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If plants select ingredients out of the soil and air and combine them with water molecules to manufacture their structure and animals feed on those plants and humans feed on those plants, or those animals, by the application of the transitive principal* to the acquisition and assimilation of substances, one could say that humans select ingredients from the soil and air to combine with water in order to live. Good information to know would be what the composition of the substances that comprise living tissues are and what ingredients of the water, soil and air would best suite the maintenance of one's physical body.

In the first part of his book, "Rare Earths�Forbidden Cures," Joel Wallach explains extensively the mechanics of soil and how that phenomena relates to nutrition.


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If science can break down every substance in the physical body into its atomic forms and precisely quantify the amount of each element that is present in any body it chooses to, it can take the most healthy person and derive exactly what amounts of what elements are supposed to be present in human bodies for those bodies to obtain the best health. Beyond possessing the proper ingredients in their proper amounts, a body should have those ingredients located and positioned properly relative to the other ingredients in it, so that it may be able to function in the best way that it could.

Beyond that lies the need for all of the ingredients of the human body to change position where necessary relative to one another, so that that body can continue to function optimally through changing circumstances.

In a free society the choice of what one selects as their body's nutrition and that nutrition's means of delivery is left up to the individual concerned.

*As I can remember, with addition it goes: If a=b, then a+c = b+c, or with multiplication it goes: If a=b, then ac = bc and in the cases of subtraction and division, the principle remains the same.
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