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  1. Synopsis of the Mechanics of Natural Mineral Assimilation

    1. Due to the advantages of resource conservation, our bodies have evolved mineral assimilation apparatus in the linings of our digestive tracts only where the minerals in question have been rendered most available. In his book, "Conversations on Chelation and Mineral Nutrition," H. DeWayne Ashmead states, that for calcium, that area is located in the 'duodenum,' which is the primary section of the small intestine and is just 10 inches long.

    2. What is needed to make natural mineral assimilation work is that:
      1. Food is supposed to have minerals in it.
      2. We are supposed to eat food that has minerals in it.
      3. Our digestive process is supposed to break up that food.
      4. Digested food is supposed to pass by finite areas of assimilation apparatus that are located at particular points along the digestive tract and these particular areas of assimilation apparatus conduct the particular minerals that that those particular areas of assimilation apparatus are designed to upload, into the body.
      5. A very pertinent point of this particular body of notes is that: In the natural process of food assimilation, the arrival of  minerals at their particular areas of assimilation is dispersed across time, because their location in the food bulk that is passed through the digestive tract renders this temporally distributive effect naturally. Under normal conditions during the natural nutrient assimilation process the mineral's assimilation apparatus never gets overloaded. (Top)
    3. When a half day's supply of mineral supplementation gets concentrated into one little lump of food, in this case a tablet and taken all at once, that one little quantity of all of the minerals that our bodies were designed to assimilate in hours, is made available to the assimilation apparatus for only a much vastly shorter period of time time. Consequently, that concentrated arrival of minerals overloads the assimilation apparatus that was designed to transport it into the body and thus passes out of the body, without benefiting the individual, much like a commuter on a train that could not disembark at their stop and continued on around the loop back home, without getting to work.
    4. Due to this phenomena, nearly all of the minerals that people have supplemented their natural food's mineral supply with have passed those mineral assimilation zones and on out of the body, unused, if those people have not taken measures to somehow disperse the arrival of those minerals at those assimilation zones across the time that is needed to keep the associated apparatus from becoming overloaded with traffic.
    5. The MHO treatment is the most effective means of simulating the natural motion of minerals with respect to the mineral assimilation zones of the digestive tract that I know of and using it, personally, has induced dramatic improvements in my personal condition. (Top)
  2. Random Notes on Minerals Held Orally (MHO)

    1. How To Make and Use, "Tooth Mortar," To Repair Cavities In Your Teeth:
      1. Try to procure a chelated multi-mineral supplement in tablet form that contains vitamin D.
      2. If your mineral supplement has Vitamin D in it then also procure a vitamin A supplement in a capsule form.
      3. If your chelated multi-mineral supplement doesn't have vitamin D in it, procure a Vitamin A+D supplement in capsule form.
      4. Get some clean pliers and with them, crush a couple of the multi-mineral tablets into a small closable container.
      5. Take a sharp knife or scissors and cut the end off of a vitamin capsule of either the vitamin A, or vitamin A+D supplement that you have procured.
      6. Squeeze its contents into the pile of powdered minerals that you've made with the pliers. (Top)
      7. Take a tooth pick or one of those dental sticks that you push between your teeth to clean in between them and mix this tooth mortar formula together. The formula should be the consistency of very thick, gritty toothpaste. You can keep adding the contents of capsules as needed to mix up the whole amount of minerals that you powdered with your pliers.
      8. You can eat the empty capsule shells.
      9. Try to clean your teeth as best you can. To make sure that you don't seal any bacteria into the cavities that you are filling in swish your mouth out with mouth wash twice a day. All of my cavities sealed over within a week of doing a like procedure to what I am telling you about in this note. The like procedure was with Hydrogen Peroxide, but from what happened to me with using Hydrogen Peroxide for too long (four years) I don't want to refer anyone to using it any longer. (This note was redacted on 2015 OCT 27.) (Top)   

      10. Try to stay within the recommended daily Amounts of the ingredients while doing the 10'th step here, which is to take the application device of your choice and use it to keep filling your cavities with the MHOtar formula until the cavities in your teeth are glazed over with enamel again. I said, "Stay within the RDAs," so that no-one tries to sue me for telling them to eat tons of vitamin A and wind up with their eyes jaundiced looking. Actually, as I recall, according to Earl Mindell in his book, Earl Mindell's Vitamin Bible, it takes about six months of overdosing with vitamin A, in amounts ten times the recommended daily dose to cause problems, but still, I don't want to be accused of leading anyone down the wrong path here, nutritionally speaking, so please consider yourself thusly advised.  
