that is transmitted or copied, for any reason.