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--Sleep Modality--

"Sleep," is the first mode of the, "Modality (what you get the body to do)," of the Augmentative Treatment/Modality of the MHO/SHEEN Bio Electric Health Technology therapy.

The following is a collection of hopefully helpful information that someone that would like to sleep better could use to do so.

The information presented here is mostly a collection of the pieces of information that I've learned about how to get better sleep since getting the MHO treatment to get my neurological system and brain working well again.


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Last Edited on & at: 2011-04-21 22:13 EUST

  1. From reading L. Ron Hubbard, I get the idea that, "Sleep," is for stopping the body's interactivity with the material that is outside of it, so it can work with the material that is inside of it to reconfigure that material, the best that it can, to re-optimize its functions so that it can be further used to interface the, "Complex Entity Living Life's [(CELL's) (my own term)]," incorporeal and the material worlds.
  2. It seems then that the better that you sleep, the better your body can work to recover the forms of its molecular configurations and reorient them into its optimally functioning condition.
  3. Exercise helps sleep and is necessary to a greater or lesser degree when doing the MHO treatment, because:
    A) Doing MHO has the effect of re-establishing intra (in between what is inside the) body communications and that means that the used molecules in the body must be removed from it, because having them remain in the body makes the communications system send messages to the controling agent to have them exercise the body to get the lymph system to pump the unwanted debris out of the body, because it takes a flexing of the muscles to pump the lymph system, which is the vacuum cleaner of the body and
    B) The messages that the again functioning communications system of the body sends to the controling agent about unwanted conditions are of a distressful nature and specifically designed to keep the person awake and get them to get moving, which is exactly the opposite of what they are trying to accomplish by trying to sleep.
  4. Personally, I have found that I sleep better when my body is warm, especially my feet, to the extent that I now put on socks when I go to bed, because my blood cools off on the way to my toes and the message that I get from my toes that they are cold is enough to keep me awake, which keeps my body from doing what it is supposed to, to correct its activities.
  5. Sleep, for me, seems to be a great nerve healer, so I do the MHO treatment when I am sleeping, in order to offer to my body, at that time, the material that it might need to accomplish its work with our nerves, mine as the controling agent of and my body's as the container of those nerves.
  6. To get to that physically healing state, that I have learned to be sleep, when I wind up in a stressed out, frazzled condition and I want to zonk out quickly and deeply for a couple of hours, I chew up and eat a tablet of CONCENTRACE--TRACE MINERAL TABLETS--which are available on the Web.
  7. Before I was able to get the CONCENTRACE--TRACE MINERALS, I used to boil water and pour in some powdered milk and drink that. That worked almost as well as the ConcenTrace--TRACE MINERALS.

  8. *****************Added 1023's October's 30th**************** Personal Responsiblity is requred for testing product's qualities. I can't say for sure without the tests to find out, which were not done due to monetary deficite syndrome. However, the second time or third that I purchased Trace Minerals from cONCENtRACE, back in 2003 or 2004, maybe, there seemed to be so much Litium in the tabs that my head felt like it was being frozen, so I still have much of the bottle in my refrigerator, holding up a shelf in there, to let you in on what level of econmic interplay this activity is actually running at. 

    The point though is "Personal Responsibilty is required for the development of one's MHO/SHEEN."