      11. What you do with your tooth mortar formula is tar up your cavities with it using an application device (toothpicks work well), trying to not actually poke into any of your cavities with the point of the application device, as doing that can induce copious amounts of pain also. 
      12. Most of my cavities were in between my teeth, so it wasn't difficult to hold the material over the cavities continually, to get the job over with as quickly as possible. I put the vitamin/mineral goop--the tooth mortar formula--on my teeth about 4 times a day, for the week or two it took to totally seal them all over. I can't give you too accurate of a statistic there, because I was using a vitamin D-less mineral at the time, so I had to either constantly mix the vitamin A+D oil into the minerals or just pop a cap and squish the contents onto the cavity regions of my teeth, so that the D would activate the calcium to get it to bind with the enamel of my teeth, so I can't say when I stopped the treatment. (Top)
      13. I was also hoping for perfect tooth reformulation and so spent a long time at this procedure, but that did not occur. I've found that using the formula will glaze over your teeth across the dented in regions, but it won't raise that area all of the way up to the level that it was if it has become pocketed. It will make a cavity stricken tooth look like it had a coating of ice formed on it, like from an ice storm. All of the jagged, broken edges will become glazed round and the pockets will fill in, somewhat, but teeth that have declined into a very poor condition will not look like they did when they were brand new by applying the tooth mortar formula.
      14. The main point is that your teeth won't hurt any more and if you read a book or two about tooth care, and get the instruments to apply the procedures that need to be done to them to get them clean, you shouldn't have to go back to the dentist any more. That is as long as you keep doing what you should to keep your teeth in good shape. From doing the MHO treatment regularly all of your natural teeth will remain the strongest that they possibly can, as long as you keep the vitamin D in the your MHO formula and keep your teeth clean. (Top)
    2. How To Make a Comfortable, Effective Tooth Mortar Formula Retaining Devise:
      1. If it seems that it would be better to have a more sure way of holding the tooth mortar formula onto your cavities to get them sealed more quickly there is a way do that. You can get a formable athletic mouth guard from a sports equipment store and work with it enough to make a comfortable capping device to put over your teeth where you have a problem holding the filler material in place for extended periods of time. If you've ever had to form a mouthpiece because you participated in contact sports at some point in your life, this won't be a problem. If not, you could possibly get some tips about what to do from somebody who has had to make a one, or you could start out by following the directions on the box (only as a last resort, naturally). The trick to using this product to make a tooth mortar formula retaining device is to make the formable plastic mouth guard material thin enough to not be too uncomfortable when it is in your mouth. Also work at making it the smallest that it needs to be to accomplish the purpose and round off all of the edges on it so they don't cut into your gums or cheeks. You're not using the plastic material to absorb shock in this application, merely prevent the liquids of your mouth from washing the tooth mortar formula away from your cavities. If you squash the mouth guard material down to 1/8'th of an inch; that will be plenty thick enough to accomplish it's purpose and it shouldn't bother you very much while you sleep. After you squash it thin, you can trim it to the size that you think that you need it to be and re-boil it for a slightly shorter time than recommended, because it is so thin now, take it out of the pot, let it cool a bit and place it over the teeth that have the cavities that you are trying to hold the filler material in. Then close your mouth and suck the plastic around those teeth like shrink-wrap. Let the plastic harden up and voila; you have just made yourself one handy, dandy tooth mortar formula retaining device. You can use this device to hold the vitamin/mineral formula in place while you sleep and the formula will definitely stay put to work for you. The retainer device can be a little uncomfortable, but you don't have to use it for long, maybe a week or two, so it isn't something that you have to get too used to. One mouth guard can go a long way. One can be used to make a number of retaining devices to cover different problem areas in many mouths. (Top)
      2. This note has been about how you can take care of bad cavities with the chelated multi-minerals and some semi liquid vitamin supplements. If you merely have sensitive teeth, when you do the MHO treatment with vitamin D in the mineral formula, you will plate your teeth and the sensitivity, which is trough the thinness of the enamel not insulating the nerves of the teeth well any longer, will recede, because you are thickening the enamel of your teeth when you do the MHO treatment to them.
      3. If you are skeptical of this procedure, let me invite you to try an experiment. Get some regular vitamin D fortified milk and, every day, take glass full and sip it. Let it warm up a bit before you do, if your teeth are very sensitive. Hold your sips onto the sensitive areas of your teeth. Your natural reflexes will make you swallow the milk shortly, but keep sipping and holding the milk around and swish it between your teeth until each glass is gone; one glass, every day. Count how many days it takes to eradicate your dental sensitivity problem. A week should do it for people that haven't had to go to the dentist to solve this problem, I would guess. If you use milk that doesn't have Vitamin D in it this experiment won't work. A more detailed discourse on this experiment is located on the Introduction to MHO page in section FTooth Fortification Via an Easily Accessed Mineral Experiment.
    3. The Advantage of Vitamin D Fortification of Mineral Supplements: Many chelated multi mineral supplements now come fortified with vitamin D. This is advantageous, because, when doing MHO with vitamin D included with the minerals, at least for me, the cavities that I had in my teeth became filled directly and the sensitivity of my teeth vanished and now I can chew up even turkey femurs with my teeth, if I so choose. My dentist told me that they were going to take all of my teeth out at one point there, too. My teeth are now very durable because I use vitamin D enriched chelated multi minerals when doing MHO. (Top)
    4. My Personal View of Proper Dosages: I've found that because of the questionable level of mineral content of even foods that are supposed to have a lot of minerals in them these days, for me, it has been better to treat the Recommended Daily Allowances of minerals, of the FDA, as Recommended Daily Requirements, to make sure that I am getting enough minerals through supplementation. Another words, what they tell you that you should get in the way of a total daily mineral supply, I take in via MHOing chelated mineral supplements, so that I know that I am making available  all of the nutritional elements that my physical body may need, in order for all of its contents to function optimally, harmoniously with one another. [Addendum... 2015 OCT 27: A very pertinent (IMO) update on overdosing Multi Minerals, calcium in particular is that calcium can build up in the arteries and clog them up, which is what happened to some of mine from over-assimilating calcium plus vitamin D over a long period of time, as evidenced by my heart's need for a stint implant in 2014's NOV. Ergo, the resolution of that research exercise is, "After replenishing a previoiusly minerally deficient body's missing minerals up to it again containing an optimal amount, realize there is a risk involved with continuing to supply the body with more than the Recommended Daily Amounts of supplements, such as, in my case, suffering heart attacks by continuing to take too much calcium and vitamin D."(Top)
    5. Nervous System Repair Via Overdosing Multi Minerals: I don't know whether or not my nervous system would have been repaired had I not overdosed by a factor of 2-3 times the Recommended Daily Allowances of the Multi Mineral Supplement that I was MHOing at the time for a period of 3 months (More information on this will probably be able to be found on the What Has Actually Occurred page through its final editing.), but I suffered absolutely no posterior (disharmonious side) effects from doing so. [Addendum... 2015 OCT 27: A very pertinent (IMO) update on overdosing Multi Minerals, calcium in particular is that calcium can build up in the arteries and clog them up, which is what happened to some of mine from over-assimilating calcium plus vitamin D over a long period of time, as evidenced by my heart's need for a stint implant in 2014's NOV. Ergo, the resolution of that research exercise is, "After replenishing a previoiusly minerally deficient body's missing minerals up to it again containing an optimal amount, realize there is a risk involved with continuing to supply the body with more than the Recommended Daily Amounts of supplements, such as, in my case, suffering heart attacks by continuing to take too much calcium and vitamin D."]      (Top)
    6. What Doesn't Work: You shouldn't hold B or C vitamins in your mouth because the Bs taste horrible and the C's are acidic and will burn holes through your lip if you hold them there for any period of time. Consequently, if you want to use the MHO treatment , which is highly recommended here, because it most accurately replicates the minerals' arrival schedule to the uptake ports of the digestive tract, had those minerals been included in your bulk food diet, so you don't overload the intake apparatus at any time, so you actually do get the minerals into your body that you are trying to get into it through supplementation, you'll need to procure chelated minerals without these two kinds of vitamins mixed in with them.  (Top)
    7. Closing Note: I hope that the  results of doing that experiment will build up your confidence enough to get you to go out and invest in some good chelated minerals and get into doing the MHO treatment steadily and making and using the MHOtar formula if you have bad cavities to repair, because there are a lot more benefits than merely repairing your teeth via doing the MHO treatment when you apply it consistently over extended periods of time and stabilize its benefits with the SHEEN (Sleep, Hygiene, Education, Exercise & Nutrition) modality, whose successful practical application is soon to be elucidated upon at this Web Site. (Top)
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